Election Endorsements: August 16

The Arizona Conservative is endorsing these candidates (Arizona candidates for the August 28 primary elections).

President-Mitt Romney (General Election in November)

U.S.Senate-Wil Cardon

Congress-District 1: Jonathan Paton

Congress-District 2: Martha McSally

Congress-District 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer

Congress-District 4: Ron Gould

Congress-District 5: Matt Salmon

Congress-District 6: David Schweikert

Congress-District 7: Scott Fistler

Congress-District 8: Trent Franks

Congress-District 9: Wendy Rogers

State Senate-District 1: Steve Pierce

State Senate-District 5: Sam Scarmonde

State Senate-District 6: Chester Crandall

State Senate-District 8: Joe Ortiz

State Senate-District 9: Tyler Mott

State Senate-District 10: Frank Antenori

State Senate- District 11: Al Melvin

State Senate-District 12: Andy Biggs

State Senate-District 13: John Nelson

State Senate-District 14: Gail Griffin

State Senate-District 16: John Fillmore

State Senate-District 17: Steve Yarbrough

State Senate-District 18: John McComish

State Senate-District 20: Kimberly Yee

State Senate-District 21: Rick Murphy

State Senate-District 22: Judy Burges

State Senate-District 25: Russell Pearce

State Senate-27: Sarah Coleman

State Senate-District 28: Adam Driggs

State Rep-District 1: Lori Klein

State Rep.-District 5: Doris Goodale

State Rep.-District 6: Brenda Barton

State Rep.-District 8: Frank Pratt

State Rep.-District 10: Ted Vogt

State Rep.-District 11: Steve Smith, Adam Kwasman

State Rep.-District 12: Larry Chesley, Eddie Farnsworth

State Rep.-District 13: Steve Montenegro, Darin Mitchell

State Rep.-District 14: David Stevens, David Gowan

State Rep.-District 15: John Allen, David Smith

State Rep.-District 16: Kelly Townsend, Judy Novalsky

State Rep.-District 17: J.D. Mesnard, Tom Forese

State Rep.-District 18: Jeff Dial, Bob Robson

State Rep.-District 20: Carl Seel, Paul Boyer

State Rep.-District 21: Rick Gray, Debbie Lesko

State Rep.-District 22: Phil Lovas, Jeanette Dubreil

State Rep.-23: John Kavanaugh, Michelle Ugenti

State Rep.-25: Justin Pierce, Justin Olson

State Rep.-26: Ray Speakman, Buckley Merrill

State Rep.-27: Daniel Coleman

State Rep.-28: Amanda Reeve

State Rep.-29: Charles Ellis (Write-In)

Arizona Corporation Commission (recommend casting 2 votes only): Bob Stump, Bob Burns

Pima County Sheriff: Walt Setzer

Gilbert City Council: Jenn Daniels

Glendale Mayor: Jerry Weiers

Sierra Vista City Council: John George

Pinal County Sheriff: Tom Bearup

Scottsdale City Council: Christina Serena

Scottsdale Mayor: Drew Bernhardt

Maricopa County Supervisors:

1.Denny  Barney
2.Lester Pearce
3.Andy Kunasek
4.Jean McGrath
5.Write-in Republican Candidate- Ron Harders
Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace: Bill Ponath

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