Heavily Damaged Pearce Taken Down by Amnesty Supporters

Political novice Bob Worsley ended the career of a conservative legislative legend in Tuesday’s Republican primary election, and said “It’s time for the vitriol to end.”

But Worsley hasn’t seen vitriol yet. He hasn’t faced any angry Democrats pushing extremist agendas yet.

Worsley upset former Senator Russell Pearce in the GOP race for an Arizona Senate seat in Mesa (Legislative District 25). Pearce has been a state leader in protecting life, marriage, and the family, and he’s led the fight to protect our border from drug smugglers, he’s strongly opposed out-of-control spending, eminent domain abuse by the City of Mesa, and radical left-wing politics. But Pearce’s political career is most likely over.

Worsley is a multi-millionaire who will be elected to the Arizona Senate in November with little opposition. He’s bought into left-wing distortions about Pearce, a true patriot who is as reasoned and thoughtful as one can be. There is not a vindictive bone in Pearce’s body.

Last year, Obama supporters forced a recall vote to get Pearce out of the legislature and out of the way of their open borders/amnesty agenda. Since then, the damage done by two years of extremely bitter and negative advertising against Pearce split the Mormon Church and severely eroded the long-time support Pearce had enjoyed.

Recruited by moderate Republicans and some of the same Obama open-borders people to run against Pearce, Worsley won nearly 56 percent of the vote. When the decision was settled, he told Channel 3 TV “It’s time for the vitriol to end.” He needs to tell that to the Democrats. And he needs to fight the leftists hard, starting in January.

No, Bob Worsley hasn’t seen vitriol. But Russell Pearce has faced it daily for the last two years.


A couple statements in today’s East Valley Tribune report demand a response:

Worsley said even if people don’t like it, they need to acknowledge that Arizona must have a relationship with the federal government to improve immigration policies and enforcement without a state-focused enforcement-only approach.

Worsley touted his work on social issues. He’s campaigned against same-sex marriage, and had supported a group that fought abortion and sex before marriage.

The statement about the federal government and the border invasion displays Worsley’s naivete. The reason legislative conservatives, with the governor’s support, have worked so hard to discourage illegal entry into the country is because the government has refused to enforce immigration laws. Republican and Democrat administrations have openly advocated for amnesty, and the impact on Arizona has been adverse, to say the least.

If Obama is re-elected, and if Worsley expects cooperation between the state and the administration, he is seriously out of touch with the political realities of Washington, D.C, and Arizona.

As a former board member with United Families International, Worsley was soft on marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He questioned UFI’s work to inform citizens on the truth about abortion, cohabitation, abstinence education, sexual orientation, and other critical issues, and instead encouraged publications on thrift.

2012 Arizona Republican Primary Election Results: Key Races

Congressman David Schweikert defeats Congressman Ben Quayle. Schweikert says Quayle was “very gracious” in his concession call, and it was “big boy politics.”

Former Cong. Matt Salmon defeats former Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams in another contentious congressional race.

Former Cong. Jeff Flake smashes Wil Cardon in the GOP Senate primary to replace retiring Jon Kyl.

Kyl and Sen. John McCain lose two of three races congressional endorsements. Kyl had said “It’s time to turn things over to Ben Quayle” and “to Kirk Adams.” Voters had the final say over Kyl’s attempt to call the shots.

* Denotes Candidates Endorsed by The Arizona Conservative

  • Denotes Winners
U.S. Senate–% Reporting Votes Percentage
Will Cardon* 74342  
  • Jeff        Flake
Clair Van Steenwyk 20523  
Bryan Hackbarth 13536  


U.S. House of Representatives–% Reporting Votes Percentage
District 1    
  • Jon        Paton*
Patrick Gatti 1954  
Douglas Wade 4821  
Gaither Martin 6135  
District 2    
  • Martha        McSally*
Mark Koskiniemi 7600  
District 3    
  • Gabriela        Saucedo Mercer*
Jaime Vasquez 4411  
District 4    
Ron Gould* 18539  
  • Paul        Gosar
Rick Murphy 10334  
District 5—75%   Reporting    
  • Matt        Salmon*
Kirk Adams 25554  
District 6—60%   Reporting    
  • David        Schweikert*
Ben Quayle 26932  
District 7    
Write-in 743  
District 8    
  • Trent        Franks*
Tony Passalacqua 8054  
District 9    
Wendy Rogers* 6899  
Travis Grantham 5706  
  • Vernon Parker
Lisa Borowsky 2230  
Martin Sepulveda 6883  
Jeff Thompson 2281  
Leah Schandelbauer 1277  


ARIZONA SENATE (Contested Races)


District 16–%   Reporting Votes Percentage
John Fillmore* 6281  
Rich Crandall 6737  
District  25    
Russell Pearce* 7154  
  • Bob        Worsley
District 5    
Sam Scarmardo* 5671  
Nancy McLain 4405  
  • Kelli        Ward




