Who Leads the Largest Socialist Group in Congress? Southern Arizona’s Grijalva

No less than four radical Socialist organizations have taken over the United States House of Representatives. Sitting at the head of the largest of them is none other than Raul Grijalva, the Socialist representative from Arizona Congressional District 7 (Southern Arizona).

Grijalva and California Cong. Lynn Woolsey co-chair the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). This radical group holds 74 seats in the U.S. House, almost a third of the Democratic membership. Until 1999, their website was hosted by Democratic Socialists of America, a group founded by Karl Marx himself, among others.

Next in line among Socialist power groups is the Congressional Black Caucus (43 members), followed by the Progressive Democrats of America (six members), and the Democratic Socialists of America.

The latter group believes “We cannot allow all radicalism to be dismissed as ‘Communist.’” And: “In the short term we can’t eliminate private corporations, but we can bring them under greater democratic control.” It’s their version of “democratic control” that we should be concerned about.

Grijalva’s group lists all members on its website, but some of the others do not. That could be due to embarrassment or the lack of an impressive membership.

Ed Pastor and Gabrielle Giffords, congressmen from Arizona districts 3 and 8 respectively, also belong to Grijalva’s radical group. Ann Kirkpatrick, AZ District 1, does not.

The CPC considers commonsense conservatives to be “extremists.” Probably because they’re diametrically opposed to conservatism and America’s founding roots.

Here’s a short list of their red flags, some of their more ardent positions :

  • To eliminate environmental threat posed by global warming and ensuring that America does our part to advance an effective global problem-solving approach.
  • To expand energy-efficient transportation choices by increasing investment in synthesized networks, including bicycle, local bus and rail transit, regional high-speed rail and magnetic levitation rail projects.
  • To preserve prudent public interest regulations that encourage sustainable growth and investment, ensure energy diversity and system reliability, protect workers and the environment, reward consumer conservation, and support an expanding marketplace that rewards the commercialization of energy-efficient technologies.
  • Support the DREAM Act or legislation that would restores states’ rights to offer in-state tuition to non-citizen students residing in their state and that would provide a path to citizenship for hardworking non-citizen youth who want to contribute fully to our society.
  • Support immigration equality for permanent partners (UAFA/PPIA) or legislation that would remove the HIV bar.
  • Eliminate retroactivity of deportation laws.
  • Eliminate mandatory and indefinite detention of non-citizens.
  • Eliminate the harsh bars to admission, particularly the 3 and 10-year bars for those who have been in the U.S. unlawfully.
  • Minimize the militarization of our border communities and respects local residents that live along the border.
  • Oppose the use of state and local police for immigration law enforcement.
  • Oppose ICE raids that unfairly target particular ethnic groups, violate basic due process principles, and negatively impact U.S. citizen children.

Grijalva runs far, far to the left of mainstream America, and the site “On the Issues.org” rates him as such. He strongly opposes unlimited Second Amendment rights, school vouchers for under-privileged children, and law enforcement against drug use. He supports the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion (infanticide), a fast track to citizenship for illegal aliens, and domestic partner benefits for same-sex partners. Grijalva has received 100-percent ratings from two of the most extremely radical pressure groups in America – the National Abortion Rights Action League and the Human Rights Campaign (homosexual agenda).

District 7 ranks next to last among Arizona’s eight congressional districts in the rate of poverty rate, high school graduations and non-English speaking population.

2 thoughts on “Who Leads the Largest Socialist Group in Congress? Southern Arizona’s Grijalva

  1. Michael

    Sorry…but cannot see how “supporting immigration equality for permanent partners (UAFA)” is a “Socialist” agenda !

    Conservative American Values are based on Freedom, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness…as stated in our Constitution….along with the right to Arms (…so strongly defended by the Conservatives and the NRA)

    These American Citizens are caught in an Immigration Limbo. Their rights to pursuit their happiness and support their families are being denied. The Uniting American Families Act (S 424 / HR 1024) rectifies the wrong-doing, and should be supported by all. These folks are paying their taxes, and yet many live in exile to be with their families.

    Even our Conservative Icons of the day, like Vice-Pres. Dick Cheney support UAFA : “Freedom means Freedom for all”

    You won’t find a more CONSERVATIVE Ideal than that.

    The problem with us, Conservatives, is that we have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that has to go with Immigration, Human Rights, ect…..

    We should think….and apply our Conservative Values to try to find SOLUTIONS to People’s problems and not just throw stones. By being positive and fair….will gather the support from everyone in the USA.

  2. azconserv1


    Allocating taxpayer-funded benefits to and fabricating “rights” for illegal aliens doesn’t amount to class warfare? And the universal support of socialists for conferring citizenship on illegals doesn’t amount to socialism? Class warfare and re-distribution of wealth are the core essence of socialism.

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