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Senator Ted Cruz Speech at CPAC

Left Stream Media’s Olympic Narrative: Sochi Games are the ‘Homophobic’ Games

Left-stream media shills wasted no time bitterly attacking Russia for its tough stance against radical homosexual activism. Before the competition had even begun, NBC Olympic host Bob Costas repeatedly reminded viewers of the controversy and political ramifications of Russia hosting the Winter Games. He tried to position it as public sentiment, but it’s the Left-Stream Media pushing the homosexual agenda at the prodding of GLAAD and other fascist groups.

NBC quickly trotted out leftist Vladimir Pozner to declare Russia a “homophobic” country.

Over at ESPN, homosexual activist/pitbull Jeremy Schaap seethed with anger as he reported that four homosexual activists in Russia “were arrested!” for demonstrating. He was fit to be tied, jaw jutting in bitter rage.

NBC is overly playing the political card by interviewing President B. Hussein Obama Friday night. Obama blathered on about the importance of homosexual athletes in the Olympics.

What’s really ironic is that decades ago, communists in America realized the United States could never be conquered militarily. But it could be undermined by decadence. So they pushed for a cultural revolution to hollow out America’s ideals. They called for easy divorce; cohabitation; mainstreaming homosexual behavior; defiling entertainment (did you see the recent Grammy awards?); pornography; capturing the media, schools, and a political party.

These communists succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They own the media and the Democratic Party. Pornography has been allowed by the government and the courts to proliferate to a point it is decimating the family. Along with easy divorce. American society is declining, awash in a culture of hedonism. Here’s a partial list of those communist goals for America:

  • Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
  • Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
  • Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
  • Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principal of “separation of church and state.”
  • Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
  • Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
  • Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

Who helped these goals become reality in America? The so-called “useful idiots,” of course. What is a “useful idiot”? The Urban Dictionary describes it this way:

Term invented in Soviet Russia to describe people who blindly supported the likes of Lenin and Stalin while they committed atrocity after atrocity. Today, it refers to brainwashed liberals and leftists the world over.

And who’s been noticing America’s cultural descent? Certainly President Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Sure, Russia has its own problems — corruption, alcoholism and poverty, among them. But even they are smart enough to know that if their culture is captured by hedonism and the radical homosexual agenda, their culture will collapse from within. Just as ours has.

So over the top in political propaganda is NBC’s Olympic coverage that in a feature report about the Kremlin, it was declared by the reporter as “hallowed ground.” No mention of the Kremlin as the command and control center for the Evil Empire that Ronald Reagan recognized. No mention of the fact that Moscow and the center of the humanistic Soviet government were responsible for the slaughter of over 100 million innocent human beings and the imprisonment of political opponents in Siberia. Just a little too inconvenient for the useful idiots at NBC.

The Agenda: Cultural Marxism in America

Freedom vs. Control? Whom will You Elect in 2014?

The Arizona Conservative has officially begun tracking candidates for public office in the Grand Canyon State in advance of November‘s elections. Voters have two choices: candidates who will champion FREEDOM for the individual and those who will push policies that deny and reduce personal freedoms – the candidates of socialism and excessive government CONTROL of your life. Whom do you want in office? Those who respect your constitutional freedom, or those who would expand government and take away more and more of your freedom? Your vote will impact every facet of American society and culture.







Andy Thomas, Al Melvin,

Fred DuVal
Secretary of State Will Cardon Chris Campas
Attorney General Mark Brnovich Felicia Rotellini
State Treasurer Hugh Hallman
Supt. Of Public Instruction John Huppenthal Sharon Thomas, David Garcia
Mining Inspector Joe Hart Manuel Cruz
Congress-District 1 Adam Kwasman Ann Kirkpatrick
Congress-District 2 Martha McSally Ron Barber
Congress-District 3 Gabriela Saucedo Mercer Raul Grijalva
Congress-District 4 Paul Gosar Mikel Weisser
Congress-District 5 Matt Salmon
Congress-District 6 David Schweikert
Congress-District 7 Ed Pastor
Congress-District 8 Trent Franks Helmuth Hack
Congress-District 9 Vernon Parker, Wendy Rogers, Andrew Walter Kyrsten Sinema
 Arizona Senate-District 25  Ralph Heap  Bob Worsley

Watch for continued updates and additional choices in the weeks and months ahead.