District 1–%   Reporting Votes Percentage
Lori Klein* 10535  
  • Karen        Fann
  • Andy        Tobin
District 5    
  • Doris        Goodale*
  • Sonny        Borrelli
Wyatt Brooks 3902  
George Schnittgrund 3030  
District 12    
Larry Chesley* 4966  
  • Eddie        Farnsworth*
  • Warren        Peterson
District 13    
  • Steve        Montenegro*
Russ Jones 5264  
Darin Mitchell* 5624  
District 15    
John Allen* 5192  
David Smith* 4682  
James Bearup 2883  
Heather Carter 9048  
District 16    
Judy Novalsky* 3875  
  • Kelly        Townsend*
  • Doug        Coleman
Jeff Davis 4987  
District 20    
  • Carl        Seel*
  • Paul        Boyer*
George Benavides Sr. 2471  
District 22    
  • Phil        Lovas*
Jeanette Dubreil* 6139  
  • David        Livingston
District 23    
  • John        Kavanaugh*
  • Michelle        Ugenti*
Jennifer Petersen 7302  
District 26    
Buckley Merrill* 971  
Raymond Speakman* 233  
  • Mary        Lou Tayor
  • Jason        Youn



  Votes Reporting
  • Bob        Stump*
  • Bob        Burns*
  • Susan        Bitter-Smith


Tea Party Says Palin’s Got it Wrong in Arizona Congressional Race

Looks like Sarah Palin is still “paying her dues” to Team McCain — instead of investigating the candidates:

Fellow patriots,

This is an email I really did not want to send but I feel I have been pushed into it.

Sarah Palin does not speak for the local Tea Parties in her support for Kirk Adams. Sarah has promoted herself as a supporter of the Tea Party movement but in this case has gone against us. She has the right to endorse whoever she wants to but doesn’t it make sense that she would talk to local Tea Party leaders and get their opinion? After all aren’t we the people that have been working so hard at the local level, In my case it will be three years next month, teaching the Constitution and urging the voters to support candidates that have an understanding of the Constitution and the principles of government taught by the Founding Fathers?

When Matt Salmon came and spoke at the East Valley Tea Party he new the answers to every question we asked him about the Constitution. Kirk Adams did not have an answer to any question we asked him.

We asked them both the same questions such as “where in the Constitution does congress get their authority”? Article 1. Can you name three powers given to congress in Article 1 Section 8? Borrow money on the credit of the United States, to coin money, establish post offices, set uniform rules of naturalization, promote the progress of science, and declare war  to name a few.

I ask you shouldn’t  a candidate  read and understand the operations manual to our country, the Constitution, if he wants to represent us in congress?

I freely acknowledge that not all Tea Party members support Matt Salmon and that some of them support Kirk Adams. Having said that I have spoken to all the leaders of the various Tea Party groups in the CD 5 area and they all said that their members support Matt Salmon by a large majority.  For instance we had an unannounced straw poll last week, I did not want any candidate to be able to skew the results, and Matt Salmon had 94% of the vote to Kirk Adams 6%.

Anyways do what you want this information I just wanted it to be clear that Sarah Palin does not speak for the vast majority of active Tea Party members. When I say active I am talking about those that go to the meetings regularly and actively participating in Tea Party events.

I take pride in being fair to all candidates. I have invited them all to speak to us, even those I do not support, and treat them all the same at our meetings. Go back and look at our emails over the last few months and you will not find us promoting any candidate over another but in this case I had to say something.

Greg Western, Chairman of the East Valley Tea Party

Dems Reject Cardinal’s Offer

By John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

The Obama campaign rejected an offer from Cardinal Timothy Dolan to deliver a prayer at the Democratic National Convention in September. As head of the Archdiocese of New York and president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, Dolan is considered the top Catholic official in the U.S.

The offer was refused because “this nation is in a desperate struggle between good and evil,” said Obama campaign spokesman Adam Fetcher. “It is imperative that those who care about the outcome take a credible stand. We can no longer tolerate the type of amoral straddle Dolan is trying to pull off.”

The “straddle” appears to be Dolan’s agreement to deliver a prayer at the Republican National Convention next week. Dolan’s spokesman, Joseph Zwilling, explained that the Cardinal’s offer was “an assurance that his role at the Republican convention is not intended to be partisan.”

Fetcher wasn’t buying Zwilling’s explanation. “An even-handed willingness to pray for this country’s enemies sends voters the wrong message,” Fetcher argued. “We cannot allow Dolan’s fundamentally seditious actions to undermine the essential truth of the Democratic Party’s crusade to save America.”

As an example of the Cardinal’s “seditious actions,” Fetcher cited his prayer that Hurricane Isaac not disrupt the Republican convention. “We need to do everything we can to ensure that evil doesn’t win,” Fetcher insisted. “Bad weather in Tampa would be helpful in that regard. As we can see, though, Dolan’s not on the same page.”

Chicago Planning to Whip Employees into Shape

Employees of the City of Chicago are being given the opportunity to voluntarily sign up for a new “wellness” program. Those who don’t sign up will be assessed a $600/year penalty—a protocol remarkably similar to the “tax” levied by the IRS on those who fail to purchase insurance under Obamacare.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel praised the program saying “it will change lives. Left on their own, too many people degenerate into massive blobs of flab. It is our job to see that this doesn’t happen.”

The program will require employees to go through a physical and mental health assessment, comply with mandatory annual check-ups and immunizations, and participate in a prescribed exercise regimen.

Emanuel characterized the program as “a first step. Ideally, everyone, not just City employees, should participate. This will give us an opportunity to pilot test a new, healthier lifestyle for all.”

