Is Flake Afraid to Debate Cardon?

Cong. and U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake apparently thinks he has too much to lose by debating Republican Primary opponent Wil Cardon. That’s what his actions say, or should we say inactions, because Flake refuses to appear for a debate.

Cardon says he believes “debates are the best way for voters to understand the distinct differences in the candidates and to make the best decision in August.  But, apparently the Flake campaign doesn’t agree. Spokesman Andrew Wilder called Wil’s debate challenge ‘predictable, clunky P.R. stunts’.”

In the past several months, Cardon has appeared for several debates. Flake sent a supporter to read a letter, but never appeared for a single debate.

Naturally Cardon wants a head-to-head debate with Congressman Flake, and he says:  “Unlike a candidates forum, this kind of debate allows for the two principal candidates to interact with each other – it’s an important difference that allows voters to contrast the candidates.”

This only confirms what we believe: Flake is not deserving of election to the Senate and he comes off as weak for ducking debates.

One thought on “Is Flake Afraid to Debate Cardon?

  1. Martin P.

    Flake is not a very articulate speaker. He’s also a lazy campaigner because he’s really never had any serious challenges in Mesa. This time it could cost him in the primary.

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