Tempe will Allow Pregnancy Care Center Representative to Speak at Committee Meeting Tonight

Tempe Union High School District has agreed to allot time for representatives from 1st Way Pregnancy Center and Alliance Defending Freedom to speak at at tonights Sex Education Curriculum Committee meeting in opposition to Planned Parenthood’s proposal to teach sex education to children.

Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Natalie Decker said, “Since sending our Jan. 6 letter, we have had the opportunity to speak with Dean Pickett, attorney for the Tempe Union High School District. Mr. Pickett has clarified both the role of the district’s Sex Education Curriculum Committee and the process by which the district intends to consider implementing any sex education curriculum it may approve.

“We are particularly grateful for assurances from the district’s superintendent that no decision has been made by either the committee, the district, or its governing board and that the committee is at this time only reviewing several curriculum options, including options supported by Alliance Defending Freedom and its clients. Mr. Pickett also clarified that the committee’s role upon completion of its review is merely advisory to the district’s governing board, which will make any final decision on any curriculum adoption. In addition, he has advised us that no decision or recommendation has been made as to which individuals, whether from Planned Parenthood or otherwise, will offer sex education curriculum to the district’s students.

“While it has been our experience that Planned Parenthood seeks access to school districts with minimum communication to parents and thus ‘behind closed doors,’ we commend the district’s governing board and its committee for acting openly in compliance with Arizona’s Open Meeting Law and for enabling Alliance Defending Freedom and its clients to present alternative proposals for consideration.

“We also commend the district for the adoption of its Policy IHAMB, which comprehensively addresses the requirements in Arizona for a legally compliant sex education curriculum, and for the district’s assurances that it will comply with Senate Bill 1009 in this important matter.”

Planned Parenthood Targets Tempe School Children

Planned Parenthood of Arizona is scheduled Tuesday to advocate at a Tempe school district for representatives to present sex education to students which may violate state law requiring preference be given to childbirth and adoption, not abortion.

Alliance Defending Freedom sent the district a letter Monday requesting Tempe Union High School District’s Sex Education Curriculum Committee allot time during its meeting to speakers to present alternative programs that encourage and support childbirth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion. According to the committee’s published agenda, Planned Parenthood of Arizona will be given 90 minutes to promote its abortion-promoting sex education program while citizens will have less than 15 minutes to express their views on this highly controversial issue.

“Schoolchildren have the right to a positive education that is not dictated by Planned Parenthood’s abortion marketing campaign,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Natalie Decker. “It would be a terrible mistake for the district to allow Planned Parenthood to teach sex education to students. Students and parents deserve better. This is a very important issue which requires much more time to present and consider than has been allotted to the public. There are many viable alternative programs available at no cost to the district that support abstinence, childbirth, and adoption instead of abortion.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that Arizona Senate Bill 1009 was enacted in April 2012 and “mandates that no Arizona school district ‘may allow any presentation during instructional time or furnish any materials to pupils as part of any instruction that does not give preference, encouragement and support to childbirth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion.’”

“Planned Parenthood should not be allowed access to public school classrooms to promote its pro-abortion message and to advocate for dangerous sexual behavior to Tempe schoolchildren,” added Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “We hope the committee and the district will reevaluate their decision and provide students with a curriculum that promotes life, human dignity, and is truthful about the dangers of sexual promiscuity.”

The only way Tempe Union district can be fair is to allow equal time for both sides to speak. One hour apiece should give each side plenty of time.

For those of you living in the Tempe district, call your school board members and urge they not allow the promotion of abortion among impressionable young children.

