Americans Want Illegals Deported

By Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

Despite President Obama’s efforts to cool the nation’s views on illegal immigrants storming over the U.S.-Mexico border, Americans have reached a new level of anger over the issue, with most demanding a more aggressive deportation policy — and reversal of a law that grants citizenship to kids of illegals born in the U.S.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday also finds Americans questioning spending tax dollars on government aid provided to illegal immigrants. A huge 83 percent said that anybody should be required to prove that they are “legally allowed” to be in the country before receiving local, state or federal government services.

Overall, the poll is bad news for the White House because it shows sustained, and in some cases, elevated anger and frustration over the surge in undocumented immigrants in the United States.

For example, 62 percent told the pollster that the U.S. is “not aggressive enough” in deporting those illegally in the United States. Just 15 percent believed the administration’s current policy was “about right” and 16 percent said it was “too aggressive.”

That 62 percent number is a jump from a year ago when it was 52 percent.

When asked if the baby of an illegal born in the United States should automatically become a U.S. citizen, as is now the law, 54 percent said no versus 38 percent who said yes.

In another area that seems to test American patience with the administration, 51 percent said that illegal immigrants who have American born children should not be exempt from deportation.


I’m watching the Final Four on Saturday. March Madness is nearing an end.

Time out. Michigan State’s basketball coach needs to slow Duke’s momentum and talk it over with his ball club. Reload on the chips and salsa and sit back for a couple minutes. Relax.

Here’s the commercial message: it’s a photo of two men … with two small  children between them. Then the video rolls, showing … one man seated feeding a baby bottled milk and … the other man leans over and kisses the child on the forehead. The screen goes blue … with a small print message: “we serve everyone … Honey Maid.” It’s a perfect, idyllic family.

And that’s not all. Later …

Now there’s a commercial showing an effeminate man in a convertible. He’s wearing a white shirt, tie, and polka-dot underwear — in a public place. In the next moment he is out of the car … walking … with a purse over his arm, just as women do.

And the message is:

Corporate America is solidly lined up on the side of hedonism … against people of faith … against biblical values. Corporations are so afraid of the homosexual pressure groups that they’re tripping over one another trying to show they are on the board with the homosexual agenda. Corporations like Nike, Honey Maid, Walmart, and countless others are exploiting the media-manufactured “crisis” of Indiana and the Left’s attack on religious freedom.

If it’s big, if it’s corporate … it’s on the wrong side of America’s Christian heritage. Corporations are also afraid of protests, boycotts and militant homosexual activism. Homosexual pressure groups created a climate of fear among corporations and small business, and now their homophobia is prompting them to march along like good soldiers with the agenda.

It’s a form of corporate cultural smog. Author David Kupelian characterizes it as “The Marketing of Evil” in his 2005 book:

“Likewise, most of us mistakenly believe the ‘abortion rights’ and ‘gay rights’ movements were spontaneous, grassroots uprisings of neglected or persecuted minorities wanting to breathe free. Few people realize America was actually ‘sold’ on abortion thanks to an audacious public relations campaign that relied on fantastic lies and fabrications. Or that the ‘gay rights’ movement – which transformed America’s former view of homosexuals as self-destructive human beings into their current status as victims and cultural heroes – faithfully followed an in-depth, phased plan laid out by professional Harvard-trained marketers.

Anyone who doesn’t go along with the corporate homophobia, i.e. Brenda Eich (fired by Firefox for supporting California’s Prop 8 marriage amendment) and other victims are viciously maligned and thrown overboard as if they were “Jim Crow” himself.

We saw this in full bloom last year when the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and local media sheep went along lockstep with homosexual pressure groups to defeat a reasonable amendment to Arizona’s religious protection law.

Kupelian describes this phenomenon as “a program of unabashed propaganda, firmly grounded in long-established principles of marketing and advertising.” Homosexual activists and their fearful accomplices in the corporate and media realms worked to force …

Acceptance of homosexual culture into the mainstream, to silence opposition, and ultimately to convert American society.

This is happening before our very eyes. It’s getting to the point where you can’t watch a basketball game with your family and think you can escape the saturation of marketing. As far as the Honey Maid commercial, here’s what is happening:

The activists and media are changing what people actually think and feel by breaking their current negative associations with our cause and replacing them with positive associations.

By using the term “gay rights,” Kupelian writes, and persuading politicians and the media to adopt this terminology, activists seeking to transform America have framed the terms of the debate in their favor almost before the contest begins. (And in public relations warfare, he who frames the terms of the debate almost always wins. The abortion rights movement has prevailed in that war precisely because it succeeded, early on, in framing the debate as a question, not of abortion, but of choice. The abortion vanguard correctly anticipated that it would be far easier to defend an abstract, positive-sounding idea like choice than the unrestricted slaughter of unborn babies.)

But what about rampant anonymous, disease-plagued homosexual behavior?

How do you sell middle America on those five hundred sex partners and weird sexual practices? Just don’t talk about it. Rather, look and act as normal as possible for the camera.

So what can you do?

Resist. Stand strong in your faith. Speak up with courage, not just when the flash fires break out in Arizona and Indiana. Hold firm to your beliefs. The marketing of evil is evil, and it cannot stand the test of time. Pass this message to your family and friends and help them understand the lies and the deception being force-fed into the culture, creating cultural smog and marketing evil.

The True Facts About Religious Freedom Laws

By Sarah Torre, Heritage Foundation

The mainstream media has launched an all-out blitz over a new law that protects the fundamental freedom of Indiana citizens from unnecessary and unreasonable government coercion.

The media’s gross mischaracterizations of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act ignore the truth: Religious Freedom Restoration Acts prevent government discrimination against religious free exercise and simply provide a way to balance religious liberty with compelling government interests.

Religious liberty isn’t an absolute right. Religious liberty doesn’t always trump. Religious liberty is balanced with concerns for a compelling state interest that’s being pursued in the least-restrictive means possible.

The First Amendment Partnership, an organization whose mission is “to promote and protect religious freedom for people of all faiths,” created the below infographic separating myth from fact on Religious Freedom Restoration Acts:

As Ryan T. Anderson and I explained Thursday, the Indiana law is good policy. Like the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Indiana’s new law prohibits substantial government burdens on religious exercise unless the government can show a compelling interest in burdening religious liberty and does so through the least restrictive means.

These protections for religious freedom provide a commonsense way to balance the fundamental right to religious liberty with compelling government interests.

By passing its Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Indiana joins the 19 other states that have implemented such laws. Eleven additional states have religious liberty protections that state courts have interpreted to provide a similar level of protection. These commonsense laws place the onus on the government to justify its actions in burdening the free exercise of religion.

Rising Sales of US Constitution Put Department of Homeland Security on Alert

By John Semmens – Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

JohnA surge of book sales that pushed the US Constitution into the top ten best seller list of the Conservative Book Club has caused federal officials to put the Department of Homeland Security on “full alert.”