The program’s resemblance to military boot camp is not coincidental. “Those opposed to good health are deriding this program as some sort of ‘boot camp,’” Emanuel said. “I say so what? In the Army, out-of-shape weaklings are turned into physically fit fighting machines. Recruits may chafe under the training, but is there any question they’re better off for it?”

Inasmuch as the death toll from shootings in Chicago exceeds that for US troops in AfghanistanmaybeCity residents should be trained for combat.

McCaskill Urges Akin to Stay in Race

Embattled GOP senatorial candidate Todd Akin received some words of encouragement from his opponent, sitting Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo).

“I know a lot of people have been urging him to bow out,” McCaskill observed. “But really, why should he? Look, he’s obviously confused about biology. As the President said, he must have missed science class. But there are worse things to be confused about.”

“A worse thing to be confused about is ethics,” McCaskill went on. “President Obama, for example, opposes giving aid to aborted babies that survive the procedure. I mean, once the child is outside the mother how does it harm her health to save its life? I think the President is on pretty weak ethical ground here. Yet, I don’t hear anyone calling for him to bow out of the presidential race.”

McCaskill suggested that “voters might want to consider splitting their ballots. They could do the ethical thing by voting against the President’s reelection and the smart thing by denying the intellectually challenged Akin’s bid to unseat me.”

DOJ Seeks to Hire More People with Mental Problems

The Department of Justice, responding to an Executive Order issued by President Obama, issued a memo to all sections encouraging them to hire more persons with “targeted disabilities.” Among the disabilities targeted are people with “severe intellectual disability,” “psychiatric disability” and other “current severe physical, intellectual or mental conditions.”

Attorney General Eric Holder defended the Order saying that “the President doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk. From his selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate President Obama has taken a strong stand on behalf of the rights of the mentally disabled. It is his belief that for a democracy to be truly representative it has to draw from every segment of the population. Does this mean that the deranged and the stupid must be given their fair share of the responsibilities of governing the nation? Yes, it does.”

For his part, Biden embraced his role as “poster boy” for the mentally impaired, boasting that “the President be puttin’ us all back in chairs.”

In related news, Vice-President Biden blamed Republicans for mortgage foreclosures. According to Biden, Republicans in Congress are blocking the Administration’s plan to forgive all mortgage debt. “Here we have a cost-free solution to provide free homes to everyone, but can’t get cooperation from the GOP,” Biden complained. “Our message to the middle class is simple, if you’re tired of having to pay your mortgage vote Democrat.” Biden said he was confident that “a reelected President Obama would have the mandate to bypass Congress and enact mortgage forgiveness by Executive Order.”

Jesse Jackson Lambastes Republican Class Warfare

The Reverend Jesse Jackson laid into the GOP for “fomenting class warfare,” insisting that the “Romney/Ryan idea that people should be allowed to keep what they earn is divisive.”

“The way to unite all classes is to put everything into a common pot and dole out shares based on need,” Jackson maintained. “This is the basic Democratic plan. This election, voters are facing the biggest choice of their lifetimes. Do we go backward toward a selfish, every man for himself system as the Republicans want? Or do we move forward toward a new tomorrow of equality and sharing as President Obama wants?”

Jackson argued that “Romney wants to run this country like a business. Feasibility, affordability, and return on investment are his litmus tests. Obama wants to run this country like a family. Love is his litmus test.”

“The question voters should be asking themselves is do they want a ‘boss’ who demands that they go to work, evaluates their performance, and only gives rewards to those who do their jobs?” Jackson asked. “Or do they want a ‘dad’ who lets them have another piece of pie and stay up late to watch their favorite TV show because he loves them? We’ll know in November.”

Book Barometer Misleading Says Obama Campaign

Statistics on book sales at Amazon show that conservative titles are out-selling liberal titles by a 56% to 44% margin. Fearing that this may create the impression that conservative ideas are winning, Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod cautioned that “we not leap to unwarranted conclusions based on these numbers.”

“Reading is an activity favored by intellectually curious and verbally oriented people,” Axelrod argued. “This is neither a majority of the population nor a strong Democratic demographic. It does not represent the sizable contingent of persons who respond emotively to more pictographic stimuli.”

Axelrod pointed out that “since the more viscerally inclined segments of the population that have been the foundation of the Democratic Party’s base do not buy or read books we are not surprised by the Amazon data. We are confident that come election day this vastly larger cohort will overwhelm the much smaller group of GOP eggheads represented by these statistics.”

DHS Stocking up Ammo

This year the Department of Homeland Security has purchased a reported 750 million rounds of hollow-point bullets. To help put this in perspective, US troops fighting in Iraq used about 70 million rounds/year.

In an effort to quell apprehensions as to the intent of her agency, Secretary Janet Napolitano emphasized that “it is important that the government not be out-gunned by its enemies. We must have the firepower to suppress anyone who may rise against us.”

Napolitano also cited the lack of skill of the forces under her command compared to potential enemies. “The extra rounds are needed to offset the larger ratio of misses we anticipate may occur should we have to face opponents trained by the NRA or similarly able terrorist-related organizations.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens Archives

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Political Notes on the Eve of 2012 Arizona Primary Election

One More Reason to Vote for Cardon: Conservative Wil Cardon says, if elected to the United States Senate, he will not accept a paycheck. Until the U.S. budget is balanced, the economy is back on track and the country has control of the border, he vows. Impressive! Don’t imagine any other congressional candidates around the country are saying this.

