Examining the Dismal Record of Rich Crandall, Part-Time Legislator

We want to focus a spotlight on the Republican State Senate primary election for District 16 (Mesa) between conservative John Fillmore and Republican In Name Only Rich Crandall.

As a member of the state House of Representatives, Crandall quit on his constituents. He took a part-time job and skipped out on the votes on 254 bills! In other words, he disenfranchised the constituents of his Mesa district. This is totally unacceptable, and Crandall does NOT deserve election to the State Senate. He needs to be permanently fired by the voters.

While Crandall issued a direct mail flyer claiming to be the conservative champion in this race, nothing could be further than the truth. Conservative stalwarts from the Arizona Legislature have endorsed Fillmore as the true conservative. This list includes Andy Biggs, Chuck Gray, Eddie Farnsworth, Justin Pierce and Justin Olson.

Here’s more disturbing truth about Crandall:

  • Crandall frequently voted with – and raised funds with – Democrats rather than Republicans.
  • Crandall threatened State Rep. Brenda Barton and warned her not to introduce any education bills this coming session. With disciplinary action from the Senate looming, he apologized. But his character had been displayed when he made up a story to defend his family’s illegal tampering with a Fillmore campaign sign. In violation of state law.
  • Crandall voted against good GOP bills attempting to curb illegal immigration five times.
  • Crandall voted in support of big unions.
  • Crandall has a record of voting against the Second Amendment.
  • Fearing a loss to Russell Pearce in another legislative district, Crandall carpetbagged over to Legislative District 16 to challenge Rep. Fillmore for the Senate seat.
  • Crandall has voted against the taxpayers, rightfully earning a taxpayer advocacy group’s RINO label.

If Crandall should get elected, with such a dismal record, how many days will he actually spend at the Senate? That’s a serious and legitimate question. But on second thought, it would be best for all Arizonans he spends none of “our” time in the Senate chambers.

Fillmore is head and shoulders above Crandall and will represent Arizona voters, not just in his own district but the entire state, in a far better manner.

5 thoughts on “Examining the Dismal Record of Rich Crandall, Part-Time Legislator

  1. arizona today

    Crandall thinks very little of his constituents. He says voting on one-third of the bills in the Senate last year meets their expectations! Houston, we have a BIG problem — named Rich Crandall!

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  4. Trusted Source

    Crandall didn’t change his spots in Wyoming. He was less than a part-time Director of the Wyoming Department of Education, preferring to leave the duties of running the WDE and state education policy to his cadre of adolescents while he traveled around the country on the taxpayer’s dollar schmoozing for his next job. Governor Mead figured out pretty quickly what a light weight he was and was in the process of firing him when Supt. Hill was returned to the job she was elected to after a WY Supreme Court decision.

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