Time for Palin, Tea Party to Rise up against McCain Campaign

Here’s the first call for Sarah Palin to withdraw her support of Senator John McCain in a planned visit to Arizona in March.

Likewise … first call for the Arizona Tea Party to mobilize against McCain’s re-election campaign.

McCain is pressing a war on conservatives and aiming to take over the Arizona Republican Party. He is dividing the party and trying to re-make it in his own image. His over-the-top actions call for strong resistance.

In recent weeks, McCain has …

  • Started running campaign ads on Arizona radio stations. This week’s ad demonizes J.D. Hayworth, a former congressmen considering a primary run at McCain, but who is weeks away from making his decision. McCain had the gall to run the ad during Hayworth’s own radio show on KFYI in Phoenix.
  • McCain tried to force the Arizona Republican Party to block primary challenges to federal office-holding incumbents – like himself. Under the self-serving plan, only incumbents would receive funds and backing from the Arizona GOP. This plan met unanimous opposition and failed.
  • Now the new chairman of the Yuma County Republicans, Phil Townsend, has written a letter to Arizona’s 4,000 Republican precinct committeemen accusing conservative AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen of improprieties and demanding an audit. Presumably, this is an effort to have Pullen replaced by a McCain man.

So, Sarah Palin: cancel your trip to Arizona for the purposes of supporting the McCain re-election campaign. This gutter-trawling campaign is dividing Republicans in Arizona, hitting innocent honest people below the belt, and is not in the best interests of Arizona, the United States Senate, or America.

Gov. Palin: keep your date in Arizona … and in place of supporting the McCain campaign … rally with the Arizona Tea Party faithful against the radical forces in Washington. You’ve paid your dues to McCain for nominating you two years ago for vice-president. Now stick to your conservative principles and unite the people of Arizona instead of rallying behind a divider.

3 thoughts on “Time for Palin, Tea Party to Rise up against McCain Campaign

  1. DeAnn

    I’ve already sent messages to her and asked her to quit campaigning for McCain. McCain is the kind of politician the Tea Party should be against. He has too much power and doesn’t use it in a way that strengthens America.

  2. Jim Murphy

    Just prior to the last election I wrote a letter to Senator McCain and asked him to retire. His last ten years have not been the beliefs that I supported 32 years ago. He was a war hero, but he has rode that horse too long. He violates his oath of office when he does not support current immigration laws because he doesn’t like them. That is a liberal prerogative.

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