Sheriff Babeu Refuses Question about Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

In the wake of allegations Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu threatened to deport a former homosexual partner, the congressional candidate isn’t talking about his views on marriage.

The Arizona Conservative asked Sheriff Babeu by email if he supports same-sex “marriage.”

To date, the sheriff has ducked the issue. But then, he is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing.

Babeu is challenging incumbent Republican Paul Gosar, who is in his first term. Arizona State Sen. Ron Gould is also in the race and running strongly as a conservative with impeccable credentials over a long period of time.

Political Notes

  • The brand new — thanks to redistricting — Congressional District 9 is attracting all manner of candidates and familiar faces. Among them are former Tempe Republican Mayor Hugh Hallmann, former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker (candidate for both governor and Congress in 2010), Don Stapley (the long-time Maricopa County supervisor accused of all manner of wrongdoing by former county attorney Andrew Peyton Thomas), Wendy Rogers (who ran for the legislature out of Tempe two years ago), Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, former Arizona Democrat chairman Andrei Cherny, current Arizona Senate minority leader David Schapira of Tempe, and radical extraordinairre former state legislator Kyrsten Sinema.
  • Ian Gilyeat took on John McCain, as an independent candidate, in the 2010 U.S. Senate election. And now he’s running for the soon-to-be-vacated seat of Sen. Jon Kyl. The field is crowded. No less than 15 candidates are entered in primary competition.
  • Frank Antenori and Jesse Kelly are the top conservatives running for the congressional seat vacated by Gabby Giffords. Both in the April 17 special election to finish Giffords’ current term and in the fall General Election.


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