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Homofascist Tyranny Growing out of Control

Homosexual Fascists at ASU Spray Marriage Supporters with Pesticide

Watch the video here:

The message is clear: if you oppose same-sex “marriage,” you must be shut down, you must be punished … by fascists who are unwilling to allow you to have a different opinion, to allow you the freedom to disagree with them.

These people are engaging in appalling criminal activities across the nation with no response from law enforcement authorities.

Can You Afford a Democrat Governor?

Can you afford Fred DuVal for four years as governor of Arizona?

Can your family budget endure the higher cost of living that comes with Democrats in office?

Are you ready to hand over more of your constitutional freedom to a Democrat?

Are you ready to experience less control over your own life?

Are you ready to pay higher taxes?

Are you willing to let a Democrat governor get between you and your doctor?

And endure even more regulation of and interference with your personal life?

And kiss your vacations good-bye?

Is our state government still not big enough yet?

Fred DuVal is a member of the Party of Control, which wants to exert greater and greater control over your personal life. The Party of Control could not care less about the Constitution and your freedom; it will do whatever it can get away with.

DuVal is running for governor this fall. Don’t let him win. Stay free.

Which will Happen First?

Time for Gov. Brewer to Move on

We appreciate Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature on numerous pro-life bills. But we’re glad to see her moving on from the governorship and what would have been a frivolous move to challenge for a questionable third term.

Brewer’s cave-ins to ObamaCare and to radical leftist attacks on religious freedom have greatly damaged her legacy. She will be remembered more for aligning with the McCain-Kyl cabal and the RINO path than anything truly conservative. So it’s time for her to move on, move out of the way, and allow a true Republican conservative to compete for the governor’s office.

Her veto of SB1062 at the urging of leftists, RINOs and the left-stream media was a pitiful sight to behold. It won’t be forgotten by Christians and conservatives who expected more from Brewer.

And in the end, it was McCain and RINOs calling the shots more than Brewer. They align closely with leftists and the party of excessive control — fighting the Party of Freedom all along the way.

We hope for better days ahead from the office of a new governor who is truly devoted to freedom.

Governor Brewer: Sign the Bill Now

Dear Governor Brewer:

Do the right thing and sign Senate Bill 1062. Protect those who disagree with the homosexual agenda — which is the majority of your constituency. Homosexuals only make up 1 percent of our population, but their pressure groups are monopolizing left-stream media hoping to intimidate you to get their way.

If they get their way, Arizona loses in many ways.

Failure to sign this bill will subject many, many Arizona business owners to abuse from homosexual activists and activist courts — including fines that can easily bankrupt small business owners and subject families to welfare subsistence.

Equally bad, failure to sign the bill will greatly damage the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion.

And disastrously, Arizonans would be subjected to compelled government speech. They would lose the freedom to disagree with things they find morally objectionable.

Nondiscrimination policies would trump the First Amendment and Arizonans would lose their rights of conscience. They would be forced to agree with the homosexual agenda’s radical plans to destroy marriage and family.

Furthermore, this part of the homosexual agenda’s attempt to re-define marriage in Arizona. It is part of their effort to qualify a ballot initiative to overturn our 2008 state constitutional marriage amendment.

Religious freedom and the homosexual agenda cannot co-exist. The First Amendment and discrimination policies cannot co-exist.

Protect Arizonans from undue punishment. Keep the government out of small business owner’s affairs.

Don’t forget this: 85 percent of Americans polled side WITH Elaine Huguenin, the New Mexico artist who declined to glorify a same-sex commitment ceremony and stands to suffer business-crippling fines. She and her husband have received death threats and all kinds of abuse from leftists and homosexual activists. Don’t let this despicable stuff happen here.

Sign the bill today. Protect our culture of freedom. Do not bow to the radical demands of radical people and the left-stream media.

If you’re fearful of the nasty ruckus the homosexual activists will cause … and if that is what is delaying your decision, sign the bill sooner rather than later. These left-wing fear-mongerers will raise a ruckus no matter when you sign the bill. Fascists will always try to punish people who disagree with them. So don’t delay.

Sign the bill today.

Ronald Reagan would have signed the bill last week. This is no time to go wobbly, governor.

For freedom,

The Arizona Conservative

Equality Arizona Lies about Religious Freedom Bill

Equality Arizona is leading a vicious campaign against the religious freedom protection bill awaiting Governor Jan Brewer’s signature this week.

The state’s most radical homosexual pressure group’s latest email message says if the governor does not veto “it will be legal to deny basic services and protections to LGBT Arizonans.”

That is a flat-out lie by the No. 1 left-wing propaganda machine in Arizona.

This bill is designed to protect First Amendment free exercise of religion from so-called “non-discrimination laws.” Those laws have already illegally compelled government speech, forcing Christian photographers, bakers, florists, and other businesses to violate messages and immorality they disagree with. One activist judge even went so far as to order a Christian businessman to support a message he finds immoral and pay homosexuals thousands of dollars to celebrate their lifestyle, which he disagrees with.

Christians are the victims of homosexual activists and nondiscrimination laws drafted to punish them. With fawning media sheep cheering them on, homosexual activists are falsely claiming incorrectly they are the victims. They are the people filing frivolous lawsuits attacking Christians for their scriptural beliefs.

Call Governor Brewer and tell her to stand up to the pressure group bullies and their cowardly media allies at Channel 12, the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Daily Star and other left-wing radicals … and sign this bill to protect Christians. Elected leaders must do everything they can to assure Americans their first liberty — religious freedom and free speech. The political Party of Control and its extremist allies want to destroy constitutional freedom and force Christians to confine their beliefs to home and church. This is the fascist challenge of our time, and it must be rejected.