Freedom vs. Progressivism

Constitution Limits the government in order to protect the citizen; the   Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what they are and don’t allow for imagined intentions A living, breathing document whose meaning changes   arbitrarily; creative interpretations by activist judges, at the urging of  special interest groups, fabricating new “rights” that infringe on the Bill of Rights; revisionist casting of the Bill of Rights seeks to create utopia;   rights are to be rationed by the government
Family The basic unit of society: married mother and father caring for their children contributes to healthy society Based on adult happiness, regardless of gender; government content to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on family breakdown
Marriage One man and one woman committed to the best interests of the family Any coupling or grouping and based on adult happiness
Theology Jesus died for the sins of all mankind for all time; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; the government is not a   theocracy, but religion is the moral conscience of the nation Secular humanism is the religion of government, public schools, and mass media; government is “god”; man is the master of his fate, the captain of his ship (Invictus)
Morality Transcendent moral order; God’s Word in the Bible; obedience to something higher than one’s self Relative: determined by the individual; situational ethics
Government The Constitution protects the citizen from the government;   localized control preferred; powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution Centralized federal control over state and local levels;  seemingly every human activity imaginable   requires government regulation administered by an ever growing army of regulators; there are almost 1,000 federal agencies and divisions enforcing laws; the executive and judicial branches of government are free to usurp the   legislative branch to set and enforce policy
Basis of freedom The Bill of Rights; God-given natural law; inalienable rights Open to government interpretation; Non-discrimination   laws, “hate” crime laws
The Courts One of three equal branches of government; decisions based on originalism; bound by the Constitution, which protects citizens from the government Superior to the executive and legislative branches; decisions open to interpretations favored by leftists; to be used for gains that special interests are not able to achieve legislatively; the judiciary   makes unilateral “amendments” to the Constitution; protects government interests at the expense of citizens
Supreme Court   justices Limited by the Constitution Unlimited by the Constitution; open to citation of international law and the fabrication of new “rights” under the guise of   constitutionality
The Church Protected from the government by the First Amendment Naturalism; science; government needs protection from the government from the church based on the ACLU’s false claim of a “separation of church and state” not based on history or original intent
Public education The student is to be served by the best educational choice possible; local control Public schools, run by teachers’ unions, are prioritized over the education of students; federal government control
Taxation Low tax rates stimulate business investment, hiring and job creation; tax rates should be fair across the board; the federal   government should raise only the revenue needed to fund the activities authorized by the Constitution High tax rates allow government to expand social welfare programs; whomever earns the most should be taxed more; the tax rate on the  wealthy could extend all the way to 100 percent; Karl Marx urged “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax”
Economy Capitalism; economic equality is unachievable because people invest differing levels of education, motivation and risk Socialism, which is the path to communism, and centralized   control by the federal government; government intervention; the   redistribution of wealth is staged by coercion
Market Free enterprise and minimal government regulation; the   free market is the most transformative economic system; the free market  creates the most wealth and opportunities for people Massing of centralized control and power over the market; high tax rates removing money from the private sector; statists oppose the free market and seek to control it; demonization of wealth creators by government and unions
Political   competition Compete against opponents; freedom to disagree Destroy the enemy; punish anyone who opposes us (fascism)
Crime Man is fallen and susceptible to evil and must be punished with stiff sentences for law-breaking Man is a victim and subject to forces beyond his/her control; light sentencing
Government Constitutionally ordered, divided into three branches to provide a system of checks and balances Domineering and with few restraints; to be used for   personal and special interests’ gains; the courts are to be used to gain what cannot be achieved through the legislative process
Property Private ownership of personal property; what belongs to one man is the object of his care and economy Maximum government ownership; taxation and laws intrude upon private ownership; what belongs to no one in particular is wasted by   everyone
Achievement Self determination; hard work and achievement are rewarded It’s unfair if some have more possessions than others;   everyone should have the same amount of things, with government acting as regulator; those with what government deems excessive must be punished
Life Man is made in the image of God; humans should be protected from conception to natural death; human embryos should not be used as a commodity or sacrificed for experimentation Man is just another animal and nothing special; human life   is expendable; only “wanted” children should be born; depressed citizens should be allowed to find another person to kill them; the elderly and the disabled are using up too many medical resources and should not be allowed to   continue living; people and government have the right to determine who lives and who dies
Autonomy Citizens should be left alone to tend to their own affairs; private enterprise; private decisions in work, life, education, worship; government’s intrusion into personal lives must be extremely limited Increasing government control of and regulation over citizens’ personal lives
Second Amendment Citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms and to self protect; a gun is vital to a citizen’s self defense and is no better or   worse than the person holding it Only the government should have the right to own a gun; citizens have no right to protect themselves
Law Uphold the rule of law Selective use of the rule of law and liberal preference for applications of “law”

The Strongest Cases against ‘Evolution’

Public schools, colleges, and universities throughout Arizona and across the nation are routinely teaching that Darwinian evolution is beyond dispute, that it is more “fact” than theory.  They are merely upholding their secular humanist religion, and they could not be more wrong factually, historically, or scientifically. We have heard stories of students in Arizona public schools getting punished and downgraded for challenging the assumption of evolution. To learn the truth about this controversial subject, read the latest entry in the brand new series “The Arizona Conservative University,” our effort to inform parents and students that you are being gypped by public education, and schools are indoctrinating children in leftist agendas rather than offering honest, unfiltered education.


