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Senator Ted Cruz Speech at CPAC

Al Melvin Courageously Supports Religious Freedom in Arizona

Republican candidate for governor Al Melvin issued the following news release on the religious freedom bill which Gov. Jan Brewer needs to sign soon:

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), also known as SB1062, protects  the rights of every Arizonan to work and live according to their faith.  It  prohibits punishing someone because of their faith.  It is common sense, it is good law, it was carefully crafted, it was supported by more than 90% of the Republicans in the Legislature, and I strongly urge the
governor to sign the bill. ­ Al Melvin, speaking on SB1062.

Melvin spoke at a GOP candidate forum on Saturday and was the only candidate for governor to support SB1062.

“I was disappointed how fast my fellow Republican candidates for governor caved to the media and liberal pressure,” Melvin said. “Each of them offered excuses, but none of them were willing to stand up and publicly fight to protect the religious liberties of Arizonan citizens and businesses. said Melvin, adding They need to look past the media-driven hysteria and look at the  bill itself.  It is only two pages long and there is no excuse for them not to know better.”

Melvin went further, urging each of his opponents to reverse course and support the bill.  “We all make mistakes, but real leadership means being able to admit when you are wrong
and correcting your course.  You don’t have to spend 30 years in the Naval Reserves as I did to know how important course correction is.”

SB1062 modifies Arizona¹s existing protections and brings them into line with the federal religious freedom act.  Furthermore, SB1062 added language to ensure additional protection against the frivolous use of religious beliefs as a defense against behavior that might be considered discriminatory.

The extremists on the left are using the same hysterical language they did when they opposed SB1070.  But SB1070 turned out to be right for Arizona, the hysterics were proven to be nothing more than simple fantasy designed to whip up opposition, and the Arizona Legislature and Governor Brewer were both vindicated for  passing and signing it. My hope is that Arizonans will rally to fight for this bill by contacting the Governor and asking her to sign it.  If she does not, then I hope they will rally to my campaign so that we can elect someone
who will sign the bill in 2015.

Melvin serves as chairman of the Commerce, Energy and Military Committee and founded the highly successful Mining Caucus and Tourism Caucus. He has had along business career in international trade and transportation, is agraduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY and received his MBA degree from Thunderbird-School of Global management in Glendale.  Prior to his election to the Senate, he taught college level courses as an adjunct, in economics, international business and management.

Melvin is a military veteran and graduate of the US Naval War College. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service as Squadron Commander of COMPSRONTWO, then the
largest ship squadron in the US Navy (14 ships) basedat the island of Diego  Garcia in the Indian Ocean. In 1999, after 30 years in the US Naval Reserve,  he retired as a Navy Captain, the equivalent of afull colonel.

He is a member of the VFW, American Legion, Military Officers of America and other military related organizations.  Sen. Melvin is a life Member of the NRA National Rifle Association).  He is a member of the Elks, Rotary and Knights of Columbus, and he remains a proud Eagle Scout (class of 1961).

Al and his wife Kou reside in SaddleBrooke in Pinal County, just north of Tucson and attend Santa Catalina Catholic Church in Catalina.

Freedom vs. Control? Whom will You Elect in 2014?

The Arizona Conservative has officially begun tracking candidates for public office in the Grand Canyon State in advance of November‘s elections. Voters have two choices: candidates who will champion FREEDOM for the individual and those who will push policies that deny and reduce personal freedoms – the candidates of socialism and excessive government CONTROL of your life. Whom do you want in office? Those who respect your constitutional freedom, or those who would expand government and take away more and more of your freedom? Your vote will impact every facet of American society and culture.







Andy Thomas, Al Melvin,

Fred DuVal
Secretary of State Will Cardon Chris Campas
Attorney General Mark Brnovich Felicia Rotellini
State Treasurer Hugh Hallman
Supt. Of Public Instruction John Huppenthal Sharon Thomas, David Garcia
Mining Inspector Joe Hart Manuel Cruz
Congress-District 1 Adam Kwasman Ann Kirkpatrick
Congress-District 2 Martha McSally Ron Barber
Congress-District 3 Gabriela Saucedo Mercer Raul Grijalva
Congress-District 4 Paul Gosar Mikel Weisser
Congress-District 5 Matt Salmon
Congress-District 6 David Schweikert
Congress-District 7 Ed Pastor
Congress-District 8 Trent Franks Helmuth Hack
Congress-District 9 Vernon Parker, Wendy Rogers, Andrew Walter Kyrsten Sinema
 Arizona Senate-District 25  Ralph Heap  Bob Worsley

Watch for continued updates and additional choices in the weeks and months ahead.