This is just the type of abnormal behavior that should trigger a high state of vigilance,” Secretary Jeh Johnson declared. “We expect a few loud-mouthed right-wing politicians to repeatedly harp on whether some action taken by the government is constitutional. But we can’t afford to overlook tens of thousands of ordinary citizens reading such seditious literature.”

Outside of some historical interest, we can see no reason for people to cozy up to this document,” Johnson explained. “Our Courts are the mechanism for determining whether the Constitution has any bearing on modern life. Increased meddling by persons who aren’t properly trained for interpreting the document is cause for concern. Consequently, I’m ordering all our personnel to be on the lookout for any anti-government agitation inspired by uneducated interpretations of this historic relic.”

In related news, Ohio Judge Catherine Barber barred a defendant from bringing up the Constitution or the constitutionality of the law under which he is charged with a crime because “it would only serve to confuse jurors. They need to follow my instructions, not wander off into their own egocentric comprehension of this extraneous historical document.”

Kerry Disputes Comparisons Between Iran Deal and 1938 Munich Agreement

US Secretary of State John Kerry bristled under comparisons of the recently announced deal with Iran to 1938’s agreement between Britain’s Neville Chamberlain and Germany’s Adolf Hitler over the Sudetenland. Though Chamberlain proclaimed the agreement as assuring “peace for our time,” World War II erupted only a year later.

There are just too many differences to make the comparison apt,” Kerry claimed. “Hitler threatened to invade Czechoslovakia if his demands weren’t met. Iran isn’t threatening to invade anyone. Hitler had already invaded Austria. Iran hasn’t invaded anyone. Iranian troops in Iraq are there by invitation to fight against ISIL.”

There’s also the credibility issue between the two situations,” Kerry went on. “Hitler promised that the Sudetenland would be his last territorial acquisition—an implausible assertion. Iran, in contrast, has been very upfront that its intent to annihilate Israel is non-negotiable. We have to appreciate their honesty. Nevertheless, we have gotten them to agree to a ten year delay for achieving this objective. If they keep this promise that’ll be ten years of peace for Israel to enjoy before Iran moves in earnest on its designs.”

In the meantime, by lifting the sanctions on Iran there is a chance that a surge of economic prosperity may divert them from their vow to erase Israel from the map,” Kerry said. “None of the prosperous nations with nuclear weapons is a threat to Israel. Is it unreasonable for us to hope that ten years from now a nuclear-armed Iran would exhibit a similarly pacific behavior?”

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who represented France in the talks with Iran, called Kerry’s view of the agreement “a fantastical delusion.” And Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted that “any deal that does not recognize my country’s right to exist is unacceptable” and refused to rule out a military option for preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power—a sentiment that Kerry brushed off as “just as unrealistic as if the Czechs had decided to face Hitler’s Nazi war machine alone in 1938.”

In related news, the US Department of Justice filed a criminal indictment against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ). A key consideration may have been the Senator’s criticism of the Administration’s Iranian nuclear policy. “Under ordinary circumstances, the offenses with which Sen. Menendez is charged might have been overlooked,” Attorney General Eric Holder admitted. “The bribes he received were relatively small—well within the norms for someone in his position. However, letting a prominent Democrat publicly assail the President’s policy on Iran could open the floodgates of opposition if an example isn’t made of him.”

IRS Chief Scoffs at Idea Agency Could Be Abolished

IRS commissioner John Koskinen laughed at the idea that Congress could abolish the IRS.

The Tea Party types may have wet dreams over the prospect of eliminating the IRS, but it’s not going to happen,” Koskinen gibed. “Too many congressmen on both sides of the aisle want the funds our agency extracts from taxpayers. One of the big attractions to holding office is the ability to dole out money to favored constituents. Hampering the IRS in any way would put a kink in that pipeline.”

The main gripe average people have with our agency is the complexity of the tax code,” the Commissioner contended. “Complexity is needed, though, to disguise the purposes for which the money is spent. Congress will never give that up. If they want to make things simpler for the taxpayers they could relieve them of the task of calculating and filing their 1040s and authorize the IRS to determine whether each taxpayer deserves a refund or must pay additional amounts. All the aggravation of trying to decipher the instructions, obtain the proper forms, fill them out and send them in would be eliminated.”

Koskinen touted the potential efficiency gains that could be achieved from his proposed reform. “Instead of investing a lot of time in inexpertly wrestling with incoherent forms and instructions, taxpayers could focus on working harder at their jobs. Their struggle to minimize tax liability would be converted to a more manageable one of maximizing their taxable earnings. It would be a win-win for both the government and the taxpayers.”

Anyway, if push comes to shove, President Obama will veto any changes he doesn’t like and enact any that he does via executive action,” Koskinen told legislators. “That kind of makes anything Congress might attempt to do a superfluous exercise in futility.”

In related news, the US Department of Justice announced that it is granting itself the authority to seize “suspicious bank accounts.” Attorney General Eric Holder explained that “it can take forever to secure these funds through the cumbersome judicial process where a person must be convicted of a crime before monetary penalties. Seizing bank accounts through administrative procedures speeds up our access to resources the government cam more effectively utilize than the previous owner could have.”

Actor Says Clinton Vouches for Accuracy of TV Show

Kevin Spacey, star of the critically acclaimed Netflix series “House of Cards,” told reporters that former President Bill Clinton confirmed that “99% of what you’ve shown in the series is essentially true.”

In the show, Spacey plays Frank Underwood, an ambitious sociopath who manipulates and murders his way to higher office. In the first season he started out as the Democratic Whip in the House of Representatives. By the end of season three he is the President of the United States with a body-count of three on his covert resume.

Spacey said that “my good friend Bill boasted that he’d cracked a few more heads on his way up than I do on the program, but still complimented me on my accurate grasp of what it takes to truly succeed in politics.”

For his own part, the actor bragged that “Bill Clinton isn’t the only president who likes the show. President Obama is also a big fan and says he wishes he could be as ruthlessly efficient as Frank Underwood. Which I take as quite a compliment since Underwood is roughly modeled on Shakespeare’s Richard III and Macbeth, but without a conscience.”

In related news, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) announced his retirement saying he wanted to work on developing a better relationship with his exercise regimen. “As many of you know, I was recently beaten severely about the face in a December mishap,” Reid reminded. “My health requires that I devote more of my energy to solving this problem before it kills me.”

Judge Orders State to Cut Inmate’s Balls Off

US District Judge Jon Tigar ordered California’s Corrections Department to surgically remove a prisoner’s testicles. The $100,000 surgery would be performed on convicted murderer Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy—enabling Michelle-Lael Norsworthy to emerge from 51 years of incarceration within the wrong body. The surgery is expected to be the first step in Norsworthy’s eventual release from Mule Creek State Prison in Ione.

