Give to Veterans’ Families

Please donate to our veterans. Bring items to: 3501 N. 24th St., Phoenix. Thank you and God bless you and our troops and their families!

Veteran Family #1  US Air Force, Security Forces

Husband (27yrs)  Casual shirts size L/ jeans size 36 / socks size 11 / underwear size M
black steel toed boots size 11
Wife (26yrs) jeans size 10 / socks size 8 / underwear size 6
Girl (3yrs) clothing size 3T / shoes size 8 / toys / puzzles / books / baby doll
Girl (2yrs) clothing size 3T / shoes size 7 / toys/ puzzles / books / baby doll
Boy (6 months) clothing size 12 months / teething toys / blanket / diapers size 4& 5
·       Veteran Family #2  US Air Force
o  Woman (22yrs)  jeans size 13 / tops size M / purse / perfume / All Black Nike Free TR Fit size 7.5
·       Veteran Family #3   US Army (both husband and wife)
Husband (49yrs)  Dickies work pants size 34×34 / long slv thermal shirts size L / work boots size 10.5 tank style undershirts size L / underwear boxers size M / calf length white socks
Wife (31yrs) work slacks size 13 / work blouses size XL / shoes size 8 / PJs size L / underwear size L
Girl (4yrs) winter coat size 7 / knit pants size 7 / tops size 7 / shoes size 12and socks / PJs size 7, underwear size 7 / toys / coloring books / kid DVDs
Boy (13months) winter coat size 24 months / all clothing size 18months / diapers     size 5 / baby wipes socks / shoes size 3 / toys / books / blocks / Pack N Play Sheets
Family also needs:  Laundry soap / cleaning supplies / shampoo / bar soap / lotion or gift card to Wal-mart for these items.
·       Veteran Family #4    US Marine Corps.
   Husband (27yrs)     Pants size 34 / warm jacket size XL / tools
   Wife (26yrs)   Sewing Machine / Gardening Equipment / books / clothing gift cards
   Boy (5yrs)   sports gear / race cars / music instruments, dinosaurs / dvds  / shoes size 13/ clothing size 6
    Girl (4yrs)   Arts & crafts items / karaoke player  / shoe size 11 / pants size 5T/ shirt size 4T
Girl (2yrs)  Dora the Explorer toys / educational toys / clothing size 2T / shoes 7 1/2
   Cousin that helps disabled Vet (20yrs)  books / gift cards for clothes
   Family also needs:  new bath towels, pots & pans and  2 new or gently used   dressers
·       Veteran Family #5  US Army
Man (47yrs)   underwear (boxers) size L / Tennis shoes size 10 / Dress Slacks size 35×31
dress shirts size L / toaster, large skillet, ironing board and iron, broom or vacuum.
·       Veteran Family #6  US Navy
     Woman (30yrs)  Has new internship for work.  Needs Kohl’s gift cards and gas gift cards
·       Veteran Family #7  US Marine Corp.
Man (61yrs)  needs new or gently used end table, night stand, 2 table lamps, 1 floor lamp
Kohl’s gift card for clothing
·       Veteran Family #8  US Army
Woman (26yrs) Wal-Mart gift cards for clothes
Boy (5yrs)  clothing size 6 / learning toys
Baby (due January) needs all items clothing, care items, stroller
Girl cousin helps with children (15yrs) clothing gift cards.
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