Flake’s Plan to Tax Energy will Cost Arizona Families More than $1,000 a Year

Wil Cardon, Mesa businessman and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, released his campaign’s latest television ad revealing the truth behind Congressman Jeff Flake’s energy tax.

Flake’s plan to tax energy will cost an Arizona family of four more than $1,000 a year in increased taxes on electricity, oil and gasoline, Cardon said today in email alert. The Flake energy tax will also mean higher energy costs for every Arizona business — and increase costs for the coal and fuel industries.   Flake has passed off this energy tax as “revenue neutral.” He claims it will be offset by cuts to payroll taxes — a tax cut he’s voted against and which he’s labeled “a dishonest budget gimmick.

Campaign spokeswoman Alyssa Pivirotto says, “Jeff Flake’s ripoff of Al Gore’s carbon tax is bad for Arizona families and bad for Arizona businesses. It’s typical of a career politician. Let’s give Washington nearly a trillion dollars in new energy tax money over 10 years and expect them to give it back in another tax cut. That’s not living in the real world.”

Wil Cardon is a businessman who vehemently opposes a hike in energy taxes.  Cardon has a proven track record of creating hundreds of jobs. He remains focused on his campaign’s core issues: Getting our economy back on track, securing our borders and protecting Arizona families.

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