For too long this unfortunate woman has been trapped within the body of a monster,” Tigar said. “She was forced to watch helplessly while Jeffrey murdered a person whose name no one can remember. Making Michelle endure the life sentence imposed on Jeffrey for this crime is cruel and unusual punishment. Constitutionally, it cannot be allowed to stand.”

Inasmuch as Michelle has already been imprisoned for 51 years inside an alien shell I am advising the parole board to consider commuting her sentence to ‘time served’ after the surgery is performed,” Tigar added. “We have a moral obligation to restore her to the life she would have had if not for a mistake of nature.”

The US Department of Justice hailed Tigar’s ruling as “a triumph of compassion over the narrow conception that all of the personalities residing within a single person ought to bear the consequences of the actions of any of the other personalities” and “a vindication of the Obama Administration’s commitment to protecting the interests of transgender people in this country.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire column for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties that our nation’s Founding Fathers tried to protect.

Please do us a favor. If you use material created by The Arizona Conservative, give us credit, and DO NOT change the context. Thank you.

Rush: Such Great News Out of Indiana

RUSH: Such great news out of Indiana. Memories Pizza shut down by a mob of probably 10 to 15, maybe at the outside 20 people, who have found a way to make themselves look like they are thousands. Not just thousands of people, but angry, outraged, and they happen to represent the majority of Americans, don’t you know. That’s BS squared.

Ten to 15 people toying around with algorithms available on Twitter that they actually created with the assistance of people that know Twitter well, and they’re able to create tweets, Facebook posts, e-mails to make it look like thousands of Americans are outraged at this harmless, barely even noticeable little pizza shop in a town of 2,000.

And, again, the story, ladies and gentlemen, is not that an infobabe from an obscure ABC affiliate in South Bend has to leave South Bend 20 miles away, go knocking on doors shopping for bigotry, and finally they open the door and a young woman who is a devout Christian is there. She thinks there’s a media person at the door who wants to really know what she thinks.

She’s like everybody else with their first encounter with the media. Why, there’s the media. There’s a camera, a microphone, some guy holding it up, and there’s the really pretty reporterette, and they must really want to know what I think. They must really be concerned with what I think. This young woman had no idea that what walked into her pizzeria was effectively the media mafia. She had no idea that the only reason they walked in that door was to find a way to destroy their business.

Nope. Instead, well, here comes this nice media woman, and she’s asking me questions, and I know they want to know the truth, and so I’m gonna answer their questions honestly. She told them that she had never been asked to serve a gay wedding or cater one, but that if she were to be asked she wouldn’t do it because she opposes gay marriage.

And so the honest, upstanding little reporterette from the obscure ABC affiliate, Channel 57, how obscure can you get, Channel 57. If it weren’t for cable nobody’d be able to pick up that signal, 57 UHF, you’d have to be in an airplane 10,000 feet above it to get the signal straight up. Channel 57?

Anyway, she’s in the store, and she’s got this naive but just brazenly honest young Christian pizzeria owner telling her the truth and the apparently harmless infobabe from the obscure Channel 57 ABC affiliate in South Bend salivates. A-ha! I’ve been knocking on doors for two days looking for a stupid idiot, and I finally found one. She thought she was looking squarely at devil bigot in the case of this young woman, Crystal O’Connor.

So she got Crystal O’Connor on tape, and then she walks out and gleefully applauds, can’t believe her good luck, all of her hard work knocking on doors looking for a bigot. And after 20 miles and who knows how many hours, she found one, and she’s thinking, this is my ticket out of the obscure Channel 57 in South Bend. If I can destroy this woman, maybe I’ll get noticed by the big network honchos in New York. She proceeded to report this little pizza shop, Memories Pizza, a home of open bigots, racists, homophobes, wouldn’t serve a gay wedding even though they’d never been asked.

They had never denied. They had never been asked to do so. It had never happened. A totally made-up circumstance becomes the news of the day, but the real story is that in five minutes thousands of people want to burn the place down? Thousands, most of them not even in Indiana, want to burn the place down, want to burn Crystal O’Connor at the stake, want to make sure that pizza shop never, ever reopens. In five to 10 minutes thousands of insane lunatics, which are actually no more than 10 to 15 insane lunatics, that’s the real story.

So, some people decide to help out and set up a donation fund at the When this program started yesterday they had raised $140,000 and I think their original goal was a hundred grand, then it became 200 grand. The last time I checked was about, let’s see here, yep, about a half hour ago, 35 minutes ago, $546,842 pledged to the Memories Pizza shop and the O’Connor family.

They have now said they’re going to reopen and they’re going to remodel and they’re gonna be bigger and better than ever, and the deadline for donations I think goes all the way ’til the end of business today. You can still help ’em out if you want to. I think it’d be great. I really do.


RUSH: As I was saying, I think it would just be fabulous if this GoFundMe donation number hit three-quarters of a million dollars. Right now, it’s even more than I thought. It’s $556,125. A total of about 19,000 people have donated in one day. Let me tell you: It’s 19,000 people versus 10 or 15 that have caused all this trouble, and I am not exaggerating, folks. The 10 or 15 are the original number. They might have added to that by now because the left has plenty of hangers-on that will join the circus.

But the original set of tweets and outrage and anger, I guarantee you came from 10 to 15 people. And that’s the one that counts. We’re talking about people viscerally upset by the news by a pizzeria that had never, ever catered a gay wedding would not. I’m telling you, you do not live in a country where the majority of people who hear that news are gonna lose their cookies, become outrageously indignant, and try to put that company out of busy. We have not become that country yet.

They want you to think we have, but we have not. It takes a concerted effort rooted in lies and fraud and deceit sponsored by 10 people paid for by George Soros and Media Matters to gin something like this up and to make you get dispirited and depressed, and think that you are vastly overwhelmed and outnumbered. You are not. We’re talking about a minority that’s not even 5% of the population here. Eighty percent of this country claims to be Christian, which is its own interesting little factoid given what’s happening here. But that’s for another discussion.

It’s I didn’t even give the Web address yesterday, and still you people went from $140,000 to over half million dollars. It’s And they’re at $556,000. Just ram it down these people’s throats. Get them up to $750,000!


RUSH: But the GoFundMe campaign here for the Memories Pizza shop. Folks, this is all the evidence that you need that you have not lost your country.  We’re up to almost 19,000 people who have given to people you don’t even know. They’ve given over $600,000, ’cause they see what’s happening to them.  They were not bothering anybody.  They’re in a town of 2,000 people.

They’re a little pizza store, not bothering anybody, not threatening anybody, not doing anything but just living and breathing and trying to serve their community.  The next thing you know, they are the focus of evil in a bigoted, homophobic country?  Not so fast!  The people of this country are rising up.  By the way, this is not the first time for this.

