Hayworth Rallies Support in Senate Race against McCain

The campaign battle for Arizona’s senior U.S. Senate seat is heating up fast. And incumbent Sen. John McCain just suffered another embarrassment within his own party.

At a state meeting recently for precinct committeemen, challenger and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth polled 68 percent of the votes. McCain limped in with a mere 10 percent.

On another blog, McCain supporters complained that the straw poll was worthless because the voters had to pay $5 in order to cast a vote.

They’ve got it backwards. It’s when the voters are paid in exchange for their vote that you can question it. That’s what Mitt Romney did for a straw poll in Iowa in the last presidential campaign.

A poll showed McCain leading Hayworth 45-43 percent. What’s interesting is that at the time of the poll, Hayworth had not officially become a candidate. Now he is, and you can look for him to start taking the lead on McCain in future polls. It’ll make McCain just that much more cantankerous.

One thought on “Hayworth Rallies Support in Senate Race against McCain

  1. Mike Maloy

    It’s going to be tough for JD to beat the McCain machine and warchest, Mac has already started the radio and TV coverage with nasty negative ads. I for one have had all the RINOs I want so I’ll be rooting for J.D. Hayworth

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