Channel 12 ‘News’: Fair and Balanced — for Homosexual Activists

Attention, aspiring young left-stream media/undocumented “journalists”! Yes, you!

Follow your career dreams at Channel 12/NBC in Phoenix.

No fussy editing to deal with. No editors at all!

Apply your talents to the left-wing cause of your heart’s desire — every single day!

I.e “fair and balanced news” for homosexual activists!

Work with left-wing activists Lin Sue Cooney, Brahm Resnik and Joe Dana. Learn from the best left-stream media/undocumented “journalists” going! Advocate for your pet left-wing cause to your heart’s content!

They’ll show you the ropes. How to devote 20 minutes of free advocacy for the homosexual agenda. How to trash religious freedom bills. And of course the obligatory, token 3-second and 5-second sound-bytes for hateful conservative lawmakers. How to dredge up Mormons for same-sex “marriage”! How to make up phony “statistics” about job-killing religious freedom bills. How to overlook the Christians who’ve lost their jobs because activist judges elevated local “nondiscrimination laws” over the First Amendment. How to tie the 2015 Super Bowl and homosexual NFL-bound football players into gratuitous mentions about religious freedom bills in Arizona. Lin will show you how to do the adoring interview of lesbian activists suing to overturn the will of hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters who passed the state marriage amendment.

Channel 12 is the positively best place to use your slanted skills! Agenda journalism is at its best at Channel 12.

We’ve mastered the art of trashing family policy counsel presidents … and completely gate keeping the other side of the story out of the story! We’re the pros! We set the standard.

Apply today! Remember, absolutely no editing is done to your work! No pesky editors demanding fairness. Only left-wing activists setting your agenda, writing your scripts, serving as props for your reports!

In fact, until Senate Bill 1062 awaits Governor Jan Brewer’s decision, no interviews are even required! Report for work first thing tomorrow morning! You’ll love our team atmosphere, comrade!

It’s National Marriage Week

This is “National Marriage Week.” United Families International, based in Mesa, provides this statement on the great value of marriage as the union on one man and one woman to society, in its book “The Marriage Advantage,” authored by Marcia Barlow:

Marriage is a unique, opposite-sex union with legal, social, economic and spiritual dimensions.

It is a fundamental and universal social institution and the mechanism bywhich every known society seeks to obtain for each child the love, attention and resources of a mother and a father. The happiness, development and productivity of a new generation are bound to the marriage and the family unit. The successful development of children is critical to the success and preservation of nations. Because of marriage’s essential role, states and nations have chosen to provide unique benefits and incentives to those who choose to be married.

There is now broad bipartisan recognition that healthy marriage affords substantial benefits for adults and their children. Stable marriage has a positive effect on the economic, emotional and psychological well-being of men and women and dramatically benefits the well-being of children. A wealth of social science research attests to this conclusion.

Efforts to uphold marriage between one man and one woman as the foundation for the family – the fundamental unit of society – should be supported and strengthened.

Families, communities and responsible governments should use all prudent means to encourage healthy, lawful marriage and to discourage pre-marital sex, out-of-wedlock childbearing, adultery, divorce and alternative family forms.

Marriage Leads to:

• Better health and greater longevity

• Less crime, less violence

• Safer homes

• Safer communities

• Less poverty, more wealth

• Healthier society

• Better intimate relations

• Less substance abuse and addiction

• Less hardship and better outcomes for children

• Less government, lower taxes

• More happiness

It Doesn’t Make Sense

By Cathi Herrod, President, Center for Arizona Policy

Governor Jan Brewer

Representative Debbie Lesko

Senator Nancy Barto

Senator Kimberly Yee

What do all these people have in common?

They’re passionately pro-life and – to Planned Parenthood’s great frustration – they’re women!

What’s more, these women represent only a small portion of the female pro-life leaders in Arizona.

It’s what is so special about the pro-life movement in our state. These pro-life champions care just as much about the woman walking into an abortion clinic as they do about the reborn child. It’s why our state has passed so many common sense health and safety standards for abortion clinics.

Sadly at every step along the way, the abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, has tried to block even the most basic rules.

Case in point: consider yesterday’s hearing in the House Reform and Human Services committee. Up for debate was the CAP-supported HB 2284, the Women’s Health Protection Act, sponsored by Rep. Lesko. I consider it a privilege to be able to have testified in support of this critically needed legislation.

Among other things, this bill would ensure abortion clinics are subject to the same inspections as every other medical facility in the state. Specifically, this would grant the epartment of Health the ability to inspect complaints at abortion clinics without being required to first warn the clinic.

Most people would be shocked to know that abortion clinics have a special carve out like this – especially when abortion providers have such a terrible track record of harming women and preborn children (see: Dr. Kermit Gosnell).

What I found most nonsensical about yesterday’s hearing for HB 2284 was the double-speak.

In one breath the president of Planned Parenthood testified that their organization cared for women. Yet in the very next breath, he stood opposed to protecting women from abusive practices at negligent abortion clinics.

Make no mistake about it – Dr. Kermit Gosnell was allowed to practice in Pennsylvania for so long precisely because the state did not properly inspect abortion clinics due to pro-abortion politics.

It’s imperative that we learn from this tragedy, and not allow hypocritical and dangerous politics to get in the way of our government fulfilling its most basic duty: protecting life.

The sad reality is that as Arizona law stands today, our state values the safety of women at an abortion clinic less than the safety of men and women at every other health care institution.

Thankfully, the Women’s Health Protection Act passed out of committee. There is still a long road ahead for this bill – and at some point, we may need your help by contacting your legislators in support of HB 2284. You can track the progress of this legislation using our Bill Tracker, and by “Liking” CAP on Facebook. Later today, we’ll post my testimony on our Facebook page.


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