The Sun is Setting on America; Tell Everyone You Know

Dr. Robert Owen, professor of History, Political Science, and Religion at Southside Virginia Community College, writes we are criminally negligent if we stand by and merely watch America walk off a cliff …

“…Four more years of total transformation until we wake up one day in the Progressive version of Heaven: a cradle-to-grave nanny state fighting endless wars for peace. Regimented, controlled, secure and listening as the same comatose voters who brought us to this place repeat the pabulum that jumps off the teleprompters into the mouths of the info-announcers as if these were their own opinions.

“We cannot, we must not allow this to happen without at the very least exerting every effort to wake up anyone within the sound of our voice. To do this we of course must be awake and aware ourselves.

“If we do not know where we came from how can we know where we are? If we don’t know where we are, how can we know where we are going?”

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