There was an African-American arts and crafts store owner who had her store totally destroyed in one of the riots in another fake news story, “hands up, don’t shoot,” in Ferguson, Missouri.  A GoFundMe account was set up, and that woman raised donations from people — white people — all over America, far more than she needed to rebuild and reopen her store.  So it’s still your same old righteous, God-fearing, God-loving country.  And that is what so angers this small malcontent minority on the left.

They have found a trick way to make themselves appear to be much larger than they really are, and don’t doubt me on this.  We’ve investigated it because they’ve come after us — and they continue to come after us and our sponsors — for years now.  We’ve researched them. We know their names.  We know who the 10 people are in our case.  We know where they live.  We know the algorithm they’re using.

We know exactly how they make this happen.  So don’t doubt me on this.  If they can do it in one area, they can do it in any other area. I think all this stuff that happens, all these Twitter explosions, are fake.  You have got to trust that.  You have not lost your country.  We have not lost our country.  Now it’s true we’re in a defensive posture. We sit around and mind our business, and when we’re attacked and assaulted we do on occasion stand up and defend ourselves.

We are very absent political leadership in Washington.  That’s also true, and I’m not saying that this is not a problem.  It is.  I’m just telling you that if you’re running around thinking, “Oh, my gosh, we’ve lost the country,” we haven’t.  Don’t think that.  Breitbart has a story today — NewsBusters has carried it as well — that the pizza store was asking for it.  Breitbart: “Memories Pizza is an explicitly Christian business, which is probably what drew reporters in the first place. The store is festooned with religious sayings including this:

“‘Every day before we open the store, we gather and pray together. If there is something you would like us to pray for, just write it down and drop it in the box and we will pray for you.'” Well, those hateful bastards! How dare they! Do you realize that’s a direct assault? That’s a direct assault from a majority bunch of Christians on people who aren’t!  That’s hateful (in the cockeyed, perverted world of the left).  Not only is that hateful, it’s threatening.

Offering to pray for the godless?

Who do they think they are!

So this obscure reporterette from the obscure Channel 57 in South Bend, Indiana, probably didn’t have to hear anything from Crystal O’Connor. They just had to go and see that sign and say, “A-ha! I’ve got a Christian bigot here.  Why this hateful Christian bigot wants to pray for me?  Ha-ha.  What a bunch of idiots.” And then she thought that, “Well, I’m in this pizzeria and they want to pray for me?  I am surrounded by hate!” That is the perverted way they look at it.

Daily Caller: “Salon: Pizzeria Closed After Death Threats ‘Getting Exactly What It Deserved.'” says this pizzeria getting death threats deserves it — and now there are threats to burn it down!  There are tweets from people asking to be joined in a mission to go to Indiana, find this place, and burn it to the ground.  Salon is applauding this, saying the pizzeria is “getting exactly what it deserved.”  The tweet, by the way, is now deleted.

“Salon’s Twitter account gloated over the closure of ‘anti-LGBT’ pizza shop: “‘That anti-LGBT pizza shop in Indiana is getting exactly what it deserves.'” I think, frankly, I agree with them now: Over a half million dollars in donations. Memories Pizza is getting exactly what they deserve, an uprising and outpouring of support and love from a majority of the American people who are outraged at these never-ending, incessant attacks on decent, good people who threaten nobody.  Some leftist dingbats have even threatened to steal the GoFundMe money.

There are people on Twitter who are hatching plans to figure out how to rob them of this money.  I’m not kidding it.  NewsBusters has a roundup: “A tweeted wish to organize a group to burn the store down… A separate threat to the GoFundMe organizer who has a [sic] orchestrated a campaign which has raised over [$500,000] … and, to top it off, another threat, by someone who now laughably claims he was hacked, to steal from the O’Connors the money that has been raised.”

People who have publicly encouraged donations to this GoFundMe account are also now being personally threatened.  We are to believe that this is justified? The Drive-By Media tells us that this family, the O’Connor family, is “getting exactly what it deserves”? Threats to burn down the pizza store, threats to rob them of the GoFundMe money? They deserve it? This is exactly what they deserve?

There’s a political party, folks, that inspires and encourages this hate.  There’s a political party that rewards it.  There’s a political party that encourages it and claims that it will be rewarded, and that’s the Democrat Party.  These are not Republicans doing this; these are not conservatives doing this.  The people doing this are not the backbone of America.
The people engaged in this sick, perverted behavior, are not in any way, shape, manner, or form the people upon whose backs this country was built.  Admittedly so.  They’re trying to tear it down.  They’re outraged.  I just think it’s fantastic.  I love all of you who have donated.  This is such a great statement.  Over half a million dollars. I’m sure it’s higher than that now.  It was $556,000 about a half hour ago go.


RUSH: A couple of sound bites from Crystal O’Connor. This is last night with Cavuto on the Fox Business Network. Cavuto said, “You plan to open any time soon? You think it’s not worth it, too much grief, too many threats, too much nastiness? What are you gonna do?”

O’CONNOR: No. We have decided that we will reopen again.


O’CONNOR: When? We’re not sure. I mean, I’m still shaken over this, and I’ll be the one that’s serving the customers and answering phones, and I’m not ready to face that yet, but it will be soon.

RUSH: Wow, she really sounds like a hateful person, doesn’t she? Oh, man. I don’t know if I’d walk in that store. This woman sounds like geesh, send me off to the ovens or something, man, oh, man, do you believe how hateful this woman sounds, how mean-spirited? You could just hear the bigotry dripping from her voice there, couldn’t you? I’m being facetious. Snerdley thinks, “You better be careful here. People are gonna believe you.” No, no, no, no, no. I’m being facetious here.

This is one of the most harmless human beings on this planet. That’s the point. In terms of representing a threat to anybody, Crystal O’Connor, Memories Pizzeria offering to pray for anybody in trouble? Hateful bastards. How dare they. Cavuto then said, “Well, were you surprised that you got a lot of outrage? You also got a lot of support. You’re getting donations from sympathetic people who thought you were getting maligned. What’d you think of all of that?”

O’CONNOR: We are very thankful. And we’re not doing it — it was never about the money. It was for our belief. And it’s a blessing. And God has blessed us for standing up for what we believe and not denying Him.

RUSH: Of course it was never about the money. They had no idea this was gonna happen. This innocent looking infobabe walks in, and I’m sure Crystal O’Connor thought, “I have a chance to tell the truth, the media, they want to know the truth; the media is here to find out what I really think.” That’s the biggest learning experience. That story was already written and finalized before that reporterette walked in the door.

All she needed to do was to get that young woman to admit she believed in God, and that was it, go back to the studio and broadcast that they found a bigot in Walkerton, Indiana. And this is why this law is outrageous, because it’s gonna allow this bigot to deny pizzas to gay people at their weddings. When you look at this for what it really is, it’s just simply outrageous.

Okay, to the phones. We’re gonna start in Spring, Texas, with Jimmy. Great to have you, sir. You’re up first. It’s a big responsibility, being the first call of Open Line Friday. You kind of set the tone for everything that follows.

