Radical Leftist Kotterman Running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Penny Kotterman formerly served as president of the Arizona Education Association (the Arizona chapter of the liberal teachers’ union, the National Education Association) and established a radical hard-left track record in that role.

In fact, when the NEA failed to enact a K-12 homosexual curriculum agenda, the national office gave Kotterman the task of developing a stealth approach to ramrod it through. Fortunately, she did not succeed, though the NEA is once again making news for its support of the homosexual agenda.

As chief of the AEA, Kotterman and her cohorts accomplished little if anything meaningful for actual education, instead following a political agenda far out of line with mainstream American families.

Kotterman as superintendent would give the homosexual pressure groups control over Arizona’s public schools, which should start focusing on education and leave politics out of the classrooms. She would be nothing short of a disaster for Arizona’s children and the future of the state. We need vast improvement in our K-12 system, but Kotterman is not the answer.

A summer 2009 poll revealed that 3.5 percent of Arizona preps were capable of passing the testrequired of immigrants to gain citizenship. This is the tragic legacy of extreme left politics and their great dumbing down effect on education. Kotterman deserves some of the blame.

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