Pro-Family Activist Says Babeu Should Not Run for Congress as a ‘Conservative’

Chad Groening writes today on of the controversy surrounding Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu …

A pro-family activist who works to expose the truth about homosexuality is concerned that Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff Paul Babeu may become a poster boy for the radical homosexual agenda now that the lawmaker has confirmed he’s homosexual.

Babeu is a first-term sheriff who has risen to national prominence because of his tough opposition to illegal immigration. That reputation earned him a speaker’s spot at the recently concluded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2012) hosted by The American Conservative Union.

But Babeu, who is running as a Republican candidate for Congress in a newly drawn district in his state, was forced to admit over the weekend he is homosexual. A Phoenix-based alternative magazine known as The New Times reported that a Mexican national and former campaign volunteer claims Babeu threatened to deport him if their past relationship was made public.

Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says conservatism does not mix with open homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is a sin. It’s nothing to be proud of. It’s a problem,” he tells OneNewsNow. “I would hope that he would not try to run as an openly [so-called] conservative … homosexual Republican.”
And LaBarbera says if there is one thing the liberal media loves to promote it is “[homosexual]” Republicans.

“And they will promote [homosexual] Republicans because they want to undermine the Republican Party platform which has for years, if not decades, stood against the homosexual activist movement,” he observes. “And so the media loves [homosexual]Republicans — and if they can say that he is one, they will promote him.”

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