Pearce Fights Amnesty on New Radio Program

Former State Senator Russell Pearce is introducing a new radio program – “Ban Amnesty now” – Tuesday at 7 p.m. Pearce’s program is running weekly on KFNX Radio, 1100 AM.

Sean McCaffrey will serve as co-host of the show. He’s theformer executive director of the Arizona Republican Party and is the co-founder of the House Conservatives Fund in Washington, D.C.

Listeners can contact the program at:


Burges Takes State Senate Seat Vacated by Bundgaard

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on MondayselectedArizona Rep. Judy Burges to fill the seat vacated by scandal-plagued Scott Bundgaard in the Arizona Senate from Legislative District 4 in Northwestern Maricopa County. Burges was one of three citizens nominated to the position by District 4 Republican Party precinct committeemen and the only incumbent lawmaker on the list. She was appointed on a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Burges, 68, a Sun City West resident, was first elected to the House in 2004. She is chairman of the House Government Committee and serves on the House Transportation Committee. She replaces former state Sen. Scott Bundgaard, who resigned earlier this month. Burges had indicated she will run for the state Senate in 2012.

“I have known Judy Burges and her husband Robert for many years,” commented Max Wilson, chairman of the board of supervisors and in whose supervisorial district the Senate district lies. “She is a veteran legislator and should hit the ground running. She has also been active in the community and in the Republican Party.”

Burges thanked the board for its vote of confidence and pledged “to work hard to serve our constituents.”

Burges holds two degrees from the University of Phoenix and has worked for Cyprus Bagdad Copper Company and in Yavapai County government. Her relocation from House to Senate created a ripple effect, and now state Republican officials plan to meet in District 4 to select nominees for Burges’s vacant House seat. The time and location will soon be announced by state GOP headquarters.

Big Brother Obama Administration Forcing Abortion Coverage on Pro-Life Organizations


By Tony Perkins, President
Family Research Council

Thanks to President Obama, the tens and thousands of pro-lifers who streamed into D.C. for today’s March have another cause to fight: the future of religious liberty. Late Friday, the Obama administration marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by cementing one of the biggest attacks on conscience rights the country has ever seen. Starting next year, any organization that offers health insurance to employees will be forced to cover birth control, sterilizations, and abortifacients–no matter what their objections.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finalized the rule after her agency fielded more than 200,000 public comments–many objecting to the administration’s policies that flow from an anti-child ideology. FRC has been fighting alongside dozens of evangelical and Catholic groups, who see this decision for what it is: naked aggression against America ‘s most fundamental freedom. “Never,” said Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, “has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience.” Sebelius is waving off the controversy by pointing to the mandate’s “religious exemption,” which is nothing but a narrow protection for churches. Other religiously affiliated groups like faith-based schools, hospitals, and charities are ordered to comply.

The decision was such a slap in the face of the First Amendment that even newspapers like the Washington Post shook their heads. “Requiring a religiously affiliated employer to spend its own money in a way that violates its religious principles,” the Post editorial board wrote, “does not make an adequate accommodation for those deeply held views.” Others, like the New York Daily News, were not so reserved. “Wrong, wrong, high-handedly, obtusely wrong.” The U.S. Supreme Court just finished rebuking the President for meddling in church business, and now his agencies are using policies as a weapon to blunt the church’s community involvement. As the White House well knows, most of these charities would rather close their doors than meet these requirements. That would suit this administration just fine, since it wants to eliminate the government’s competition for services and drive the church out of the public square. “What war and disease could not do to the congregation,” wrote one church, “the government of the United States will. It will shut them down.”

To help organizations “transition,” Sebelius is waiting until August 2013 to implement the mandate. “In effect, the President is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences,” Dolan fumed. The Left can also avoid the political pain of staking out such an unpopular position before Election Day. Despite the outrage, the delay should signal just how politically potent the life issue can be. The President recognizes it. Obviously, Secretary Sebelius recognizes it. The only ones who seem to be slow in understanding are those Republicans who say the issue is not important and should not be allowed to define the Party. It’s time for the Establishment to see what the Left already does: pro-lifers are not a liability; we’re an asset. And, as today’s March proved, a growing one.

