Arizona Lottery — ‘Fool’s Game’ — Sales are Low

Are people coming around to the wisdom that lotteries are bad for families? Is the recession bringing people to that conclusion? Whatever, the reason, Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy reports how Arizona lottery sales pale in comparison to that of other states:

“The state auditor general has reported that Arizona lottery sales are lower than other states. My view is that Arizonans realize spending hard-earned dollars on lottery tickets is a fool’s game with little chance of return. Unfortunately, this report comes with a recommendation that the state should find ways to increase lottery sales. This idea is irresponsible and damaging to Arizona’s families. A 2006 analysis by the Tucson Citizen of Arizona Lottery Commission numbers found that over half of the $53 million in Tucson lottery sales took place in zip codes where the average income was less than $36,800. Learn more about the lottery through Focus on the Family’s Gambling Issue Analysis.”

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