Senate Candidate Cardon’s Response to Obama’s SOTU Address

East Valley businessman Will Cardon, a candidate for the United States Senate, issued the following remarks in response to Tuesday’s presidential State of the Union address:

“President Barack Obama addressed a nation that is suffering from record high unemployment and an economic climate that is full of uncertainty. Arizona, along with the entire nation, is looking for assurance from the president during these bleak economic times. Instead, Arizonans received more of the same partisan rhetoric that leads to inaction from the president and our do-nothing Congress. As we watch our families, friends, and neighbors struggle to make ends meet, Washington continues to offer fluffy speeches that theorize about job creation instead of listening to those who have experience in creating jobs.

“Tonight, President Obama called for the creation of American jobs and an American energy initiative. This pro-job, pro-energy independence message comes just a week after the president blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline which killed 20,000 jobs and hindered America’s ability to become independent from Middle Eastern oil. The president’s ‘say one thing but do another’ mentality must stop. We can’t allow his ideologically-driven agenda, which panders to the extreme of his party, continue to crush small business in this country.

“The career politicians in Washington are tone deaf to what is happening in our communities and they are failing our nation. I am running for the United States Senate because in my family we have a saying which is, ‘leave things better than you found them.’ For the first time in the history of our great country, we are in danger of being the first generation that leaves things worse. I don’t know about Congress or President Obama, but that is unacceptable to me. Now is the time to send a new generation of leadership to Washington.”

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