The Most Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate to Date

In these troubling times, it’s refreshing to read that a man like Tim Willis is running for governor of the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Tim is a man who truly walks the walk. Unlike some candidates who suddenly get real interested in “serving” the community only when they decide to run for public office, Tim has been serving for years … before running for office.

Willis, who now lives in Wickenburg, is a tried and true conservative and a full-fledged supporter of the Republican Party Platform who isn’t cutting Gov. Jan Brewer or the GOP-led Arizona Legislature any slack. Here’s a recent sampling from his website that indicates his view of what’s happening among state leaders:

Arizonans are four months into the Republican-controlled State Government and nothing has come of it!  No pro-life legislation.  No help on border issues.  No family issues even being considered.  We’ve only been witness to a firestorm of “Brewering” around the budget and tax situation.  Everybody is angry.

Our new Republican government, from the Governor, to the House and the Senate are busy with pocket knives whittling away at the redwood-forrest-sized budget, while at the same time cutting into our toothpick-sized income with a chainsaw! 

Brewer also reaped criticism from Willis for holding up pro-life bills while the budgeting process slumbered on. The political outsider also took Brewer to task, in his blog, for being lukewarm on Republican issues and for befriending Democrats in the legislature.

Willis will undoubtedly have a problem with name recognition, but he believes in: the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, border enforcement, marriage, the evils of gambling and other forces undermining the family. He is clearly not afraid of speaking the truth about social ills on the campaign trail, as so many politicians are. None of these topics are above his “pay grade.”

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