Vote YES on Proposition 114

Prop 114: Crime Victim Protection From Liability For Damages

Arguments For:

Here is a simple and good idea. Let’s stop the bad guys from suing their victims. Do you believe a criminal should be able to sue you, after assaulting you, robbing you, and/or raping you? An unrestricted constitutional “right to sue” exists, which even permits criminals to sue those they victimize.” A person’s home is their castle”, however our Arizona Constitution allows anyone to sue for any reason and offers little protection to a property owner who defends his family, or his property from violent criminals (home invasion, burglary, arson, etc.). For example, a burglar breaks into your home and your dog bites him, you can be successfully sued for any injury sustained by the burglar!

Here is one true story – - a burglar fell through a kitchen skylight of a home, landing on a knife that was left on the kitchen counter. The burglar impaled himself on the knife, and then sued the homeowner for an “unsafe condition”; the court awarding him damages for his injuries. That is not justice!

Those defending the rights of criminals to sue will argue state statutes already protect property owners from such travesties of justice. If that were true, then why would they try to defeat this Proposition? The fact is the Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled our statutes are insufficient, therefore a constitutional amendment is needed to stop criminals from suing victims of crime. A criminal should not be able to victimize their victim twice and this amendment is necessary to protect victims of crime.

Please vote yes on Proposition 114, the Crime Victims Protection Act, and let’s ensure that a criminal is never able to sue the very person they victimized.

 Hon. Russell Pearce, Former President of the Arizona State Senate, Mesa

SUPPORT Proposition 114 – The Crime Victims Protection Act of 2012

The Arizona Constitution protects an unrestricted right to sue for damages, and, for the most part, that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, that protection also allows a criminal to sue you if he gets hurt while committing a crime.

Arizona has a long history of leading the nation in legislative reforms. When we wrote our Constitution, we included the initiative and referendum process so that voters could approve changes to it. In 1990, we became one of only six states to protect the rights of crime victims in our Constitution. Now, we have the opportunity to protect the rights of crime victims again, by voting for Proposition 114, the Crime Victims Protection Act, which would limit the ability of criminals to sue their victims.

The legislature attempted to fix the problem by passing a law protecting crime victims from lawsuits, but the courts have largely nullified it because of the unrestricted right to sue guaranteed by the Constitution. Therefore, the only remedy available to us is to amend the Constitution, through Proposition 114, to protect the rights of crime victims. To allow felons to be able to collect large sums of money from their victims for injuries sustained during the commission of their crimes is not reasonable, and it’s not just.

Help ensure that victims of crime aren’t victimized twice. Join us in supporting Proposition 114, the Crime Victims Protection Act.

 Dave Kopp, President, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Inc., Glendale

 John Wentling, Vice-President, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Inc., Glendale  

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