Dems Pound on Akin, GOP; Give Accused Rapist Clinton Pass

The irony could not be greater. The Democrats are throwing stones at the entire Republican Party for Congressman Todd Akin’s careless off-the-wall remarks about rape.

But when those Dems point a finger at Republicans, they’re pointing three back at themselves.

Why? Because the man who will nominate Barack Obama for re-election at the upcoming Democrat National Convention has been accused of rape.

His name is Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Lord, writing for The American Spectator, appropriately points out the hypocrisy of the Democrats and Obama here, in the story “Bill Clinton and Legitimate Rape.”

“The Obama White House has decided to legitimize rape,” Lord writes.

Because Clinton — the man nominating Obama for president — has been accused of raping Juanita Broadrick in Arkansas in 1978. Her story is credible, according to members of the left-stream media.

NBC reporter Lisa Myers called the allegation “very credible” that Bill Clinton raped a Clinton campaign worker named Juanita Broaddrick.

Want more irony? Read on.

Congressman Akin, who foolishly fumbled and stumbled around in discussing rape, is running against Democrat foe U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Clinton went to Missouri in 2006 to campaign for McCaskill, and she said on Meet the Press she “wouldn’t want him near my daughter.” See it on video here and here.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Dorothy Rabinowitz gained an interview with Broadrick, who told her story again.

In 1978, 35-year-old Juanita Broaddrick–a Clinton campaign worker–had already owned a nursing home for five years. Since her graduation from nursing school she had worked for several such facilities and decided she wanted to run one of her own. It was that home that Attorney General Clinton visited one day, on a campaign stop during his run for governor. He invited Juanita, then still married to her first husband, to visit campaign headquarters when she was in Little Rock. As it happened, she told him, she was planning to attend a seminar of the American College of Nursing Home Administrators the very next week and would do just that. On her arrival in Little Rock, she called campaign headquarters. Mrs. Broaddrick was surprised to be greeted by an aide who seemed to expect her call, and who directed her to call the attorney general at his apartment. They arranged to meet at the coffee shop of the Camelot Hotel, where the seminar was held–a noisy place, Mr. Clinton pointed out; they could have coffee in her room.

They had not been there more than five minutes, Mrs. Broaddrick says, when he moved close as they stood looking out at the Arkansas River. He pointed out an old jailhouse and told her that when he became governor, he was going to renovate that place. (The building was later torn down, but in the course of their searches, NBC’s investigators found proof that, as Mrs. Broaddrick said, there had been such a jail at the time.) But the conversation did not linger long on the candidate’s plans for social reform. For, Mrs. Broaddrick relates, he then put his arms around her, startling her.

“He told me, ‘We’re both married people,'” she recalls. She recalls, too, that in her effort to make him see she had no interest of this kind in him, she told him yes, they were both married but she was deeply involved with another man–which was true. She was talking about the man she would marry after her divorce, David Broaddrick, now her husband of 18 years.

The argument failed to persuade Mr. Clinton, who, she says, got her onto the bed, held her down forcibly and bit her lips. The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance. When it was over, she says, he looked down at her and said not to worry, he was sterile–he had had mumps when he was a child. “As though that was the thing on my mind–I wasn’t thinking about pregnancy, or about anything,” she says. “I felt paralyzed and was starting to cry.”

As he got to the door, she remembers, he turned. “This is the part that always stays in my mind–the way he put on his sunglasses. Then he looked at me and said, ‘You better put some ice on that.’ And then he left.”

Her friend Norma Rogers, a nurse who had accompanied her on the trip, found her on the bed. She was, Ms. Rogers related in an interview, in a state of shock–lips swollen to double their size, mouth discolored from the biting, her pantyhose torn in the crotch. “She just stayed on the bed and kept repeating, ‘I can’t believe what happened.'” Ms. Rogers applied ice to Juanita’s mouth, and they drove back home, stopping along the way for more ice.

Obama and the Democrats are now going after Republicans big-time over Akin’s remarks:

“The GOP is Dangerously Wrong for Women.”

Pick up Lord’s trail again:

So let’s go from here to that famous feminist text of the 1970’s, Susan Brownmiller’s Against Our Will: Men Women and Rape.

Brownmiller’s book, today advertised by its publisher as the “Bestselling Feminist Classic,” says this on the book flap of its first edition:

“…the threat, use and cultural acceptance of sexual force is a pervasive process of intimidation that affects all women.”


Say again, this liberal bible of feminism talks about the“cultural acceptance of sexual force.”

And what is upcoming in the next few weeks?

That’s right. The two national political conventions — major quadrennial features of American culture.

And which convention is featuring in prime time — for the specific purpose of re-nominating the President of the United States — the man who was specifically accused as follows?

“Mr. Clinton….got her onto the bed, held her down forcibly and bit her lips. The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance.”

Correct. The convention nominating President Obama.

The very same president who said just this week that:

“Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and certainly doesn’t make sense to me.”

Obviously, rape is not rape for Obama if the man in question is– Bill Clinton.

Interestingly, feminist Brownmiller also insisted that rape for women was the same as lynching was for blacks — a subject that should ring a bell in the White House of the first black president. But, alas, no big deal.

More from Lord:

In the aftermath of the episode involving Congressman Akin’s words, is there not more than a tad bit of irony that the man chosen to nominate Obama is a man who didn’t use the words “legitimate rape” — but is himself accused, in considerably excruciating detail — of rape?

Which is to say, having now walked themselves out there on the end of a long and fragile limb on Akin’s idiotic wording –insisting the GOP is “dangerous to women” and that Akin is more evidence of a GOP “war on women” — Democrats and the Obama campaign are blithely giving a pass to an actual accused rapist who is going to be one of the main stars at their convention.

And not only doing it without a peep of concern but thrilled at the very exciting prospect.

Hence the obvious.

Concisely put, Obama, Claire McCaskill and the Democrats are legitimizing rape — right in the glare of the television lights.

And hoping that no one will notice.

Is this not precisely what Brownmiller was calling “cultural acceptance of sexual force”?

And Obama and company are going to run a campaign saying Romney, Ryan and Akin are “dangerous” to women?

Whatever Akin’s flaws in this episode — well discussed and agreed to here — never has he been accused of actually raping a woman. Akins is more than correct to insist that he represents a different worldview than McCaskill and her liberal allies.

And these people think Romney, Ryan and Akin are “dangerous to women”?


What is the difference between Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill? Between Todd Akin and Bill Clinton? Between Todd Akin and Barack Obama?

Akin used the wrong words — and apologized for those words.

Bill Clinton stands “very credibly” accused of rape.

Read Lord’s powerful closing argument:

And liberals from Barack Obama to Claire McCaskill and the President of NARAL and Senator Boxer simply give Bill Clinton a pass. They will take his money (McCaskill) and his honeyed words to a national TV audience (Obama). And never say a word.

In short, they will do in harsh reality what Todd Akin would never dream of doing.

Give a pass to an allegation of “legitimate rape.”

Contrary to what President Obama tried to say, if you are a liberal….

Rape is not rape.

It’s no big deal.

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