Freedom vs. Progressivism

Constitution Limits the government in order to protect the citizen; the   Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what they are and don’t allow for imagined intentions A living, breathing document whose meaning changes   arbitrarily; creative interpretations by activist judges, at the urging of  special interest groups, fabricating new “rights” that infringe on the Bill of Rights; revisionist casting of the Bill of Rights seeks to create utopia;   rights are to be rationed by the government
Family The basic unit of society: married mother and father caring for their children contributes to healthy society Based on adult happiness, regardless of gender; government content to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on family breakdown
Marriage One man and one woman committed to the best interests of the family Any coupling or grouping and based on adult happiness
Theology Jesus died for the sins of all mankind for all time; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; the government is not a   theocracy, but religion is the moral conscience of the nation Secular humanism is the religion of government, public schools, and mass media; government is “god”; man is the master of his fate, the captain of his ship (Invictus)
Morality Transcendent moral order; God’s Word in the Bible; obedience to something higher than one’s self Relative: determined by the individual; situational ethics
Government The Constitution protects the citizen from the government;   localized control preferred; powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution Centralized federal control over state and local levels;  seemingly every human activity imaginable   requires government regulation administered by an ever growing army of regulators; there are almost 1,000 federal agencies and divisions enforcing laws; the executive and judicial branches of government are free to usurp the   legislative branch to set and enforce policy
Basis of freedom The Bill of Rights; God-given natural law; inalienable rights Open to government interpretation; Non-discrimination   laws, “hate” crime laws
The Courts One of three equal branches of government; decisions based on originalism; bound by the Constitution, which protects citizens from the government Superior to the executive and legislative branches; decisions open to interpretations favored by leftists; to be used for gains that special interests are not able to achieve legislatively; the judiciary   makes unilateral “amendments” to the Constitution; protects government interests at the expense of citizens
Supreme Court   justices Limited by the Constitution Unlimited by the Constitution; open to citation of international law and the fabrication of new “rights” under the guise of   constitutionality
The Church Protected from the government by the First Amendment Naturalism; science; government needs protection from the government from the church based on the ACLU’s false claim of a “separation of church and state” not based on history or original intent
Public education The student is to be served by the best educational choice possible; local control Public schools, run by teachers’ unions, are prioritized over the education of students; federal government control
Taxation Low tax rates stimulate business investment, hiring and job creation; tax rates should be fair across the board; the federal   government should raise only the revenue needed to fund the activities authorized by the Constitution High tax rates allow government to expand social welfare programs; whomever earns the most should be taxed more; the tax rate on the  wealthy could extend all the way to 100 percent; Karl Marx urged “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax”
Economy Capitalism; economic equality is unachievable because people invest differing levels of education, motivation and risk Socialism, which is the path to communism, and centralized   control by the federal government; government intervention; the   redistribution of wealth is staged by coercion
Market Free enterprise and minimal government regulation; the   free market is the most transformative economic system; the free market  creates the most wealth and opportunities for people Massing of centralized control and power over the market; high tax rates removing money from the private sector; statists oppose the free market and seek to control it; demonization of wealth creators by government and unions
Political   competition Compete against opponents; freedom to disagree Destroy the enemy; punish anyone who opposes us (fascism)
Crime Man is fallen and susceptible to evil and must be punished with stiff sentences for law-breaking Man is a victim and subject to forces beyond his/her control; light sentencing
Government Constitutionally ordered, divided into three branches to provide a system of checks and balances Domineering and with few restraints; to be used for   personal and special interests’ gains; the courts are to be used to gain what cannot be achieved through the legislative process
Property Private ownership of personal property; what belongs to one man is the object of his care and economy Maximum government ownership; taxation and laws intrude upon private ownership; what belongs to no one in particular is wasted by   everyone
Achievement Self determination; hard work and achievement are rewarded It’s unfair if some have more possessions than others;   everyone should have the same amount of things, with government acting as regulator; those with what government deems excessive must be punished
Life Man is made in the image of God; humans should be protected from conception to natural death; human embryos should not be used as a commodity or sacrificed for experimentation Man is just another animal and nothing special; human life   is expendable; only “wanted” children should be born; depressed citizens should be allowed to find another person to kill them; the elderly and the disabled are using up too many medical resources and should not be allowed to   continue living; people and government have the right to determine who lives and who dies
Autonomy Citizens should be left alone to tend to their own affairs; private enterprise; private decisions in work, life, education, worship; government’s intrusion into personal lives must be extremely limited Increasing government control of and regulation over citizens’ personal lives
Second Amendment Citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms and to self protect; a gun is vital to a citizen’s self defense and is no better or   worse than the person holding it Only the government should have the right to own a gun; citizens have no right to protect themselves
Law Uphold the rule of law Selective use of the rule of law and liberal preference for applications of “law”

