Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

Dems Cheating Their Tails Off … again

Democrats are cheating in polling places across America. What’s new about that?

They’re the masters when it comes to election fraud:

  • A huge Obama mural right in front of a voting machine in Philadelphia. Illegal.
  • Democrats took over polling places in elsewhere in the City of Brotherly Cheating.
  • Irregularities in Ohio and Florida created by you know who: Democrats
  • The face of Obama’s “third-world America”: New Black Panthers who were given a free pass, instead of convictions in 2008, back at Pennsylvania polling places again. They’re intimidating white voters.
  • Former head Democrat Howard Dean screaming about Republicans suppressing the vote.
  • Michelle Obama warning people not to let others shove them out of line.
  • Obama intentionally accepted tons of illegal foreign campaign cash … again.

They’re all reading the same script from the same DNC playbook: cheat like crazy, and accuse Republicans of cheating. It’s a tired play that needs to be run out of town. It may take a miracle to beat the Democrats, America’s Cheating Team.

Preserve Religious Liberty in America

The Arizona Conservative calls on all Arizonans, all Americans to vote for life, liberty, and marriage in this election.