Fox News reports: The five states that held early Republican presidential primaries in defiance of GOP rules will endure a dose of party punishment at the national convention in Tampa next week. The states are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Carolina. As punishment for bucking party rules, only half their delegations will have voting rights. This means Arizona gets only 29 voting delegates at the convention.

The Chambers’ Hamer: Liberal Republican Glen Hamer is busy endorsing the least conservative Republicans for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Which makes no sense at all for ACC. Conservatives are the business owners’ best friends – seeking business-friendly climates and fewer excessive government restrictions. It appears the endorsements more closely reflect Hamer’s personal politics rather than what’s good for Arizona businesses. Because if Hamer’s mostly liberal endorsements are elected, the environment for Arizona businesses will deteriorate under more and more government interference and higher taxes.

Most Outstanding Negative Campaigner: And the award goes to … Rich Crandall. The auto-dialer call we received from Crandall was delivered in a nasty, threatening here’s-an-offer-you-can’t-refuse tone that left us feeling cold. And in less than a week, we received three Crandall flyers: all going negative. We pray conservative John Fillmore wins this Arizona Senate race in District 16 so we can be rid of Crandall’s negativity. The vote for this award was unanimous. Honorable mentions go to U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain for excessively inserting themselves into a congressional campaign to attack one of the state’s most effective lawmakers – Congressman David Schweikert. The two senators who control the Arizona Republican Party shot first and asked questions later, accusing Schweikert of starting the Quayle-Sea of Galilee controversy. It was quickly disproven by the media, but the dynamic duo had already done great damage to Schweikert. This just proves they don’t know Schweikert; if they did, they would not have questioned his integrity. …It’s amazing how many conservatives in Arizona suddenly “became liberals working hand in hand with Obama” during this primary election cycle of ugly campaigning. Don’t you agree, Jeff Flake and Kirk Adams?

The Three Amigos: If you live in Legislative District 16 and haven’t voted yet, you might be confused about the four GOP candidates for the House of Reps. This will make it easy for you. Judy Novalsky and Kelly Townsend are Tea Party conservatives. Coleman and Davis are running as a team with … Crandall. Here’s to an 0-for-3 primary for this team.

Who’s Warring on Women? Women working in President Obama’s Administration earn less than their male counterparts. Hmmm! And which party sexually objectifies women more? No contest, it’s the Dems. Women are not empowered by abortion, so strongly favored by Democrats. Post-abortive women run a higher risk of cancer and problems when attempting to have children later, in addition to abortion injuries and infections, sexual dysfunction, depression, broken relationships, suicide, and others. Women are frequently degraded by abortionists and some are dying in “Main Street” abortion factories. Democrats favor domestic partner benefits, thereby encouraging cohabitation. Women in the U.S. and Canada who live with boyfriends are nine times more likely to be killed … compared to married women. And with all those frightening risks related to abortion, California’s Senator Barbara Boxer says she is proud her daughter has the right to abort her grand-daughter.

Your Trusted Conservative Source: We’re proud to have had our candidate endorsements picked up by the Arizona Tea Party! God bless Arizona, and God bless America!

2012 Arizona Republican Primary Election Results: Key Races We’ll Be Following on Tuesday Night

* Denotes Candidates Endorsed by The Arizona Conservative

U.S. Senate–% Reporting Votes Percentage
Will Cardon*    
Jeff Flake    
Clair Van Steenwyk    
Bryan Hackbarth    


U.S. House of Representatives–% Reporting Votes Percentage
District 1
Jon Paton*
Patrick Gatti
Douglas Wade
Gaither Martin
District 2
Martha McSally*
Mark Koskiniemi
District 3
Gabriela Saucedo Mercer*
Jaime Vasquez
District 4
Ron Gould*
Paul Gosar
Rick Murphy
District 5
Matt Salmon*
Kirk Adams
District 6
David Schweikert*
Ben Quayle
District 7
No Republican—no   endorsement
District 8
Trent Franks*
Tony Passalacqua
District 9
Wendy Rogers*
Travis Grantham
Vernon   Parker
Lisa Borowsky
Martin Sepulveda
Jeff Thompson

ARIZONA SENATE (Contested Races)

District 16–%   Reporting Votes Percentage
John Fillmore*
Rich Crandall
District  25
Russell Pearce*
Bob Worsley
District 5
Sam Scarmardo*
Nancy McLain
Kelli Ward


District 1–%   Reporting Votes Percentage 
Lori Klein*    
Karen Fann    
Andy Tobin    
District 5    
Doris Goodale*    
Sonny Borrelli    
Wyatt Brooks    
George Schnittgrund    
District 12    
Larry Chesley*    
Eddie Farnsworth*    
Warren Peterson    
District 13    
Steve Montenegro*    
Russ Jones    
Darin Mitchell*    
District 15    
John Allen*    
David Smith*    
James Bearup    
Heather Carter    
District 16    
Judy Novalsky*    
Kelly Townsend*    
Doug Coleman    
Jeff Davis    
District 20    
Carl Seel*    
Paul Boyer*    
George Benavides Sr.    
District 22    
Phil Lovas*    
Jeanette Dubreil*    
David Livingston    
District 23    
John Kavanaugh*    
Michelle Ugenti*    
Jennifer Petersen    
District 26    
Buckley Merrill*    
Raymond Speakman*    
Mary Lou Tayor    
Jason Youn    



 Votes  Percentage
 Bob Stump*    
 Bob Burns*    
 Susan Bitter-Smith    

Dems Pound on Akin, GOP; Give Accused Rapist Clinton Pass

The irony could not be greater. The Democrats are throwing stones at the entire Republican Party for Congressman Todd Akin’s careless off-the-wall remarks about rape.