To show just how much traction the movement is getting, John Boehner (R-Ohio) became the first Speaker in history to speak at the March today. Across America, principled legislators are making gains for life, primarily because of the local pregnancy centers, churches, and religious organizations. But under this administration, we have reached the most critical point in the movement’s past 40 years. The Left has taken life, which we view as a moral issue, and politicized it. Now, they’re threatening to exclude us from the conversation by fencing off the intersection of faith and policy. Either we succeed at protecting our rights, or we lose the ability to fight. And judging by the army of pro-lifers I saw on the National Mall today, losing is not an option.

Educating Women on the Real Choices Available

By Cong. Trent Franks (R-AZ)
Jan. 22, 2012

For almost 40 years, abortion on demand has placed over fifty million separate scars on America’s soul. Each time after the death of their child, mothers were never quite the same. A nameless little baby died a tragic and lonely death, and all the gifts the child might have brought to humanity were lost forever. The United States Constitution guarantees to all the “right to life,” Human life commences with fertilization, cloning, or its functional equivalent. Who else can state with exact certainty when a human life does or does not begin?

I have made it one of my priorities in public office to fight for the end of abortion on demand. I believe that life begins at conception; that each life is given by our Creator. If all of this is true – and I believe with all my heart that it is – then our nation has engaged in the greatest genocide known to mankind on the history of this planet. I will not stand by and watch thousands of innocent babies slaughtered everyday simply because they are not wanted, or because they incur too large of a cost to society. These flawed arguments attempt to destroy all the good our country has stood for since the formation of the Union, and I will continue to tirelessly work for every innocent baby.

In 1980, a man said these following words: “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.” That man was President Ronald Reagan – also a stalwart defender of innocent human life. If all those in favor of abortion would simply imagine what the world would be like if they were not in existence, they might strongly reconsider their position on the issue.

In the meantime, before a challenge to Roe v Wade makes its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, we must instead do more to educate women about the choices they are making with the lives growing inside of them. If abortion is still to be accepted as a misguided outgrowth of a woman’s “choice,” then we should give the woman all of the resources necessary to make her “choice” in the most educationally sound way possibly. A woman considering abortion should be counseled that the biological form within her womb might be a living human being, and she should be informed that there are other places to take care of her baby once delivered. I am a strong supporter of requiring abortion clinics to take ultrasounds on the pregnant woman with intentions of showing her the results before she gives consent to the abortion.

Congress must also allow for more research into the after-effects of an abortion – what happens mentally and physically to a woman after she gives consent to abort the fetus within her womb. Women need more information about abortion, and about the self-inflicted consequences they may face after an abortion is committed.

I am very pleased that the House of Representatives cut funding to abortion-provider Planned Parenthood when debating this year’s budget proposal. Taxpayers should not be required to fund a family planning organization committing such heinous acts against fellow human beings.

I also am a co-sponsor of H.R. 3, which would ban taxpayer funds from funding any abortions.

On November 5, 2003, I was deeply honored to stand by President George W. Bush as he signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban into law. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act is the most significant pro-life legislation since 1973, and makes it illegal in the United States for a physician to perform this barbaric, nightmarish procedure. This law was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in 2007 by a 5-4 decision.

In the 111th Congress, I sponsored the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2009. This bill would have eliminated all abortions based on the sex or race of the child inside the womb. Many other countries have these laws on their books, and our country should definitely show its commitment to life by following suit. I plan to continue to re-introduce this legislation until it is passed through the Congress.

Even though this bill and the partial birth abortion law would do little to protect the other 4,000 unborn children who die each day from abortion on demand, the unspeakable and far-reaching cost of diminished respect for innocent human life – born and unborn – now dawns in the hearts of more Americans than ever before. The winds of change have begun to blow, and there is brighter hope than ever for a day soon to come when the sunlight of life will break through the clouds and shine once again on the faces of America’s children – even those in the womb— the most innocent and helpless of all.

Rep. Giffords Retires from Congress

After 379 days of recovering from a point-blank shooting, Cong. Gabby Giffords announced she is retiring from Congress. She was among several persons shot — including six who were killed — by Jared Loughner on Jan. 8, 2011 in Tucson. This means Republicans and Democrats will both wage primary election contests to seek the nomination for the November general election in a district in Southern Arizona.

Republican Cong. David Schweikert, a friend of Giffords from Scottsdale, issued the following statement on Giffords’ retirement:

“From the day she was first elected to the Arizona State Senate, to her three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Gabby Giffords has been a great advocate for our state.

“As she announces her resignation from Congress, I want to join with Arizonans in thanking her for her years of service and applaud her for always putting Arizona first.

“It has been a pleasure to get to know Gabby, Mark, and her staff and to serve alongside her.

