Left-Wing Media Ripe for a Good Old Tea Party

One of our “favorite” members of the Left-Wing GroupThink Media (LWGTM) in Arizona has again provided us grist for blogging. Though Lawn Griffiths was laid off by the East Valley Tribune, the leftist spiritual writer for the gasping-for-breath-in-the cyber-world-Hospice publication in Mesa is still posting as a volunteer blogger.

Griffiths recently parroted the talking points of LWGTM’s Central Command on the so-called government medical “care.”

“Good health is a right of humanhood,” Griffiths blogged.

Oh, really? No, American citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  If good health is a right of humanhood, then that means someone has to provide that for each of the world’s 6.5 billion citizens. But no one is capable of preventing the common cold.

Griffiths strays hither and yon in his incoherent diatribe on private health care, visiting the unrelated topics of the Civil War, Richard Nixon, and State Sen. Russell Pearce.

But let’s be real. Our medical care is the envy of the world. Look how many foreign-born doctors have come to serve the residents of Arizona. And look how many foreigners come here from bastians of failed socialist health rationing to get real, quality treatment.

Why then should we lower our standards to those of Canada and the UK, two formerly free nations? It makes no sense.

No one in Arizona is falling through the cracks of medical treatment. Illegals are bankrupting hospitals in the Southwest, but they’re getting the treatment they need. Destitute Arizonans are getting treatment through AHCCCS.

Additionally, many Americans choose to save the money they’d spend on insurance and pay as they go. Why should our government punish them for making a voluntary decision to not insurance?

There is no rationale for the rush to judgment of the Obamanistas on medical coverage. While we’re all waiting in line in the future for what formerly were quick and routine medical treatments and our elderly are turned away from mammograms and other vital procedures, elitists and Michelle Obama’s mother will be getting the royal treatment.

Griffiths wails about free speech and opposition to Obama, completely missing the fact that opponents of this socialistic boondoggle have presented reasonable alternatives to government rationing.

The Tribune blogger is emblematic of the media problem in this state and nation. Arizonans are doing something about it, too.  They’re going to ABC-Channel 15 and the The Arizona Republic for a big tea party rally in Phoenix October 17. Get out there and attend Operation: Can You Hear US Now? – Media Protest  and show the media that they’re out of touch with normal everyday Americans. But do not refer to them as “mainstream media” because that moniker does not describe them accurately.

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  1. Wilkey

    I plan to attend the rally to let ABC and the Repugnant know how radical most people consider them. Thanks for getting the word out.

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