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McSally Pads Lead by 28 Votes, Leads by 161

This just in: conservative Martha McSally, a freedom candidate for Congress in Southern Arizona, has stretched her lead to 161 votes against incumbent Ron Barber, a socialist from the party that wants to… Continue reading

Ebola Czar Said to Be ‘Leading by Example’

By John Semmens – Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News Since he was appointed as President Obama’s “Ebola Czar,” Ron Klain has disappeared from sight. Presidential Press Secretary Josh Earnest tried to reassure the… Continue reading

Obama Nixes Ebola Travel Restrictions

By John Semmens – Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News Despite numerous urgings, President Obama remains determined not to block entry into the United States by persons who may have been exposed to the… Continue reading

Bob Worsley vs. The Arizona Conservative: A Debate

The Arizona Conservative has, since 2012, warned voters about the liberalism and the veracity of now State Senator Bob Worsley. Unfortunately, unprincipled Republicans voted him in anyway. We have constructed a debate between… Continue reading

Statewide Races

Statewide Races(1,516 of 1,566 precincts reporting) Governor Doug Ducey 36.3% Scott Smith 22% Christine Jones 16.2% Ken Bennett 12.1% Andy Thomas 8.5% Frank Riggs 4.5% Attorney General Mark Brnovich 53.7% Tom Horne 45.8% State… Continue reading

Our Latest Primary Endorsements

The Arizona Conservative is endorsing candidates for public office in the Grand Canyon State in advance of the August 26 primary elections. Voters have two choices: candidates who will champion FREEDOM for the individual… Continue reading

Endorsing Dr. Ralph Heap for Senate

Dr. Ralph Heap vs. Bob Worsley, Legislative District 25 Senate Race DR. RALPH HEAP      True conservative Quote: “I believe in the promise of America” Opposes Obamacare Friend of taxpayers Pro-life Favors… Continue reading

Cong. Franks: Obama Most Inept President Ever

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08), a ranking Republican Member of the House Armed Services Committee, spoke to Eric Shawn on Fox News this weekend about the rampage of the Islamic State… Continue reading

Sheriff Joe: Obama Intentionally Dumping Illegal Aliens on Nation

By Rusty Humphries, Washington Times June 19, 2014 “The White House is incompetent and the dumping of illegals is intentional.” Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio takes the dumping of illegal aliens in his Maricopa County as an “affront”… Continue reading

When Planned Parenthood Loses, Women Win

By Cathi Herrod, President, Center for Arizona Policy When Planned Parenthood loses, women win. [The] decision by a federal court to deny a request by Arizona’s largest abortion provider to temporarily block a… Continue reading