10 Points about the Brewer-Obama Dust-up

Regarding yesterday’s brouhaha between the president and Arizona’s governor at a Mesa airport yesterday, here are 10 key points to remember:

1. President Obama has repeatedly shown that he is a temperamental man.

2. Obama has a history of treating Republicans, military officers, congressmen, and others with disdain and a common lack of respect.

3. Gov. Brewer acted with decorum and respect.

4. Brewer also stood up for herself and deserves respect for that.

5. The Arizona Democrat Party is distorting the incident by demonizing Brewer — without foundation — and trying to raise money off the incident.

6. Obama talks a good game about civility and open-mindedness, but the truth is he is closed-minded and unwilling to listen to opposing points of view.

7. Obama has a history of grandstanding to show up Republicans who are polite and respectful in return.

8. Many left-wingers do not wish to actually debate topics and briskly walk away to avoid confrontation.

9. Obama is the most polarizing president in U.S. history.

10. Democrats, like Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder in particular, are known for judging things — like Brewer’s book, Senate Bill 1070, conservative talk radio, the actions of a Cambridge, Mass. police officer, and others — without reading them or looking into the situation. They use fall-back knee-jerk reactions that make them look bad.

One thought on “10 Points about the Brewer-Obama Dust-up

  1. Rick

    I lost a little confidence in Gov Brewer. She should have used two fingers instead of one and poke the stooge right in the eyes when she had the chance. I know, the full wrath of the USA would come down on her including the media but sooner or later this little boy needs to be disciplined.

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