CALLER: Yes, sir, Rush, it is. And given that this weekend is opening day in baseball, I take my responsibility even more seriously.

RUSH: There you go. I appreciate somebody who gets it.

CALLER: Rush, listen. The logic of the left is that people who believe in gay marriage are now a majority, which would then in place make us the minorities. And so, look, Rush, you know, I didn’t decide to become conservative. I was born this way. And, you know, what I do behind closed doors in the voting booth —

RUSH: Wait a second. Are you telling me you didn’t choose conservatism?

CALLER: I did not choose conservatism, Rush. I was born this way. And so now that I’m the minority, where are my protections?

RUSH: So you mean you love conservatism, and it’s nobody’s business who you love?

CALLER: That’s exactly right. I love conservatism, Rush.

RUSH: Wow. So now you’re finding yourself in the minority but you’ve got no rights?

CALLER: Exactly. And I need someone to stand up and speak for me.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, I see that. I see your conundrum. I see your dilemma, your problem. You started the day as a member of the evil majority, then you learned because you were born conservative that you’re in the minority, and now nobody’s protecting your rights as a minority, and you don’t know what to do. You need a spokesman. What a horrible position to be in.

You know, if I were you, I would protest the founding of the country and pledge to overthrow it ’cause it’s unfair to people who’ve been born conservative. And I’d start attacking the religions of the left: global warming, militant environmentalism as a whole, that’s what I would do. You gotta get back at ’em. They’re discriminating against you. They’re trying to make you think they’ve become the majority. I get his point. The truth of the matter is, he’s not in the minority. Anyway, that’s a great old-fashioned way of making the point here, illustrating absurdity by being absurd. Thank you, Jimmy.

Mary in La Crescent, Minnesota. Next up you are. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Great to hear from you. I just really appreciate what you’re doing with the Memories Pizza and we’re here making pecan pies and my husband will come home and have a lovely meal this evening. And our anniversary is in August, and my daughter and I thought it would be the best place to go for anniversaries and honeymoons just to go to the Memories Pizza shop and celebrate with people who appreciate our union.

RUSH: Now, that’s an interesting take, a destination for your anniversary or your honeymoon.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Memories Pizza, Walkerton, Indiana.

CALLER: That’s correct. It’s wonderful the outpouring of people helping them. It’s just like voting, is to send money to ’em, but to keep that going and to actually have people coming and visiting.

RUSH: Well, it’s a great affirmation. We’re up now over 20,000 people have donated. God bless them, 20,000 people. And that number is ratcheting up even as we speak. (interruption) Okay, 622? Up to $622,000 now. We opened the program at 556. So people, all kinds of people are rallying here, and it’s a great illustration of — I hate to be redundant, but I guess to make the point. I run into a lot of people who think culturally we’ve lost the country and that there’s no hope in getting it back.

I find a lot of people who think that we are so deep in it now that the only way it’s ever gonna get fixed is for the descent into utter and pure depravity to continue to the point that it envelopes everybody and at some point there’s an uprising and a refusal to live that way and the reversal begins and a return to, quote, unquote, righteousness. I don’t mean it in a religious sense. I just mean it in a return to morality. Because people are of the opinion that there is no opinion maker, there’s no politician, there’s no issue that can come along that can arrest this plunge into depravity. That it’s gonna have to pretty much envelop everything to the point that people refuse to live this way anymore and be its own reform or its own corrective measure.

The only thing I say to those people, I understand. The media will make anybody think that. The pop culture media, the news media, every day, if you expose yourself to it, there’s no way you’re gonna think anything other than you’re losing everything you believe in. Everything you believe is being swamped and thumped and whatever else, and there’s no hope of fixing it.

So you’re gonna retreat and you’ll try to live your life as best and well as you can within your own little confines and universe and hoping and praying that something comes along that you have no power to do yourself or control over that reverses it. And I’m here to tell you you’ve not lost it yet.


Ladies and gentlemen, in the midst of all of this debauchery and depravity that seems to be captivating, capturing, overtaking, overwhelming our culture, and there’s no question it’s on the march — by the way, I need to make one thing explicitly clear only because I don’t want to be misunderstood here. I do not believe that, for example, every gay person or couple in this country is a militant leftist that is derangedly unhappy and miserable and is participating in all of this.

I think these are leftists first. They are leftists, they are far left-wing loons engaging in all of this. And I think one of the sad things is that all of homosexuality is being implicated and impugned by these people’s actions. And I know for a fact, I know plenty of gay people that are just as repulsed by all of this as you and I are.

So I don’t want anybody confused here as to what they’re hearing on this program. As is always the case, as has always been the case it, the culprits in our eyes are leftists. I don’t care what else they are, it is leftists, it is deranged left-wing radicals who are behind all of this. Some of them may be gay, some of them may be African-American, some of them may be Hispanic, Latino, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. It is their ideology that’s driving them. It is their unhappiness and their misery that is driving them, and it is by no means inclusive of everybody that’s in a supposed group that is offended, outraged, or what have you. These are just malcontents, and they come from all walks of life. I just wanted to make that clear.

And, by the way, it works in reverse. Over the course of this program I’ve come across websites, as you know, that I like and I have touted some. I’ve touted some websites, tech blogs, you name it. I’ve touted ’em because people have asked me, “What site are you talking about? I’d like to go look at it. You claim it’s good.” So I give the web address and so forth, and I praise them and compliment them.

I can’t tell you the number of times that the people that run those websites, when they have been liberal, have been public about not wanting my support, about not appreciating my recommending their work or their website, and asking people who have come to their website after having heard about it from me to never come back.

Now, how is that any different than all of these people claiming that they are victims of bigotry, that they are victims of hate, and what other phobias there are out there. See, the point is that here you have, just to use the Memories Pizza as an example. If they don’t serve and if they don’t behave exactly the way the militant left thinks they should behave, they become a target for destruction and they are told that they are not allowed to be judgmental and they are not allowed to discriminate. They must serve everybody, anybody, any day, right?

Okay. Fine and dandy. Well, you would think, then, that leftist proprietors of websites that I have happened to recommend would not then be able to discriminate against people who have come to visit their website because I have recommended it. Yes, I could give you names, but I’m not going to because I don’t want to tout them. Why give them any more publicity? Why let them puff themselves up even more? That’s not the point.

The point is, there are many websites that I didn’t even know, didn’t care, it didn’t matter whether they were liberals or not. The thing I got from their website has nothing to do with politics. I thought it was interesting and people would say, “What are some of these sites?” I’d list them and people would go and when they turned out to be run by the left or people or a person who was liberal, they’d get righteously indignant and they publicly stated they didn’t appreciate any traffic brought to their site by me. They openly told people that were visiting their site: “If you’ve been sent here by Rush Limbaugh, we’d prefer you not come back.”