Despite what many people believe, evolution is not science. It is a belief system — a worldview. Evolutionists believe the world is about 4.5 billion years old, and some believe the cosmos is 15 billion years old. They believe that life progresses into more advanced stages and forms, and death is part of natural selection. Death and struggle led to man’s existence. Life formed in an upward progression.

The supposed age of 4.5 billion years of the earth is based on radiometric age determinations of meteorites. Radiometric dating methods are based on a series of assumptions, and thus the accuracy of the method depends on the reliability of these assumptions. These methods are highly questionable. Once it had been assumed that dating of meteorites had established the age of the solar system at approximately 4.6 billion years, evolutionists have clung tenaciously to that age, and they calibrate events in earth history accordingly. Gale, Arden, and Hutchison, however, have discovered serious problems with the data from meteorites and the assumptions on which ages of these meteorites were derived

Using this dating method, scientists measured the rock formations of several known volcanoes. Each was less than 200 years old. Their method yielded dates from hundreds of millions to billions of years. For example, lava flow from Kaupuleho, Hawaii, was known to be 168 years in age. Using the potassium-argon dating method, the dated prediction was 2.96 billion years! Six-year-old rock from Mount St. Helens tested out at 350,000 years!

Carbon-14 dating is a flawed method of dating things. Consider these examples of C-14 dating:

A freshly killed seal dated by C-14 showed it had died 1,300 years ago. (Antarctic Journal, vol. 6, [September-October 1971], p. 211.)

Living mollusk shells were dated at up to 2,300 years old. (Science, vol. 141, 1963, pp. 634-637.)

Living snails’ shells showed they had died 27,000 years ago. (Science, vol. 224, 1984, pp. 58-61.)

John Baumgardner, scientist at Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico, said, “It is now well established that unmineralized dinosaur bone still containing recognizable bone protein exists in many locations around the world. From my own first-hand experience with such material, it is inconceivable that bone containing such well preserved protein could possibly have survived for more than a few thousand years in the geological settings in which they are found.

“I therefore believe the case is strong from a scientific standpoint to reject radiometric methods as a valid means for dating geological materials. What then can be used in their place? As a Christian, of course, I am persuaded the Bible is a reliable source of information. The Bible speaks of a worldwide cataclysm in the Genesis Flood which destroyed all air-breathing life on the planet apart from the animals and humans God preserved alive in the Ark. The correspondence between the global catastrophe in the geological record and the Flood described in Genesis is much too obvious for me not to conclude that these events must be one and the same.”

The most compelling argument against evolution as a science is the second law of thermodynamics–entropy. Entropy describes a physical law that proves matter moves from order to disorder. The process can be slowed or reversed temporarily by external sources, e.g., charging a battery. However, the battery will immediately begin to discharge if external energy is not provided. If Darwin had come up with the theory of Devolution, he would have been on the right track. During the past 6,000 years, man’s average life span has significantly decreased from approximately 600 to less than 80 years. Deadly viruses are being discovered daily that are reducing our potential life span. Evolutionists say the law of entropy only applies to closed systems in which no external energy is provided. Their argument is no argument at all. Introducing external energy would tend to make the system even more random–less ordered! Based on this proven theory, would cells mutate to more ordered and complex structures that eventually evolved into the most intelligent species on earth? Is there any element in nature, if left to itself, is not decaying? No, everything in nature is decaying … dying! You would think that positive cell mutation would have led to longer, instead of shorter, life spans for humans if we had mutated for billions of years.

Prior to the fall of man, nothing decayed. Man was originally created to live forever. Imagine, if Adam had not sinned against God, he would still be alive today. He would be over 6,000 years old. Unfortunately for us, Adam did sin, and the ground was cursed as a result. One man caused the second law of thermodynamics to be put in motion. Man’s body, as well as the earth itself, began a process of decaying.

If men had been willing to develop their scientific systems on the basis of biblical presuppositions, however, it should have been quite obvious all along that the basic physical processes were those of conservation and decay, as now formalized in the statements of the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

The conservation principle is strongly emphasized in the summary statement at the end of the period of creation, when the Bible says: “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his works which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made” (Genesis 2:13).