Sheriff Arpaio Defends Innocent Human Life

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared at a pro-life rally Saturday to talk about his defense of preborn children from the risks of abortion. He also spoke about his posse patrols of public schools to protect children and teachers from anyone who might attempt to harm them.

Tucson City Council Wants to Tighten Clamp on Gun Owners

Two firearms ordinances are on the 5:30 p.m., Tucson City Council agenda today at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is at 255 W. Alameda, in downtown Tucson.

The first ordinance will create a $100 fine if a person does not report the loss or theft of their firearm within 48 hours from the time it was stolen or the owner “should have known” it was stolen. Why go after the person who stole a firearm when they can punish the owner instead?

The second ordinance is an attempt to locally enact a bill (HB 2631) that failed at the state legislature. If a police officer believes a person, with criminal negligence (undefined), discharged a firearm within city limits, they may request a blood or breath test for alcohol levels. If you refuse, they may obtain a warrant and require you undergo a blood alcohol test. If you own a firearm you must an alcohol abuser, right?

These proposals may not sound all that threatening at first glance. But leftists – including those who dominate politics in Tucson – often use guile and incrementalism to slowly, but surely, take away freedom by attacking your constitutional rights. So do be alarmed at this.

Guidelines for those wishing to make comments during the meeting:

Persons attending the meetings shall observe rules of propriety, decorum, and good conduct, and refrain from impertinent or slanderous remarks. Violation of this rule shall result in such persons being barred from further audience before the governing body. A copy of the complete rules and regulations may be obtained from the City Clerk.

The Mayor and Council often schedules public hearings on topics of interest. Pursuant to Mayor and Council Rules and Regulations, public hearings last one hour. Interested persons are invited to attend and offer comments. Additionally, Call to the Audience is reserved for comments from the public.

To address the Mayor and Council:

Complete a speakers card and deposit it in the tray on the podium. Upon being recognized, state your name and address before proceeding into your subject matter. Speakers are limited to three-minute presentations.

Submit written comments to the Mayor and Council (via the City Clerk) prior to and during the meeting.

Call the Mayor and Council Citizen Comment Line at 791-4700.

Giffords Raises $11 Million for Gun Control

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly’s organization Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) raised $11 million for gun control efforts over the past four months.

ARS says the money was raised from 53,000 different donors. What hasn’t been explained is whether the bulk of the money came from major donors like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other infamous anti-gun advocates.

To date, ARS has used some of the money to run ads against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), both of whom voted against gun control in the Senate on April 17. ARS also run “thank you ads” for Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Kay Hagan (D-NC), all of whom voted for gun control.

ARS has retained the bulk of the funds it has gathered to help counter the NRA when gun control comes up for another vote.

ARS membership is 336,000. NRA membership is 5,000,000.

–AWR Hawkins,

Obama, Democrats would have Left Watertown Residents Unarmed, at Killer’s Mercy

Okay, so put yourself in the place of those Watertown, Mass., residents in the search area for Tsarnaev.

You’ve been told to stay indoors for your own safety. Don’t go to work. Don’t go shopping. It’s not safe out there.

The police, FBI and SWAT teams are canvassing your entire neighborhood.

You’re tense. Everyone’s tense. You just wish this would be over, justice would be served, they’d catch this cold-blooded, murdering creep.

For your own protection … you make sure you have your gun at the ready.

Oh … but wait.

President Obama and the Democrats don’t want you to be able to protect yourself.

Too bad for you. If Tsarnaev breaks into your home … you’re a sitting duck. Your gun has been confiscated. All you’ve got left is hope that the police can find your home in time to protect you. By the time they get to your house, you and your loved ones could be dead.

This is exactly the life-threatening bind Obama and the Democrats want to put you in.

They want to put good, honest, law-abiding citizens like you at risk. At the mercy of home invaders, criminals … who would face no resistance from you. They’d have the confidence to do anything they want against an unarmed populace.

Think about it. This is what they want.

