RINOs Amongst Us

We thought our work as conservative activists/voters/bloggers/PCs was done. We had driven out almost all of the Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) from the Arizona Legislature and positions of leadership within the party. We patted ourselves on the back and described ourselves as successful RINO hunters.

Gone are Bill Konopnicki, Toni Hellon, Mike Hellon, Slade Mead, Steff Huffman, Steve May, Sue Gerard, Betsey Bayless, Carol Springer, Carolyn Allen and others.

It took years to see all of them off. Some, like Allen, we were unable to dislodge; she left of her own accord due to age and term limits. She identified herself as a Planned Parenthood activist. May claimed to be a “conservative,” but Planned Parenthood endorsed him – never a good sign.

We took great joy to see them – most of them – replaced by Republicans true to the party principles and platform.

And coupled with Jan Brewer’s ascension to the governorship after socialist Governor Janet Napolitano left for Washington, the state moved forward to protect the sanctity of human life and marriage. Conservative leaders cut state spending, overcoming a huge budget deficit created by the socialists (Democrats working together with RINOs like Mead and Konopnicki). Brewer has disappointed with some vetoes of good legislation, but for the most part is performing admirably. And she’s standing tall against the radical president who loves to sue Arizona.

But it’s been less than a week since Tuesday’s GOP primary election, and we find ourselves surveying encroachment by those who refuse to adopt Republican Party principles. We face a legislative session without conservative stalwarts like Ron Gould.

Once again, we need to weed out a rising crop of RINOs. Fortunately, they represent a minority in the Arizona House and Senate, but they can still block good legislation. In fact, Crandall has already threatened to do just that as chairman of the Senate Education Committee. He’s in league with the left-wing establishment controlling public schools. The area constituting Crandall’s district was once ably represented by standout Republicans Chuck Gray and the late Marilyn Jarrett.

We can’t vote the RINOs out of office for another two years. But that gives us 24 months to raise up conservatives to challenge them and defeat them in 2014. Not a week can be wasted.

We’ll need to defeat: Jerry Lewis, Bob Worsley, Michele Reagan (Allen’s successor and well entrenched in her Scottsdale district), Andy Tobin (a big fan of unions), part-time lawmaker Crandall, Doug Coleman and Nancy Barto (good on life and marriage, but a border appeaser).

The best way to succeed in reducing the RINO crop is through the Tea Party chapters.

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