“Joyce and I wish Gabby and Mark all the best wherever life takes them.”

The Arizona Conservative wishes Rep. Giffords continued success in her recovery, as well as justice served on the alleged gunman, whose trial awaits the issue of mental competency.

Political Roundup: Sen. Allen Rallying for Border Security

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Border Security and State Sovereignty, along with Senators David Stevens, Gail Griffin, Frank Antenori and Al Melvin are rallying for border security Monday at 11:30 am. at the State Capitol. They plan to deliver a response to left-wing Sen. Steve Gallardo’s (D) public advocacy of open borders and opposition to development of an Arizona State Guard to secureArizona’s border.

Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney is also rallying support for border security. He’s concerned about ongoing cross-border criminal activity, rampant drug and human smuggling, human-rights violations and illegal entrance into theU.S. by people with potential Mid-Eastern terrorist ties.

Haney says violations ofU.S.and state laws are costing theArizonataxpayers millions of dollars that we do not have and cannot afford” “Additionally,Arizonais the only border state without a State Guard. The lack of a State Guard leaves a giant void in our States law enforcement community’s ability to counter the myriad of illegal acts perpetrated upon the citizens of this state. Never in our recent state history has support of this legislation been so critical for the safety and security of the citizens of this great state.”

Southern Arizona Citizens Continue without Representation

Due to the tragic shooting massacre that left six people dead and wounded Cong. Gabrielle Giffords and several others wounded, the citizens of theSouthern Arizonacongressional district have gone without representation for 378 days. The deadline for filing nominating petitions is May 30, and there still is no word whether Cong. Giffords can continue to serve or not.

Who’ll Replace Former Sen. Bundgaard?

A crowd is forming in pursuit of the the Arizona Senate (Legislative District 4) seat vacated by former Sen. Scott Bundgaard who resigned earlier this month over his road rage controversy.  Among the candidates for the 2012 Republican Primary are:

  • State Rep. Judy Burges, who will be term-limited out of the House at the end of the year. Rep. Burges is a true conservative and is a two-time legislator of the year, a “champion of the      taxpayer,” “friend of the family,” and won several other honors.
  • Eric Spencer, a precinct committeeman. An attorney, Spencer is an Army veteran who won the Bronze Star and other honors while serving as a captain inIraq. He previously chaired theUniversity of Arizona Republicans club.
  • Tony Bouie, a precinct committeeman, former NFL player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and past candidate for the Arizona Legislature. He was the original plaintiff in the Goldwater Institute lawsuit against the matching funds portion of the socialistic Clean Elections Act struck down by the Supreme Court last year.
  • Former State Rep. Jerry Overton (1992-2000), a sheriff’s posse volunteer and married to the same woman, Grace, for 53 years.
  • David Livingston, a small business owner who favors a secure border, the Second Amendment, school choice, and opposes amnesty, bailouts and excessive government regulation.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will select a replacement to complete Bundgaard’s current, unfinished term. They’ll choose a list of three names: Rep. Burges, Spencer, and Lyle Tuttle.

CAP-Supported Bills

The Center for Arizona Policy is supporting passage of two new education bills this year:

  • Tax Credit; School Tuition Organizations: SB 1047 – Creates a new tax credit that allows Arizona taxpayers to increase contributions to school tuition organizations, and focuses on funding new scholarship awards for children currently on waiting lists.  Sen. Murphy [Fact Sheet] [Read the Bill]
  • School Tuition Organizations; Credits; Administration: SB 1048 – Makes technical changes to Arizona’s scholarship tax credit programs allowing faster scholarship awards to students on waiting lists and more efficient school tuition organization operation. Sen. Murphy [Fact Sheet] [Read the Bill]

Annual State Republicans’ Meeting

Arizona precinct committeemen will hold their annual meeting Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Church for the Nations inPhoenix.

2012 Key Election Dates

Jan. 30 – Voter Registration Deadline, Presidential Primary
Feb. 2 – Presidential Primary Early Balloting Begins
Feb. 28 – Presidential Primary Election
July 30 – Voter Registration Deadline, Primary Election
Aug. 2 – Primary Early Balloting Begins
Aug. 28 – Primary Election
Oct. 8 – Voter Registration Deadline, General Election
Oct – 11 – General Election Early Balloting Begins
Nov – 6 – General Election

Georgia Judge Refuses to Accept Obama’s ‘Sovereign Immunity’

John Semmens

By John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Georgia Judge Michael Malihi’s refusal to accept President Obama’s lawyers’ demand that he be excused from responding to a subpoenato testify in a hearing questioning his eligibility to appear on that state’s presidential ballot was denounced by Edward Toady, lead attorney for the president on this case.