Well, how come they can do that? Why do they get to discriminate, or try to discriminate, with nobody thinking they’re mean, nobody thinking they’re bigoted, nobody thinking they’re discriminating? No, no, no. It’s a valid point. Yeah, I would love to give you a couple names, but believe me, that would just give them more publicity. That’s not the desired result of this.


This is Sissy in Wilmington, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hi. How are you today?

RUSH: Very good. Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to know if we have any hope for our country. I was reading the Limbaugh Letter, your article about surrounded by ignorance, and every single right we have is being eroded. These young people don’t have a clue, and I’ve been listening to you since 1988, and you always give me confidence that things can get better. But now, can it? Should we just move to an island now or shoot ourselves now?

RUSH: No. I know exactly what you’re going through, because, honestly, I ask myself this more often than you would know, because I’m curious too. You know, I would love to be able to know for sure where the people in this country are. I see all this stuff about the ignorance of the Millennials and naivete of the low-information crowd and all of this. And I even report on and write about in the Limbaugh Letter the slow dissolution of our rights, slowly but surely, some of them dramatic, some of them barely visible, and I conclude like everybody else, it does look bleak.

But then I look around and I see signs, where it is that people live that make this country work. They’re not falling for it. You look at the 2010 midterm and the 2014 midterm election returns, look at the turnout, look at the election returns. The people of this country, when there’s not a presidential turnout with all of the fake union and minority turnout of a presidential year, people of this country are speaking. They’re letting it be known. They’re just absent leadership, Sissy.

Republican leaders don’t know what to do in the middle of all this. And that’s why somebody, I think, who comes along who can articulate the opposite of what’s happening, do it in a charismatic and persuasive way, I think the people, even the so-called ignorant Millennials, I think people would erupt in rabid, massive support for that candidate. So, yeah, I think it’s not gone by a long shot. But it doesn’t look like that in the daily dose of media, I know.


So we were at $550,000 that had to be donated when the program started and I just casually said it’d be great to get this up to a quarter of a million dollars by the end of the program, and we’re up 148 grand now since the program started. And it’s interesting, you look at this and we’re up now to 23,600 people, and most of the donations are five bucks, 10 bucks, $25.

It’s just fabulous, it’s heartwarming, all these people rallying to the cause. And I want to stress to you again what this is about, and it’s made clear by the fact that Steven Crowder, comedienne, Fox News contributor, goes on into a Muslim bakery in Dearbornistan, says, “I’m gay, I’m getting married. I want to have a wedding and I want you guys to make a cake.”

“No, not here. You go down street to –” and the Muslim bakery gave him some other places to go. And so he called the media, “Hey, I just walked into a Muslim bakery there in Dearbornistan and they will not bake a cake for my gay wedding,” and the media went (yawning), “What’s that?”

“I just walked into a Muslim bakery and they will not bake a cake for my gay wedding.”

“Oh, it’s too bad, feel really bad for you.” Proving this isn’t about what everybody wants you to think it’s about. This is not about expanding gay rights. It’s not about discrimination against gays, because there isn’t any. There wasn’t any in Indiana. That’s the whole point. The discrimination, if there was any, was against Christians. Hence, they wrote that bill.

But it’s not about discrimination. It’s not about gay rights, civil rights. This is about usurping power. It’s a power grab. This is about using force and intimidation and threats to usurp the power of a majority and the people trying to wrest that power, take that power, are militant leftists, and they’re not just gays. Militant leftists come in all stripes. It’s not all gay people that are fit to be tied over this. That’s another thing to point out.

So, anyway, the people of America have rallied to this pizza store in Walkerton, Indiana, town of 2,000, that was shut down because some infobabe from a TV station in South Bend, Channel 57, was out bigot shopping, knocking on doors, “Hey, are you a bigot? I need a bigot for a TV series I’m doing.”

“Sorry, I’m not a bigot.”

“Okay, thanks.” Keep walking down the street, and finally the reporter said, “I’m not gonna ask ’em if they’re a bigot. I’m gonna ask ’em if they’d serve a gay wedding, and the first person says no, bammo, I got my story.” They walked in, they found Crystal O’Connor at Memories Pizza. She thought the infobabe was seeking the truth, and answered her questions honestly, and we’ve found our bigot. Five minutes later, tens of thousands of supposedly outraged, angry Americans are threatening the pizzeria, and they had to shut it down because of the fear of threats.

So the GoFundMe effort is a response on the part of average, ordinary, everyday Americans to defend this assault and attempt to usurp power. I just love seeing this. I think it’s just great because it is dwarfing the effort made to harm this pizzeria. (interruption) Really, it hit over 700? Let refresh it and see what the number is out there. You’re right, $700,181 buckos. So it’s important, folks, because again, this is the last thing I’m gonna say about it and move on. The original response from the supposed militants on the left outraged at this pizzeria, it’s 10 to 15 people.

Do not doubt me. Ten to 15 people that start tweeting and they found an algorithm thta makes their tweets look like it’s coming from tens of thousands of people. The media fall for that and they think the entire country is reacting in outrage to this discriminatory little pizza shop. And it’s all fake. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was fake. This is fake. It’s all fake news and it’s all fake reaction. And fake has become reality for the Drive-By Media.

Now, if you divide the number of contributors, which is about 23,624 into 700,000, we’ve got a rough average amount of just under 30 bucks. The average donation to the Memories Pizza GoFundMe fund is just under 30 bucks. Fantastic. So thanks again to all of you who have helped to make this outpouring possible.


RUSH:  We almost did it, we almost got the $750,000. We got to 742 by show close, which is a mere 30 seconds from now.  We’ll surpass it within mere moments anyway, so thanks to everybody participating in the gofundme/ effort, and have a great Easter, have a great weekend, ladies and gentlemen.

McCain Posturing for 2016 While His Cronies Flake and Graham Vote for Lynch for AG?

“I think it’s kind of funny—as we know, it only takes four of us [Republicans] to get her confirmed,” Ward said in an interview. “You would think as the senior senator he might have some influence over the guy he’s supporting for president and his colleague in the Senate from the state of Arizona. I hope he does, because I would like to see this nomination stopped—I would have liked to see it stopped in the committee process.”

It wasn’t stopped in committee because McCain’s ally Graham and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)—another who has stated he’ll back Lynch on the floor, along with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)—voted for her there. Together, Graham, Flake, Hatch and Collins—along with all the Democrats—could be enough to get to 50 votes, and Vice President Joe Biden could come in and cast the tiebreaker, confirming Lynch as the next Attorney General. No other Republican has said they’ll back her at this time, and it’s increasingly unlikely any more will. While at this time the four Republicans who say they will vote for her haven’t shown any signs of budging, with McCain’s public opposition to Lynch, the pressure is heating up on Graham and Flake especially to reconsider their previous positions and oppose her nomination.

