Governor Brewer: Invite Schumer down here for a debate on border invasion

Radical left-winger Chuck Schumer, Democrat senator from New York is trying to bait Arizona Gov. Jan Brewerget to testify on why our state passed Senate Bill 1070. He claims Congress has already acted sufficiently. Here’s our response.

Gov. Brewer, don’t go! Don’t take the bait!

Invite him down here on our turf to explain why Congress has done next to nothing protecting our border and our citizens from the border invasion and easy influx of harmful drugs. Senator Schumer’s baiting you for a public roasting. He and his friends will pile on and try to make you look bad. They will interrupt you and not give you a fair hearing. It’s a set-up. Don’t fall for it!

Turn it around on him and invite him to Arizona. Put him on the hot seat for doing NOTHING the entire time he’s been in Congress. Take him down to the border he’s never seen. And if he won’t come down here, gov, call a press conference and give a state of the border invasion speech. Expose Congress’s failure to act!

Please take our advice.

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