State Republican Leader: Throttle Back Rhetoric on Guns

By Bruce Ash

I never owned a gun as a kid but I frequently went shooting with my father, grandfather and sisters. My sisters and I all learned how to shoot in the same NRA safety course. It was great fun. I still enjoy shooting just as much today with my two sons. So do millions of Americans.

Today we live in an over reactive society … Yes, we’ve had some horrible tragedies but the tendency today is to over react to anything related to guns. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard about the lad whose crime was brandishing a toy Lego gun on the bus or the young school yard hero playing Army– throwing a pretend grenade to save his fellow soldiers. Kid stuff. Not violence.
The mood here in Tucson is just as goofy — gun buy backs & restrictive gun ordinances . Even a friend who has been playing tennis at a local high school for years turned away because the school is on “lock down” after Sandy Hook?
American men and women, it’s time we throttle back the rhetoric and politically correct talk. Let kids be kids. Approach American violence with reason–not over reaction. Before we cross over the line removing basic liberties Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries let’s take a real deep breath.
Bruce Ash has been the Republican National Committeeman for Arizona since 2007 and currently serves on the RNC Standing Committee Resolutions and chairs the Standing Committee on Rules.

On the Front Burner Today: Boy Scouts Re-Consider Dangerous Policy Change

Well the Boy Scouts of America have heard you. They are backtracking on their plan to allow children to be exposed to the risk of homosexual Scout masters. The homosexual agenda has been trying for years to capture BSA, and nearly succeeded last month when the board governing the Scouts announced it would remove its ban on homosexual leaders. After an enormous backlash from scouting families and the general public, the Scouts now say:

“After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy.”

Furthermore, the board is forming a task force to examine the issue.

It’s good that the BSA is stopping its immediate plans to put Scouts at risk of more of what happened in the past when thousands were molested by male leaders. It’s regrettable that the BSA is stubbornly digging in its heels and not closing the door completely to a very bad and dangerous idea to expose yet more children to the horrors of sexual abuse.

Some of the BSA board members may be hoping the clamor against this will die down in the next four months. Arizonans and others must keep up the pressure. Stay on the attack. Keep telling them “no!” This is not over, and they can’t change our minds just by stalling the decision until May.

*           *           *

Remember the homosexual activist who shot a guard at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. last summer? World Net Daily reports …

Evidence obtained from the computer of the man who pleaded guilty today to the armed attack on the Family Research Council headquarters shows he identified his target through the website of the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center, according to the District of Columbia prosecutor on the case.

FRC President Tony Perkins said today the evidence and admissions in a District   of Columbia court justify his charge last summer that SPLC “gave license” to Floyd Lee Corkins II to attack the Christian organization’s headquarters Aug. 15.

Corkins, 28, has confessed he was motivated by FRC’s stance against homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” He pleaded guilty today to three charges stemming from the shooting in the nation’s capital, including committing an act of terrorism.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center can no longer say that it is not a source for those bent on committing acts of violence,” Perkins said.

*           *           *

Robert Graham, newly elected chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, is forming a committee of to plan for Arizona’s next redistricting process in 2020. “Arizona’s political landscape today reflects a flawed process where election districts were drawn up based on a one-sided political agenda and too much secrecy, and I’m taking action now to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” said Graham. “We are looking for an honest and open process that doesn’t favor one group of voters over another — one that is truly bipartisan and treats voters equally while putting an end to the discrimination against Republicans.” Good luck, Robert. The Department of Justice has saddled the re-districting process with ridiculous requirements like “communities of interest” and racial profiling.

*           *           *

Phoenix Channel 5 News reports: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s exercise Saturday at a closed school site in suburban Fountain Hills will simulate scenarios for posse members who volunteered for patrols that the sheriff launched last month just outside schools to guard against shootings. Action-film star and posse member Steven Seagal will serve as an instructor at the event. The sheriff hopes to have as many as 400 posse members and another 100 volunteers known as reserve deputies participate in the patrols.

*           *           *

We’ve been saying for years that Fox News isn’t as conservative as radical left-wingers think they are. Megyn Kelly and Shepherd Smith are all for the destruction of the family and for same-sex “marriage.” Geraldo lives on Fox. Bill O’Reilly is all over the map on issues. Kirsten Powers? Lefty.

And now here’s more proof. Dick Morris and Sarah Palin are out as Fox News analysts. Karl Rove is being retained after years of embarrassing election miscalculations.

And coming on board? Former Ohio congressman, Dennis Kucinich … a communist. Surely he’ll get Fox News’ Kremlin beat.


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