When asked if McCain would be personally responsible for Graham’s and Flake’s votes for Lynch, if they do vote for her, due to McCain’s demonstrable influence over those members, Ward said that “I would have to agree with that.”

“If Sen. McCain votes to allow it to go to the floor for a vote, it’s basically the same as allowing her nomination to go through, because we don’t have a filibuster-proof majority,” Ward said. “They can get around that for a little bit by allowing that to come to a vote but then voting no when it comes up for a vote.”

McCain would be responsible for the actions Lynch takes as Attorney General—including the upholding of Obama’s executive amnesty—if he isn’t willing or able to flip Flake’s or Graham’s planned votes for Lynch. Ward said:

I think he [McCain] will have had a hand in it [whatever Lynch does if she does get confirmed with a Flake or Graham vote]. You see him on the Sunday shows defending the president, defending the president’s views and telling us that we just need to move on, move on, move away from executive amnesty, move on from immigration. Well, the people of Arizona don’t want to move on from immigration. They want us to uphold our immigration laws. They want us to secure our border. It’s bad when our senior senator thinks we should just move on to some other issue but it’s important to Arizonans and important to Americans.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers wouldn’t answer any questions about the senator’s thoughts about Graham’s or Flake’s planned votes for Lynch. He wouldn’t answer whether McCain plans to withdraw his planned endorsement of Graham’s potential presidential campaign or if he would continue to work closely with either member if they vote for Lynch—or if there are planned consequences or repercussions from McCain against those two if they do end up voting for Lynch.

“Senator McCain has said for weeks that he will vote against Loretta Lynch because of her stated approval of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, which Senator McCain believes are clearly unconstitutional,” Rogers said in an email on Friday when asked to respond to Ward’s latest interview with Breitbart News about McCain’s responsibility for the votes of Graham and Flake.

Rogers also noted that McCain has been vocal about his opposition to Lynch.

“In an interview on 550 KFYI Phoenix this morning, Senator McCain said that voting for Lynch would be ‘a very serious mistake,’” Rogers said.

Graham’s office refused to comment further than providing yet again his statement in committee that he plans to vote for Lynch, and Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop wouldn’t answer questions about why Graham would vote for Lynch when it could endanger McCain’s political future. Flake’s office didn’t even respond to any questions.

Ward said the reason that all Republicans should oppose Lynch is primarily because of Lynch’s support for Obama’s executive amnesty. Ward said:

She testified that she would support that executive amnesty and I don’t think that would uphold our Constitution or our rule of law. The attorney general should not be operating from a political point of view, she shouldn’t be operating from a political perspective or a philosophical perspective. Basically, she should be operating from the perspective of someone who upholds the law and this executive amnesty does not exist in the Constitution and it’s really offensive to a majority of Arizonans and the majority of Americans.

Ward wonders, too, if McCain’s newfound public opposition to Lynch is similar to his build “the danged fence” ad from his 2010 primary, where he spent more than $20 million winning back the GOP nomination against challenger former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. McCain made the infamous ad to make himself appear to be a conservative when the chips were down, and he may have been about to lose. It worked last time, but it may not work again in 2016. Ward said:

We see some conservatism coming from him about six months every six years. It is something that people need to think about because you want somebody who is conservative all the time, not just during election time. Did it take this long for him to decide? That kind of seems strange why it would take him this long. I think he is feeling some pressure not just from me but from other people who are considering running and throwing their hats in the ring. It seems to me that that’s how this is coming about. Some of his advisers are out there people out there who are seriously considering a run and he wants to have that ‘build the danged fence’ moment so people will start to believe his conservatism is back.

Ward ended the interview on Friday by noting that “things are moving right along” in her decision-making process as to whether she’s going to launch a bid to oust McCain in a 2016 primary.

“We’re still getting lots and lots of support from all over the place, from inside Arizona and out,” Ward said. “I think support is actually growing since the last time [we talked].”

She also laughed at McCain ally Sean Noble—the former chief of staff to former Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ), who now runs political consulting firm DC London—who said in a previous interview with Breitbart News while touting McCain that Ward was not ready for primetime. Specifically, Noble said that Ward is “not a viable candidate.”

“She won’t be able to raise the money, and you just can’t go from being a rural state senator and go up against a very popular United States Senator who chairs the Armed Services Committee and leading the charge against the administration on national security issues on a daily basis,” Noble said. “This is going from little league to the big leagues without any stop at triple A on the way or even single A or high school ball on the way.”

Ward said she welcomes the fight that lay on the road ahead should she decide to run.

“I was interested in your last article [where a McCain ally said] I’m in the little league,” she said. “The thing that came to mind to me is I hope to be the Lebron James of politics. He went straight from high school to superstardom. I think that attack and attempt to belittle my viability as a candidate shows that there might be some fear on the other side.”

RINOs Worsley, Dial, Driggs and Pierce Help Leftists Keep Unpopular Common Core in Place

By Dr. Susan Berry,

The Arizona Senate rejected a bill Monday that would have abolished the controversial Common Core standards in that state. Some Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the bill, 16-13, a fact that underscores that while Democrats could be expected to vote in favor of keeping a federally-funded initiative like the Common Core, the worst enemy of the conservative base of the GOP is actually other Republicans.

As the Associated Press notes, repeal measure HB 2190 earlier passed the Arizona state House and the Senate Education committee, but the full Senate rejected the bill as it did a similar proposal last month and yet another last year.

The legislation, which was introduced in the Arizona House by Rep. Mark Finchem (R), would have abolished Common Core, created a new committee to evaluate alternative standards, and banned the state Board of Education from adopting new standards without the approval of the legislature.

The four Republicans who voted against the repeal of the standards are state Sens. Adam Driggs, Bob Worsley, Steve Pierce and Jeff Dial [editor’s note: The Arizona Conservative did not endorse any of them for re-election last year] . AP reports that, despite urging from fellow Republicans to reconsider their vote, these members made no comment as they voted to reject the measure.

Breitbart News reported Monday that the Senate’s rejection of the bill is not surprising since Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey was not supportive of it, going as far as to call it “unnecessary” since it is his hope the Common Core standards can be “fixed” in his state.

Ducey ran last year for governor as a candidate opposed to the nationalized education initiative. Just five months later, however, he is telling a different story.

“I don’t think that legislation is necessary because we’re going to fix what’s wrong with these standards,” the governor said, referring to the Common Core as a “distraction.”

In a statement to Breitbart News prior to the vote, chairman of Arizona’s Senate Education Committee Sen. Kelli Ward (R) said she feared HB 2190 would fail on the Senate floor because of a group of pro-Common Core Republicans who are supporters of big government, amnesty and the Chamber of Commerce.

Ward, who is considering a primary run against U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), has staunchly opposed the Common Core standards.

