Flash! Forward without Photo Radar

Hopefully this will be the year that Arizona “flashes” forward without photo radar, an unconstitutional plague thrust upon the backs of families by greedy politicians during a recession, no less!

Gov. Jan Brewer plans to let the state’s contract with the Australian business operating the cameras expire in July.

There is strong support for a November election initiative calling for the repudiation of photo radar in Arizona – from lawmakers and private citizens alike.

According to a state report issued last fall, only 38 percent of people flashed by the cameras are paying the fine, which is exorbitantly higher than tickets issued to drivers stopped by actual law officers.

A February news report indicated the state lacks an appropriate number of troopers to serve summons on people who ignore the speeding notices they receive in the mail. The initial speeding notices are not recognized by courts because they are not sent as registered mail.

We strongly urge state leaders and residents alike to repeal photo radar.

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