But when those Dems point a finger at Republicans, they’re pointing three back at themselves.

Why? Because the man who will nominate Barack Obama for re-election at the upcoming Democrat National Convention has been accused of rape.

His name is Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Lord, writing for The American Spectator, appropriately points out the hypocrisy of the Democrats and Obama here, in the story “Bill Clinton and Legitimate Rape.”

“The Obama White House has decided to legitimize rape,” Lord writes.

Because Clinton — the man nominating Obama for president — has been accused of raping Juanita Broadrick in Arkansas in 1978. Her story is credible, according to members of the left-stream media.

NBC reporter Lisa Myers called the allegation “very credible” that Bill Clinton raped a Clinton campaign worker named Juanita Broaddrick.

Want more irony? Read on.

Congressman Akin, who foolishly fumbled and stumbled around in discussing rape, is running against Democrat foe U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Clinton went to Missouri in 2006 to campaign for McCaskill, and she said on Meet the Press she “wouldn’t want him near my daughter.” See it on video here and here.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Dorothy Rabinowitz gained an interview with Broadrick, who told her story again.

In 1978, 35-year-old Juanita Broaddrick–a Clinton campaign worker–had already owned a nursing home for five years. Since her graduation from nursing school she had worked for several such facilities and decided she wanted to run one of her own. It was that home that Attorney General Clinton visited one day, on a campaign stop during his run for governor. He invited Juanita, then still married to her first husband, to visit campaign headquarters when she was in Little Rock. As it happened, she told him, she was planning to attend a seminar of the American College of Nursing Home Administrators the very next week and would do just that. On her arrival in Little Rock, she called campaign headquarters. Mrs. Broaddrick was surprised to be greeted by an aide who seemed to expect her call, and who directed her to call the attorney general at his apartment. They arranged to meet at the coffee shop of the Camelot Hotel, where the seminar was held–a noisy place, Mr. Clinton pointed out; they could have coffee in her room.

They had not been there more than five minutes, Mrs. Broaddrick says, when he moved close as they stood looking out at the Arkansas River. He pointed out an old jailhouse and told her that when he became governor, he was going to renovate that place. (The building was later torn down, but in the course of their searches, NBC’s investigators found proof that, as Mrs. Broaddrick said, there had been such a jail at the time.) But the conversation did not linger long on the candidate’s plans for social reform. For, Mrs. Broaddrick relates, he then put his arms around her, startling her.

“He told me, ‘We’re both married people,'” she recalls. She recalls, too, that in her effort to make him see she had no interest of this kind in him, she told him yes, they were both married but she was deeply involved with another man–which was true. She was talking about the man she would marry after her divorce, David Broaddrick, now her husband of 18 years.

The argument failed to persuade Mr. Clinton, who, she says, got her onto the bed, held her down forcibly and bit her lips. The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance. When it was over, she says, he looked down at her and said not to worry, he was sterile–he had had mumps when he was a child. “As though that was the thing on my mind–I wasn’t thinking about pregnancy, or about anything,” she says. “I felt paralyzed and was starting to cry.”

As he got to the door, she remembers, he turned. “This is the part that always stays in my mind–the way he put on his sunglasses. Then he looked at me and said, ‘You better put some ice on that.’ And then he left.”

Her friend Norma Rogers, a nurse who had accompanied her on the trip, found her on the bed. She was, Ms. Rogers related in an interview, in a state of shock–lips swollen to double their size, mouth discolored from the biting, her pantyhose torn in the crotch. “She just stayed on the bed and kept repeating, ‘I can’t believe what happened.'” Ms. Rogers applied ice to Juanita’s mouth, and they drove back home, stopping along the way for more ice.

Obama and the Democrats are now going after Republicans big-time over Akin’s remarks:

“The GOP is Dangerously Wrong for Women.”

Pick up Lord’s trail again:

So let’s go from here to that famous feminist text of the 1970’s, Susan Brownmiller’s Against Our Will: Men Women and Rape.

Brownmiller’s book, today advertised by its publisher as the “Bestselling Feminist Classic,” says this on the book flap of its first edition:

“…the threat, use and cultural acceptance of sexual force is a pervasive process of intimidation that affects all women.”


Say again, this liberal bible of feminism talks about the“cultural acceptance of sexual force.”

And what is upcoming in the next few weeks?

That’s right. The two national political conventions — major quadrennial features of American culture.

And which convention is featuring in prime time — for the specific purpose of re-nominating the President of the United States — the man who was specifically accused as follows?

“Mr. Clinton….got her onto the bed, held her down forcibly and bit her lips. The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance.”

Correct. The convention nominating President Obama.

The very same president who said just this week that:

“Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and certainly doesn’t make sense to me.”

Obviously, rape is not rape for Obama if the man in question is– Bill Clinton.

Interestingly, feminist Brownmiller also insisted that rape for women was the same as lynching was for blacks — a subject that should ring a bell in the White House of the first black president. But, alas, no big deal.