If evolution is true, there must be an extremely powerful force or mechanism at work in the cosmos that can overcome the powerful, ultimate tendency toward “disarrangedness” brought by the second law. If such a force is in existence, it would seem it should be quite obvious to all scientists. Yet, the fact is, no such force of nature has been found. A number of scientists believe the second law, when truly understood, is enough to refute the theory of Evolution. In fact, it is one of the most important reasons why various evolutionists have dropped their theory in favor of Creationism.

As scientists come to understand more of what is going on in this world, they find that our whole genetic makeup is degenerating. Mistakes in our genes are causing our physiology to have more and more problems. We are apparently not falling upwards.

This is all explained and long anticipated in Scripture, which attributes it to the entrance of sin into the world. At the end of the creation and making of all things, the Bible says that “God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). There was no disorder, no lack of harmony, no decay and, above all, no death in the world as originally made by God. For the Bible-believing scientist, this can only mean that any evidence he finds in the present order of things, or in the records of the past, that indicates disorder and struggle, suffering, decay, and death, must necessarily be understood as entering the world after (not before or during) the six days of creation. Yet evolution is predicated on death and struggle for millions of years preceding man. Both claims cannot be true.

Specifically the Bible tells us that death resulted from the sin of the first man, Adam, who had been designated by God as master of the earth and everything in it. When he sinned, God pronounced a curse on both Adam and his dominion. “Cursed is the earth for thy sake” (Genesis 3:17). And from that day on, as the Scripture says: “The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” (Romans 8:22). The whole world, both the heavens and the earth, and all that in them is, are waxing old, as a garment (Hebrews 1:11).

There is no evidence of evolutionary change in the fossil record. Even Darwin himself admitted there was no evidence. In his book, Darwin wrote: “Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic change, and this is perhaps the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory [of evolution).” Darwin believed that evidence would eventually be found. Well, we’re still waiting.

Evolutionists and creationists agree that Neanderthals were normal humans. The Piltdown Man was a deliberate hoax that many believed for decades. After Piltdown Man, there was the Nebraska Man, reconstructed from a single tooth that was later determined to be from an extinct pig.

Evolutionists also say that the formation of rock layers, or strata, are proof enough that man was not here during the early stages of life on earth. They believe that each stratum took several hundred million years to form. If that’s true, then there should be no fossils in these strata. In order to create a fossil, there must be rapid and complete burial of the object that is fossilized. Many fossilized fish show their eyes bulging out and the impression of their scales in the rock formation. Other fossilized creatures show prey in their mouths as their images were frozen in time. Could these animals have been so well preserved that their decomposition would have waited hundreds of millions of years to complete? Try placing a dead fish out in the elements. How long do you think its body would remain preserved without any decay?

Trees up to 70 feet long have been found standing perpendicular to the two stratum levels evolutionists say took millions of years to emerge. Fossil impressions of a tree’s foliage have also been found throughout both stratum layers. If it took hundreds of millions of years for these strata to develop, are we to believe that these trees remained alive during this time period as they were covered by mounds of rocks and other debris. Only an instantaneous covering could have caused this phenomenon, such as the Great flood of Noah’s time.

Given the hundreds of millions of people who would have been on earth prior to the flood, evolutionists ask what happened to all of the dead bodies. They need not think very long for this answer. Over 95 percent of the fossils found to date are from marine animals. Also, 95 percent of the remaining 5 percent are plant fossils. Only 0.0125 percent include all vertebrates, and most of these are fish. Why are there not more land animal fossils?

During the Great flood of Noah’s time, the entire earth was reshaped. Initially, land was contained in one land mass — as described in Genesis. As the rain poured down, the earth split into two land masses. The movement of earth was like nothing that had been previously seen before or since. As massive amounts of earth poured into the sea, many sea creatures were instantly covered, creating the fossils of today. The vast majority of land animals were either thrown into the sea, or drowned. The bodies of most of the land animals that drowned and floated in the ocean for months disintegrated as they floated in the waters that covered the earth.

Today, evolutionists claim there are two possible reasons why no transitional fossil records exist: the evolutionary cycle may be so fast that we cannot see the transitions, or the fossils could be the result of two catastrophic events in time.

