Radical Homosexual Agenda Urging Supporters to Move to East Valley

The extreme radical pressure group Equality Arizona is encouraging people who are homosexual or “confused” about their gender to move to the East Valley suburbs of Maricopa County.

If homosexuals did not make up less than 1 percent of the state’s population, this effort would be viewed strictly as political. This effort has two visible reasons behind it.

It is largely an attempt to undermine the strong family values of the East Valley with its strong conservative and Mormon populations. There is no mathematical possibility of challenging the East Valley’s conservative representation in the Arizona Legislature and Congress.

The political threat is this: even in conservative communities – like Gilbert, for example – city human rights commissions are radical in ideological makeup and out of step with community values. A small movement of homosexuals to the East Valley could result in homosexuals gaining a majority of human rights commission seats and attempting to force city councils to enact radical leftist laws. This happened last year in Scottsdale, where the weak-kneed city council buckled to the pressure of the city human rights commission and passed a law allowing men to use female restrooms in public places.

Specifically, Equality Arizona is urging its members “to see how wonderful the East Valley is and to see that there are great values in investing in homes in the East Valley at this time.  Ollie the Trolley will take interested persons around Mesa to look at homes.  Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler and Apache Junction are vital parts of the Phoenix Metro Area.”

The pressure group is also encouraging its people to meet with supporters from the East Valley, including Mesa councilman Dennis Kavannaugh, Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board chair Terry Bennelli, director of diversity/neighborhood outreach Mary Berumen and a representative of the Mesa Police Department. All of these individuals “will be present to express their support and welcome to Mesa to the LGBTQ community.”


Homosexuals held a “pride weekend” in Bisbee last month.  The debauchery commenced with a “Pub Crawl” and included a grotesque leather and lace street fair, pool party, barbecue, a film fest (no shortage of pornography), a psychic fair, showing of the Vagina Monologues and speed dating (anonymous bath house sex?). 

Are you watching, East Valley? This kind of sleaze may be headed your way.

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