Another Marriage Victory, More Hatred from the Homosexual Agenda Crowd

Every time the advocates of the extremely radical homosexual agenda lose another election, their blatant hate and anger flare up to alarming new levels. The pretense of their so-called “tolerance” has actually been over for quite some time.

These angry, hateful folks went ballistic again after voters in Maine this week defeated their latest effort to keep same-sex “marriage” legal. The legislature had passed a legalization bill earlier this year, and the governor signed it into law.

Prop 1 gave the people the opportunity to weigh in on the importance of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And they did: informing the out-of-step lawmakers and governor that marriage should not be tampered with.

Rather than accept the will of the people as settled matter, the radicals vented hatred on the Internet, evidenced by the following disgraceful and inappropriate remarks:

“Today’s heartbreaking defeat unfortunately shows that lies and fear can still win at the ballot box,” said Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

In a defiant speech to several hundred lingering supporters, No on 1 campaign manager Jesse Connolly pledged that his side “will not quit until we know where every single one of these votes lives.”

A Mainer blogged: “What I find most interesting, based on comments at news stories and on social network sites is that yesterday, when the polls showed a narrow ‘No on 1′ win, I lived in an independent-minded, moderate state. Now it seems we’ve been transformed into a group of backwards, bigoted haters. Funny how that works.   The gay marriage law was rejected not just by the state’s dwindling GOP voter, but by independents and Democrats.”

Bloggers on the Democratic Underground wrote: Drop a bomb on Kennebunkport; and

Kennebunk voted No! with at least 60% so drop your bombs somewhere else. Maybe Aroostook.

These comments are disturbing and filled with hatred and vitriol.

Yet, these are the same people who cheered and applauded when Congress recently passed a new “hate” crimes law. And now they’re violating that law, poisoning the climate toward honest citizens, and casting a chill wind on the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech as well as the democratic process.

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