Archaeological evidence gives no support to the theory of evolution. The period prior to the third millennium before Christ is referred to as pre-history. Why is such a name given? Because, there is no legitimate archaeological evidence indicating man’s existence prior to this period. Man, without any historical progression, mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, creating highly intelligent civilizations throughout the land of the fertile crescent, along the Indus Valley of India and in the land of China. According to these pre-historians, man came out of the forests where he fought and searched for food. Suddenly, he acquired the knowledge that provided him with the skills to build massive pyramids and other structures. Surely there should be a logical progression of history chronicling the advancement of these civilizations. Is it possible that they could achieve such feats instantaneously? As noted by Albert Sippert, “There are no signs anywhere that these civilizations slowly evolved upward from cave men and above all, not from apes.”

Now, look into the mirror. Can you imagine that your body developed simply by chance? Can you envision the human body being developed just by chance? The body requires precise temperature and chemical balance to maintain normal functioning. 20 amino acids must be precisely arranged in perfect sequence for life to be possible. Did this happen by chance? Does it happen repeatedly by chance?

Science is knowledge. Scientific methods include measurement, observation and repeatability. Evolutionists admit their theory cannot be measured, nor has it been observed or repeated. Evolution defies proven physical laws. If man evolved from apes, he would continue to evolve into something else. If the theory of evolution was true, the scientific community should be able to find at least one species of animals that has a fossil record or a genetic link. The far-fetched theory that aliens placed man on earth is more plausible than the theory of evolution. Evolution defies rationality.

How and why did this theory evolve? Darwin was an atheist. He did not believe there is a God. With no scientific evidence, with no knowledge of DNA, he simply promoted an unoriginal idea — and other atheists have developed it into a religion. Now, even many Christians believe in this theory. No, evolution is not science! Evolution denies science. If taught at all, it should be taught by philosophers instead of scientists.

The theory of evolution will not be ignored, so we must be informed to expose it.

Modern evolutionists are known as neo-Darwinians. They believe in natural selection but discount the notion of evolution through use or disuse. They believe in evolution through mutations, or random changes in the genetic makeup. They point to various abnormalities as examples of genetic mutation. The problem with this theory is that the examples they cite are genetic disorders that hinder rather than improve a specie’s characteristics. Radiation and chemicals can indeed produce mutations, but these mutations are not beneficial to life. The neo-Darwinian has mistaken change for evolution. Each of us carries certain abnormal mutations in our genetic makeup.

The mathematical probability of evolution from single cells to man is beyond comprehension. Our bodies contain nearly 100 trillion cells. The odds of getting cells to mutate together is the product of separate probabilities. The odds for evolution of a horse from single cells was determined to be 1 in 103,000.000 . The end result of this mathematical study was that it was impossible for evolution to have occurred through mutation.

There is a new group of evolutionists known as Post-neo-Darwinians who, to a large extent, have conceded the mathematical impossibility. However, many of them now believe in miracle mutations that may have come about through changes in the environment.

Author Ken Ham, a Christian, says: “If man did not really fall into sin, there is no need for a Saviour. Evolution destroys the very foundations of Christianity because it states, ‘Death is, and always has been, part of life.’” The Bible says death began with Adam’s fall, the beginning of sin. Only one can be true, creation or evolution.

The media and public schools and universities assume evolution as the default “reality.” National Geographic, the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel and other television media airing wildlife programs often assert that animals evolved in one way or another. Yet they never provide a shred of evidence or scientific proof to substantiate their claims. The purpose of this is to brainwash viewers to get them to think evolution is true and beyond debate. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

“Many of us have been hoodwinked into thinking evolution has to do with science

and that you need to be a scientist to do anything to combat it,” Ham says. “But evolution is only a belief system, and you do not need to be a scientist to combat that. Christians who do believe in evolution must believe that evolution is still going on. However, God has said in His word that when He created everything He finished His work of creation and pronounced it good (Gen. 1:31-2:3). This is completely contrary to what evolutionists are telling us.”

Atheistic evolution is a belief system denying God‘s existence. We are allegedly a result of chance, the schools and scientists claim. No one owns us; we own ourselves. Non-Christians easily accept this view because the Bible tells us that men love darkness rather than light, as they are sinful creatures (John 3:19). Evolution has become one of the biggest barriers to people being receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ham asks, “Can the body of Christ really expect a great outpouring of God’s spirit in revival while we tolerate and compromise with a religious system (evolution) that was set up primarily to deny God the glory and worship due to Him as the great creator, judge and redeemer? If you reject God and replace Him with another belief that puts chance and random processes in the place of God, there is no basis for right or wrong. Rules become whatever you want to make them. There are no absolutes — no principles that must be adhered to. Reduced to moral relativists, people will write their own rules.