“I believe that the Common Core standards are an egregious example of federal overreach into a clearly state issue – education,” she said. “I have been fighting against the federalization of our education system since I got to the legislature.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates in the states, in fact, have strongly lobbied in favor of the Common Core standards as part of a workforce development scheme to ensure government will provide big business with a steady stream of inexpensive labor. The data collection associated with the Common Core testing will be used to channel students into certain jobs and industries, creating a form of planned economy. Many establishment Republicans have signed onto Common Core in the hope of Chamber contributions to their political campaigns.

As Breitbart News’ Dan Riehl reported Monday, strong resistance by grassroots conservatives has led the Chamber to boost its political strategy to “include a greater emphasis on recruiting the right sort of business-friendly GOP candidates and intervening in primaries as it attempts to sculpt a compliant Congress that mirrors its priorities.”

Thomas Donohue, the Chamber’s longtime president and CEO, said last month that his organization will be applying political pressure around the clock.

“We’re just going to run it 24 months in a row, cycle after cycle after cycle,” he said.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, who won her election last November primarily running on an anti-Common Core platform, noted Ducey’s shift in position on the standards since he became governor.

“Despite Gov. Ducey also running against Common Core, he has unfortunately reversed that position, interfering with the removal of two pro-Common Core staff, publicly stating that now is not the time to remove Common Core, and instead asking the Board of Education to review the standards,” she said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Douglas summed up the frustration of anti-Common Core grassroots Republicans who have been deceived and thwarted by members of the establishment GOP.

“I cannot fully express my frustration with a majority Republican House and Senate and a Governor who ran as ‘anti-Common Core’ who have so far refused to act and have in fact, in the case of the Governor, acted to so exactly the opposite,” Douglas said.

With news of the defeat of the Common Core repeal measure, Douglas told Breitbart News, “I am disappointed. SB 2190 is an effort that I fully support because it puts additional pressure on the Board of Education to listen to the will of the people.”

“As the public weighs in around the state, I still believe it will create sufficient momentum for the Board to have to improve the standards,” she added.

The Arizona Conservative notes …

On February 18, this bill passed the House Education Committee by a vote of 5-2. On March 19, it passed the Senate Education Committee by the same 5-2 margin.

The full House of Representatives passed the bill 34-23.

Scottsdale Council Defeats Bathroom Bill

By a vote of 5-2 Tuesday evening, the Scottsdale City Council defeated a “bathroom bill.” Kudos, Scottsdale on a smart decision!

These “bathroom bills” are dangerous because they require public accommodations to allow men in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms — if they claim they are actually “female.” They are a threat to public safety, to women and children

Homosexual pressure groups are in overdrive throughout the country trying to bully governmental bodies to enact these laws.

Fountain Hills’ council defeated a similar attempt a few months ago. Glendale put one on hold as radical activists applied a full-court press to get one enacted prior to the Super Bowl.

A couple years ago, Phoenix passed this unreasonable law. At the so-called “public hearing” when it was under consideration, the fix was in. Mayor Greg Stanton allowed leftists to speak up for it, but refused to demand order and decorum when opponents tried to speak over shrill, angry shoutdowns.

Elsewhere, citizens in Fayetteville, Arkansas persuaded the council there to repeal its “bathroom bill.” Charlotte, North Carolina defeated one, too.

And in Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback repealed a statewide “bathroom bill”

The Human Rights Campaign is spending $8.5 million to try and force governments in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi to pass radical homosexual laws that will supersede free speech and religious liberty guarantees of the First Amendment.

Forget the Media Lies; Here’s what Really Happened in Indiana

Family Research Council: The Ind. of the Road for Religious Freedom

Indiana is more than the “crossroads of America” — it’s the crossroads of the entire religious liberty debate. The Left made sure of that, fabricating all kinds of baseless outrage over the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). What started out as a harmless affirmation of the First Amendment turned into a blow-up of national proportions — with “truth optional” journalism leading the way.

Unfortunately for Governor Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the hysteria started well before last Thursday, when he officially inked the bill into law. Instead, the Left’s propaganda machine has been out in full force all month, working to deceive people into believing that this measure will somehow give Christians the ability to “discriminate.”

Nothing, Governor Pence said Sunday, could be further from the truth. “There’s been shameless rhetoric about my state and about this law and about its intention all over the Internet. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been on the books for more than 20 years. It does not apply to disputes between individuals unless government action is involved. And in point of fact, in more than two decades, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has never been used to undermine anti-discrimination laws in this country.”

Like most states, Indiana doesn’t think the federal or state governments should force Americans to violate their faith. Is that controversial? The media seems to think so. They believe — as the President does — that surrendering your beliefs is just the price of doing business.

“Is tolerance a two-way street or not?” Governor Pence fired back on ABC’s “This Week.” “There’s a lot of talk about tolerance in this country today having to do with people on the Left,” Pence said. “But here Indiana steps forward to protect the constitutional rights and privileges of freedom of religion for people of faith and families of faith in our state, and this avalanche of intolerance that has been poured on our state is just outrageous.”

Meanwhile, companies from Angie’s List to the NCAA are either intent on strong-arming Christians or too lazy to get the facts, because both are threatening to pull out of Indiana if it won’t allow the bullying of believers to continue. But here’s the irony: if these companies refuse to do business with people who protect religious liberty, then they’ll have to stop doing business with the federal government — because thanks to President Bill Clinton, it has the same law! In fact, the legislation was such a political no-brainer in 1993 that it had only three dissenters in all of Congress. Now, after 22 years, we’re supposed to believe that it’s suddenly turned into a weapon for prejudice?

As President Clinton himself said, “(O)ne of the reasons (the Founders) worked so hard to get the First Amendment into the Bill of Rights at the head of the class is that they well understood what could happen to this country, how both religion and Government could be perverted if there were not some space created and some protection provided. They knew that religion helps to give our people the character without which a democracy cannot survive. They knew that there needed to be a space of freedom between Government and people of faith that otherwise Government might usurp.”

And usurp it, government has. We’ve watched with horror as Christian bakers lose their shops over same-sex “weddings,” Catholic nuns are forced to sue for the right not to cover birth control, and Mormon policemen are fired for not doing enough to celebrate gay pride. Times have changed, shrugged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. In not so many words, he argued that the government’s interest in religious liberty was “so 20 years ago.” When reporters brought up the Democrats’ support for RFRAs (including state senator Barack Obama’s!), Earnest fired back, “If you have to go back two decades to try to justify something that you’re doing today, it may raise some questions about the wisdom of what you’re doing.”

It is true that under President Obama, religious liberty is a thing of the past. But thank goodness states like Indiana aren’t content to keep it that way. We stand with them — and any state — determined to treat Christians and other people of faith with the same tolerance the Left demands for itself.



ObamaCare Scores a Big, Fat Zero on Fact-Checking

Always believe the opposite of what President Barack Obama says. He shot off his mouth about his socialized Big Government healthcare system, and now after five years, virtually all of his claims have been demonstrably false. Here’s the skinny.