More from Lord:

In the aftermath of the episode involving Congressman Akin’s words, is there not more than a tad bit of irony that the man chosen to nominate Obama is a man who didn’t use the words “legitimate rape” — but is himself accused, in considerably excruciating detail — of rape?

Which is to say, having now walked themselves out there on the end of a long and fragile limb on Akin’s idiotic wording –insisting the GOP is “dangerous to women” and that Akin is more evidence of a GOP “war on women” — Democrats and the Obama campaign are blithely giving a pass to an actual accused rapist who is going to be one of the main stars at their convention.

And not only doing it without a peep of concern but thrilled at the very exciting prospect.

Hence the obvious.

Concisely put, Obama, Claire McCaskill and the Democrats are legitimizing rape — right in the glare of the television lights.

And hoping that no one will notice.

Is this not precisely what Brownmiller was calling “cultural acceptance of sexual force”?

And Obama and company are going to run a campaign saying Romney, Ryan and Akin are “dangerous” to women?

Whatever Akin’s flaws in this episode — well discussed and agreed to here — never has he been accused of actually raping a woman. Akins is more than correct to insist that he represents a different worldview than McCaskill and her liberal allies.

And these people think Romney, Ryan and Akin are “dangerous to women”?


What is the difference between Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill? Between Todd Akin and Bill Clinton? Between Todd Akin and Barack Obama?

Akin used the wrong words — and apologized for those words.

Bill Clinton stands “very credibly” accused of rape.

Read Lord’s powerful closing argument:

And liberals from Barack Obama to Claire McCaskill and the President of NARAL and Senator Boxer simply give Bill Clinton a pass. They will take his money (McCaskill) and his honeyed words to a national TV audience (Obama). And never say a word.

In short, they will do in harsh reality what Todd Akin would never dream of doing.

Give a pass to an allegation of “legitimate rape.”

Contrary to what President Obama tried to say, if you are a liberal….

Rape is not rape.

It’s no big deal.

Congressman Schweikert Leading Congressman Quayle

By Abby Livingston
Roll Call Staff
Aug. 6 

Rep. David Schweikert is pulling away from Rep. Ben Quayle in Arizona’s 6th district Republican primary, state and national sources have concluded.

With Arizona voters eligible to begin mailing in their primary ballots last Thursday, knowledgeable observers say Schweikert has more local support and a better ground game. A recent Schweikert internal poll bolstered that narrative, as has his campaign’s aggressive strategy and the perception that Quayle was elected to Congress in 2010 on the name identification coattails of his father,
former Vice President Dan Quayle.

“Everything is going according to how we planned to tell our story,” Schweikert told Roll Call.

Schweikert has been a player in Arizona politics for more than 20 years. He has served in government at the county and state levels, over time developing solid recognition among voters and a loyal following among Grand Canyon State political operatives.

According to Schweikert’s internal poll conducted in mid-July, the candidate led his fellow freshman Congressman by 16 points. The survey was conducted by Adam Geller of National Research Inc.

The Quayle campaign has questioned its credibility and attempted to cast doubt on its findings.

“The polls he has been peddling are quite inaccurate, but people believe them when they hear them,” Quayle spokesman Jay Heiler said. “That’s why you are hearing what you are hearing.

“We have polled ahead and the trend lines are good,” he added.

However, the Quayle camp has declined to release its own internal polling or offer other data to counter Schweikert’s claims.

Schweikert’s general consultant, Chris Baker, firmly stands by the poll and its methodology. Additionally, state and national operatives say the Schweikert lead feels right.

One Arizona Republican who appears particularly confident in the predictive quality of Schweikert’s internal polling is Schweikert himself. In an interview, he projected a sunny outlook and cited the survey as a primary source of his optimism about his chances of defeating Quayle in the Aug. 28 primary.

Still, Quayle insists he remains competitive.

“Two-thirds of the district is my current district,” he said. “That gives me a nice little advantage there.”

Possibly helping Quayle’s cause are his proven fundraising skills and high-profile endorsements, including enthusiastic support from Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who carries enormous weight with conservatives in the state.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has also endorsed Quayle, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) confirmed that he intends to endorse Quayle “fairly soon.”

“There may well be others,” Heiler said about future top-tier endorsements for Quayle.

Sources in the Schweikert camp downplayed Quayle’s endorsements and fundraising, contending it is a result of his family connections.

Much like Quayle’s 2010 race, his last name comes up in nearly every conversation about the race.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Quayle acknowledged. “Obviously, the people I’ve met over the course of many years have been able to help and give guidance and give support.”

“But then the other side of it,” he continued, “you have a lot of attention and a lot of arrows getting slung at you, so you have to prove yourself that much more.”

Within the House Republican Conference, Quayle has earned the reputation of a quiet workhorse who keeps his head down. That popularity was reflected when at least six of his fellow Members donated to his campaign in the last report.

But at home, the Schweikert campaign and others in the state have made a concerted effort to portray him as a playboy carpetbagger.

In redistricting, Quayle was just barely drawn out of the 6th district — by about half a block — and has since moved fully into the seat’s boundaries. Early on, Schweikert, too, was carved out but was drawn back in prior to the map’s finalization. There is anger among some Republicans that Quayle did not run in the tossup 9th district, although most unaffiliated political observers concede he got a raw deal in redistricting.

Why is President Obama Willing to Risk Economic Collapse?

How do you explain someone doing everything he can to harm America’s business climate?

Is it due to economic ignorance? Or is it intentional?

You tell us why President Barack Obama has taken such a strong anti-business approach to American enterprise:

  • In January, U.S. businesses will suffer a huge jolt — a 40-percent increase in taxation
  • Obama said: “There will be a time for them to make profits and to give bonuses. Now is not that time.”
  • Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, and other Democrats have been disparaging the coal industry that is so vital to the nation’s economic interests and infrastructure
  • The Obama Administration is telling companies providing crucial jobs for families they don’t have to be involved in business if they want to observe their religious beliefs in the work place
  • The Administration’s HHS mandate will so severely fine businesses refusing to offer insurance for objectionable, life-ending drugs to their employees that they could be substantially crippled or forced to close their doors

Each of these is equally troubling in a time of economic instability, when every industry and every job is so crucial to America’s families. Companies that don’t make profits go out of business.

So why is Obama risking economic disaster with his willingness to close down businesses, put people out of work, and hinder people’s ability to feed and house their families?

Tell us in the survey below what you think:

Pearce & Fillmore: Protectors of You, the Taxpayer

Two Arizona Senate elections command special attention:

Russell Pearce vs. Bob Worsley in Legislative District 25; and

John Fillmore vs. Rich Crandall in Legislative District 16

Pearce and Fillmore are bullwarks in the legislature for commonsense fiscal sanity — at a time when many lawmakers around the state and nation love to spend other people’s money recklessly. Like yours.

Fillmore rated an overall A- grade from the Goldwater Institute, standing third overall among 60 House members. He led all House members in scoring for constitutional governance and ranked second in limiting government in favor of your freedom. He ranksed seventh in tax and budget score.

Crandall got a C+ from Goldwater in overall legislation and in regulation — meaning he favors expanding cost, scope and size of government. The larger the government is, the smaller your freedom is. Crandall was the lowest ranking Republican — standing down at the bottom with the Democrats — overall score and in tax and budget score. He is not a friend of taxpayers like you.

Crandall was scored generously considering he only served his constituents part-time; he took a part-time job and missed two-thirds of the bills put before the Senate for votes. That’s a whopping 254 votes for which his former constituents had no representation. That’s outrageous, and his jilted constituents should have staged a recall effort to withdraw him.

Pearce has been a rock on social and fiscal issues for several years. He is consistently rated a “Friend of the Taxpayer” — because he’s looking out for your interests and spending your money wisely. And no one has done more to protect Arizona and U.S. citizens from drug smugglers crossing the border illegally. It is neither liberal nor Christian to oppose intentional law-breaking that poses great harm to Americans.

Worsley is a good, generous and wealthy businessman. However, he is wrongly criticizing Pearce for protecting our borders. Worsley hasn’t been at the legislature year after year looking out for your interests. To oppose Pearce is to oppose commonsense lawmaking.

Please vote Fillmore and Pearce into the legislature. They are endorsed by the state’s leading conservatives. Worsley and Crandall are not. If you don’t live in either of these districts, please tell family and friends who do to vote for the two conservatives in these respective races.

See the Goldwater report

Obama Campaign Offers Deal on Romney Tax Returns

By John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent a letter to the Romney campaign offering to stop demanding more disclosures if the Romney campaign would consent to providing five years worth of Romney’s tax returns. The Romney campaign has rejected the offered deal.

Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades explained that “given President Obama’s lengthy list of broken promises we have no confidence that any offer coming from his campaign can be trusted. To take just one example, in 2008 he promised voters he would halve the deficit. Instead he’s boosted it by nearly 50 percent. We’re afraid he can’t be counted on to keep his word.”

Messina characterized Rhoades response as “the kind of self-serving position we’ve come to expect from the Republicans. They feel that they have plenty to talk about in this election with the economy in the doldrums, unemployment remaining stubbornly high, and so-called runaway government spending. They refuse to consider that we might want to talk about other issues. All we’re trying to do here is level the playing field.”

“If Romney thinks this is the end of it he’s sadly mistaken,” Messina added. “We can still make allegations. How will he disprove them if he won’t release his tax filings? He might also want to keep in mind the fact that the President can look at any taxpayers’ files he wants. If he feels that voters need to see Romney’s records he can issue an Executive Order mandating their release. Romney’s people shouldn’t forget whose hand holds the whip. They can comply as requested or suffer the consequences.”

President’s Refusal to Help Brother with Medical Bill “a Matter of Principle”

President Barack Obama’s youngest Kenyan half-brother George had to beg for help from conservative author Dinesh D’Souza because his famous brother refused him aid. Moved by the man’s plight, D’Souza paid $1,000 to cover the medical bills for the man’s son.

The President’s seeming callousness toward his own relative was defended by Press Secretary Jay Carney as “a matter of principle. Anyone who knows the President knows him as a man of infinite sympathy for the downtrodden of the world. Yes, he could easily have afforded the $1,000. But paying out of his own pocket would’ve undermined his belief that the health of every individual is really the government’s responsibility.”

“Under a properly working health care system the needs of impoverished people like the President’s half-brother would be provided for by the government,” Carney maintained. “Were the President to undertake individual action to provide for his own relatives he could be accused of favoritism. So, much as it saddens him to see anyone suffer he feels it is a necessary sacrifice that helps build the case for universal health care.”