“As the creation foundation is removed, we see the godly institutions also start to collapse,” Ham says. “On the other hand, as the evolution foundation remains firm, the structures built on that foundation — lawlessness, homosexuality, abortion, etc., logically increase. We must understand this connection. People do not understand the foundational nature of the battle. Creation vs. evolution is the bottom line.

“There is a war going on in society — a very real battle. The war is Christianity vs. humanism, but we must wake up to the fact that, at the foundational level, it’s really creation vs. evolution.”

God’s creation of the cosmos, the earth, plants, animals, and man took place just as it is described in Genesis, only a few thousand years ago … with no need for qualification or apology.

Watch for additional T.A.C. University posts on this topic.

Sheriff Arpaio Defends Innocent Human Life

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared at a pro-life rally Saturday to talk about his defense of preborn children from the risks of abortion. He also spoke about his posse patrols of public schools to protect children and teachers from anyone who might attempt to harm them.

Sierra Vista School Yanks Book Recommended by Controversial Common Core

An Arizona school district has pulled from its reading list a sexually explicit novel that is recommended as an “exemplar text” in the Common Core Standards. Parents and community members at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona expressed concern about the novel Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia.

By Susan Berry,

According to the Sierra Vista Herald, school district curriculum director Terri Romo informed the school board Tuesday that she contacted the Arizona Department of Education to find out how the book came to be placed on the list of Common Core recommendations. Romo said she was told the “exemplar texts” are intended to show the correct reading level and are not recommendations for purchase.

Conservative grass-roots consultants Voices Empower, founded by Alice Linahan, reported that one Buena High School mother sent the following email:

Below is a picture and an excerpt out of the book Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia.This is a 10th grade literature book that was used in my son’s class at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The whole class read this book out loud during class. Everyone in the class had a copy of this book.

On the Voices Empower website, the parent provides screen shots of the book, showing the Buena High School bar code on the cover and page 80 of the book that contains the following excerpt [Note: Caution advised - graphic text follows]:

Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs. He entered her repeatedly from behind.

Felicia learned what pleased him. She tied his arms above his head with their underclothing and slapping him sharply when he asked.

“You’re my bitch,” Hugo said, groaning.

In the morning he left, promising to return in the summer.

Education activist Donna Garner provides the following commentary:

Yes, Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia is indeed recommended in the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.Because the Common Core Standards Initiative ties teachers’ evaluations to the scores their students make on the Common Core assessments, teachers are pressured to teach the Common Core Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks (Appendix B).

Alice Linahan spoke to Donna Garner on the Women On The Wall radio show regarding the book recommendation by the Common Core Standards:

The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science And Technical Subjects provides “text samples primarily to serve to exemplify the level of complexity and quality that the Standards require all students in a given grade band to engage with.” The Standards state that the text samples “are suggestive of the breadth of texts that students should encounter in the text types required by the Standards.”

Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia is listed as a Grades 11-CCR Text Exemplar on page 140 of the Standards. Other text exemplars for that grade band include Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, Cervantes’ Don Quixote: The Ormsby Translation, and Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

The Standards state that it is highly recommended, though not mandatory, that students read the entire text and not simply the sample text provided in the Standards. The sample text of Dreaming in Cuban, on page 152, as presented in the Standards, is not sexually explicit in nature.

The recommendation from the Standards:

When excerpts appear, they serve only as stand-ins for the full text. The Standards require that students engage with appropriately complex literary and informational works; such complexity is best found in whole texts rather passages from such texts.

Garner continues:

Along with this information in Appendix B is a link to which teachers and students are to refer: Media Text — Portal to selected interviews with author Cristina García:

By directing teachers and students to the interview with Cristina Garcia, it is easy to see that Common Core becomes basically a marketing tool to launch Cristina Garcia’s latest book, King of Cuba.

According to Garner, such books are highly offensive to those who hold traditional values such as belief in personal responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for other people. In addition:

…they also serve a purpose for those who are trying to indoctrinate this and future generations to hate America and to trash American exceptionalism. A steady diet of portraying ethnic/racial characters always as victims and saturating these books with gutter language is bound to warp students’ minds.


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