“The president is the sovereign ruler of this country,” Toady asserted. “Where he goes and what he does is solely at his discretion. He does not have to answer to the demands of lower ranking authorities. He has what is called ‘sovereign immunity.’”

“On top of this, there is the simple lack of time in the president’s busy schedule,” Toady added. “The president isn’t like ordinary people. He doesn’t have a free moment to spare. Every waking hour is already allocated to activities of higher priority. Satisfying some plaintiff’s curiosity as to whether he is qualified as a ‘natural born citizen’ is an unwarranted intrusion on this man’s privacy and tries his patience.”

Judge Malihi dismissed Toady’s claims as “unsupported by any evidence or cited legal authority. I’m not saying that the contention that a president may not be compelled to attend a court hearing is necessarily incorrect. However, Mr. Toady’s contention that the President’s status of ‘acknowledged leader of the free world’ makes him immune is an argument without substantive legal foundation. Further, the argument that the President has no time to spare would seem to be refuted by his widely reported indulgences in elective recreational activities. Surely, the resolution of this legal issue could take precedence over another round of golf.”

The president’s lawyers say they will appeal Malihi’s decision to a higher authority. “Under our legal system a person has the right to be judged by his peers,” Toady observed. “ Judge Malihi is merely a state court judge. As such, he lacks the stature to sit in judgment of the President. In fact, it is our contention that the President sits on the pinnacle of American government and is without peer. As the highest authority in our government he is the only person who can judge himself. As long as he holds that post  no one may presume to tell him what to do.”

Administration Warm to Pipeline Compromise Proposal

A proposal to build the US portion of the Keystone Pipeline without connecting it to the Canadian source of oil may be a compromise the Obama Administration can approve.

“The President’s main objection has always been his opposition to increasing the supply of fossil fuels in America,” said Press Secretary Jay Carney. “Building a pipeline that doesn’t connect to any source of oil seems like a ‘win-win’ solution. We could create thousands of jobs constructing the pipeline without incurring the negative environmental impacts of actually transporting, refining, and distributing any gasoline.”

Obama’s Presidential Campaign adviser, David Axelrod, characterized the construction of a line that will never be used as “a stroke of genius. The unions will be happy because they’ll get jobs building the line. The environmentalists will be happy because the President will still block the cross-border connection to Canadian oil sources. This compromise means that votes from both these groups will go solidly for the President.”

Axelrod brushed aside criticism that building a pipeline that won’t be used might be seen as wasteful. “The pipeline will be built underground,” he pointed out. “It won’t be seen as anything. Meanwhile, union workers will be bringing home paychecks. The economy will be stimulated. The President will be reelected.”

The compromise was likened to the strategy used by FDR in winning three reelection campaigns. “The spend, spend, spend and elect, elect, elect approach is a tried and true strategy,” Axelrod bragged. “Voters aren’t thinking about the long term. They’re not competent to assess the functionality of how taxes are spent. As long as the President can be seen to be doing something, anything, he’ll win them over.”

President to Give Advanced Missile Technology to Russians

Saying that he didn’t want members of Congress to take his decision not to follow their advice personally, President Obama, nonetheless went ahead and initiated the transfer of sensitive missile technology information to the Russian government.

“I know that there are those who disagree with me on this,” the President acknowledged. “But I have to do what I think is right. That’s why the American people elected me. I can’t let them down.”

What the president referred to as “advice” came in the form of a law prohibiting the sharing of this missile technology with any foreign government. Though President Obama signed this law, he said he reserves “the right to deviate from any of its provisions that I deem conflict with my broader responsibilities as President.”

“US military superiority is a source of fear in many parts of the world,” Obama said. “Our advanced weapons technology contributes to this fear. Other nations may not be willing or able to carry out their own independent policies out of the apprehension that a conflict with America would of necessity be a losing proposition. This is unfair. Sharing our technology will help level the playing field.”

Though his decision to share the technology may have put him at odds with Congress, President Obama was quick to point to the favorable responses of foreign governments in rebuttal. “I have already received word from Prime Minister Putin expressing his gratitude,” Obama boasted. “Others—including China, Pakistan, and Venezuela—have sent messages asking if they might also gain access to this information. The prospect of cultivating closer relations with other governments around the world seem favorable.”

