Maricopa School Mocks Pledge of Allegiance

The following message came from the East Valley Tea Party Patriots’ email today:

My cousin’s daughter gets mocked by the teacher and the students for standing during the Pledge of Allegiance at Maricopa High School.

My cousin posted the following on facebook tonight so I offered to help him.

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So if your kids go to school at Maricopa High do they stand for the Pledge? I think you might be surprised. My daughter is the only one in her class to stand and the teacher joined in with the class to mock her about it. I am so angry right now!!!!

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I am so upset about it. The teacher then asked her to stay after class to talk about it and it embarrassed her even more. She wrote her feelings, her precious heart could not say what she felt, and she hated the feeling of the class and now he wants to try to take her to the counselor to ‘talk’ about it.

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I am very proud of my daughters. They have had many experiences to be one of the few or the only one to stand in many situations for honorable values and standards.

Please join me in calling Maricopa High School at (520)568-5100 to let them know what you think. Remember to be courteous and polite but firm. The Teachers name is Mr. Almond.

Thank you, Greg.

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  1. arizona today

    Update from the man who originally reported this:

    We are making a difference at Maricopa High School in regards to the Pledge of Allegiance being said each day. My cousin told me that last Friday 5 students, instead of only 2, stood for the pledge and today the teacher stood for the first time.

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