Dems Say Budget Deficit Not Appropriate Debate Topic

Representatives Mike Honda (D-Calif), Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) issued a statement demanding that the issue of the federal deficit be excluded from any upcoming presidential debates, saying it would give the Republicans an unfair advantage.

“The President has been forced to take actions that those outside of government, like Mitt Romney, have been able to avoid,” Nadler pointed out. “For him to be called upon to defend those actions at this time would present a fundamentally unbalanced tenor to those debates, especially when Mr. Romney has continued to refuse to disclose all of his personal tax records.”

Nadler went on to assail the broader notion that “fiscal responsibility and economic success ought to be used as some sort of measure of whether the President’s policies are appropriate. Not everyone is fiscally responsible or economically successful. If I had to guess, I’d say that a majority of Americans are not. Shouldn’t a democratically elected government carry out policies that are more suitable for this majority?”

Democrat Says Vets’ Criticism of President “Close to Treason”

Long time Democratic partisan Bob Beckel said recent criticisms of security leaks in the Obama Administration by retired veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces “is close to treason.”

“First, this is disloyalty of the most egregious sort,” Beckel argued. “The President is this nation’s Commander-in-Chief. As former military men these people ought not be casting aspersions on him. It’s insubordination.”

“Second, their characterization of the information revealed as ‘leaks’ is out of line,” Beckel said. “Come on, he’s the C-in-C. He can reveal anything he wants if he thinks it is in the country’s best interest. Surely, the President is in a much better position to make that judgment than the bunch of ‘has-beens’ that are criticizing him.”

“Finally, even if we accept their premise that the intelligence information was disclosed for the purpose of aiding the President’s reelection, it does not follow that it was improper,” Beckel concluded. “The contention that ensuring the reelection of the President isn’t a matter of national security is an assertion without foundation. I think we can trust that the President’s access to classified information may make him privy to knowledge that supports his actions. Otherwise, I’m sure he wouldn’t have authorized the release of that information.”

Jersey Legislators Take Stand Against Voter ID

New Jersey State Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex) called on Governor Chris Christie to break ranks with fellow Republicans who are drafting a voter ID law for that state. McKeon says he wants Christie to use his allotted speaking time at the upcoming GOP Convention to denounce voter ID laws.

“These voter ID laws are clearly aimed at disenfranchising the illiterate, lazy, and undocumented persons who comprise a significant portion of the Democratic Party’s constituency,” McKeon complained. “These people already have a hard enough life without having to endure the additional effort required to get a photo ID. The state ought not to be burdening them with tasks they can’t handle.”

McKeon called the proposed voter ID law “a solution in search of a problem. Thus far only a handful of so-called fraudulent voters have been caught. The implication that this is just the tip of an ice berg with the vast majority lying unseen below the surface is unproven. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that research showing that the vast majority of non-voters are Democrats raises the question as to whether these so-called fraudulent votes are in any meaningful sense wrong. Someone needs to speak for the interests of these people. Is casting votes on their behalf really so bad?”

State Senator Calls for Tougher Gun Penalty

New York State Senator Malcolm Smith (D-St. Albans) says the state’s current penalty of two years in prison for possession of a firearm is insufficient deterrent. He wants to quadruple the sentence to eight years.

“The fact that people in this state continue to own unnecessary weapons despite the risk of going to jail for a couple of years if caught shows that the penalty is not severe enough to modify people’s behavior,” Smith observed. “We need a punishment harsh enough that by the time you get out of jail, your kids will have graduated from high school, maybe gone on to college.”

Smith’s proposal was inspired by a surge in gun violence in Brooklyn that has been dubbed the “Summer of the Gun.” The shootings occurred despite New York having one of the country’s strictest gun-control regimes. Research indicating that jurisdictions where it is easier for citizens to obtain and carry firearms have lower rates of gun violence was dismissed by Smith as “statistical anomalies.”

“Logic tells us that firearm deaths will be minimized if gun ownership is restricted to only those whose profession requires their use,” Smith insisted. “If the civilian population is totally disarmed the only people who will get shot will be those the police need to shoot when other means for subduing them have failed.”

President Victim of “Niggerization” Says MSNBC Host

Co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, Touré, accused GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney of subjecting President Obama to a process he labeled “niggerization.”

“There is no question that Romney is showing disrespect for President Obama,” Touré said. “I mean, he’s flat out telling voters that they should remove the President from office. This is virtual insurrection against the nation’s sovereign ruler.”

“Then there is the litany of insults,” Touré continued. “Romney is saying that the President’s policies have failed, that he’s wrecking the economy and bankrupting the country. This is in direct contradiction to the President’s affirmation that his plan has worked. More disrespect.”

Touré contended that “Romney would not have done this against a white president. What we’re seeing here is the ‘niggerization’ of President Obama—that appeals to racism are what the GOP thinks will win the election.”

The MSNBC pundit contrasted what he called the GOP’s racism with Vice-President Joe Biden’s “right on the money ‘put y’all back in chains’” comment. “Does anybody doubt the essential truth of Biden’s remarks,” Touré asked. “Isn’t it clear that if Romney wins able-bodied welfare recipients will be pushed into low paying jobs? They may not literally be in shackles, but they’ll still lose the freedom they would’ve had under Obama.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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