President Blames Media for Bad Image

President Obama laid the blame for impressions that he is “cold and aloof” at the feat of what he called “a largely hostile media.”

“It’s lonely at the top,” Obama complained. “The average person has plenty of equally situated people who share similar day-to-day experiences. But who shares what I go through on a daily basis? I’m one-of-a-kind. No one is my equal. I can’t hang out with anyone without having to reach down to a lower social strata.”

“Instead of praising my magnificence, though, the media foments criticism and complaints,” Obama continued. “A person reading a newspaper or watching TV is given the impression that pretty much anyone has the right to criticize anything I’ve done or might do. I’m not saying that everyone has to like what I do, but if they can’t say something nice, why say anything at all? Where have people’s manners gone? Where’s the civility of discourse and show of deference to one’s betters that leaders used to be able to count on from those they rule?”

In related news, the BLT Restaurant chain used the occasion of a visit by the First Family to add an entree called the “Obama Burger” to its menu. The burger is a Kobe beef patty served with bacon and cheese at a price of $28. The chain characterized it as a “burger fit for a king.” Both the President and First Lady bypassed the burger and ordered an $81 steak. “Why would a king eat a burger when he could have a steak?” Michelle asked.

Dems Float “Reasonable Profits Board” Idea

A half-dozen House Democrats led by Representative Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) introduced a bill that would establish a new government agency aimed at insuring that no one makes an unreasonable amount of profit. The bill—the Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784—is initially focused on excessive profits from oil and gas production.

“It’s not that the oil and gas industry is the only one ripping us off,” Kucinich said. “It’s just that we had to start somewhere. Right now, we think there’s enough anger and envy toward this industry that people will more readily accept the idea of a government bureau to control their profits.”

Kucinich maintained that “ideally, the amount of money anyone should be allowed to take from the common pool of society’s wealth should be subject to government oversight. Just because a person is luckier, smarter, or more ambitious doesn’t mean he has the right to take more than everyone else thinks is his fair share. The common good requires that everyone contribute to the best of his ability so there will be sufficient output to meet everyone’s needs. We are our brother’s keeper. It is government’s duty to enforce this moral obligation.”

As written, the bill would impose taxes of up to 100% on all “surplus earnings.” The bill’s co-sponsors include  Democratic Representatives John Conyers (Mich), Bob Filner (Calif.), Marcia Fudge (Ohio), Jim Langevin (R.I.), and Lynn Woolsey (Calif).

Campaign Ad Touts President’s Energy Policy

The first TV ad of President Obama’s reelection campaign boasts that “for the first time in 13 years, our dependence on foreign oil has dropped below 50%.”

The ad goes on to say that “the president’s two-pronged approach of reducing demand by boosting prices and diminishing economic activity is helping America break free of its addiction to energy consumption. Every car that remains parked in its garage because its owner is unemployed or can’t afford the higher gas prices the President has engineered means less pollution will be put into our air.”

The ad urges voters “to reward the President with reelection lest these dual coups of reduced vulnerability to foreign oil sources and cleaner air be undone by Republican efforts to line the pockets of greedy oil barons.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens Archives

The Abortion Holocaust by the Numbers

With the 39th anniversary of the darkest day in American history – January 22, 1973, when Roe v. Wade opened the floodgates to the killing of precious, beautiful, pre-born children on demand – approaching, it is important to put things into perspective.

By the numbers …

  • More than 53.8 million: U.S. abortion deaths since Roe v. Wade, more than one-sixth of the current U.S. population.
  • 53 million: the combined populations of Texas, New York and Michigan
  •  332,278: number of pre-born children killed by Planned Parenthood in 2009
  • 319,294: the population of St. Louis
  • 305,704: the population of Pittsburgh
  • 296,943: the population of Cincinnati
  • 13: percent of minority women in the U.S. female population (age 15-44)
  • 36: percent of U.S. abortions by minority women.

To observe the holocaust wrought by Roe v. Wade and to stand up for the sanctity of human life, Arizonans are gathering this Sunday. For more information, see

Santorum Official Winner in Iowa

Iowa Republican officials declared that Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucuses 34 votes ahead of Mitt Romney, though results from several precincts are missing and the full actual results may never be known.

The new numbers show 29,839 votes for Santorum and 29,805 votes for Romney, according to the party. And these numbers represent the final tally.

Romney called Santorum to concede Iowa, according to Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley.