Worsley Calls Arizona a Police State

The 2013 Arizona Legislative session is still months off, but a Republican candidate for the Senate is seriously mischaracterizing the party’s approach to the border invasion.

Bob Worsley won the Republican primary race for Senate in District 25 two weeks ago. He hasn’t been elected yet, but he’s already the darling of the left-stream media for bucking the Republican Party.

That isn’t stopping him from advocating for a soft policy on drug smugglers and others who enter the country illegally. Read how Worsley characterizes his focus, in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

“This is a significant shift away from what looks like a hard-hearted, harsh-enforcement police state versus being sensitive to a multicultural population that we have with some compassion and keeping families together,” Worsley said.

Worsley is seriously mistaken. There has never been a “hard-hearted, harsh enforcement police state” approach to the serious problem. To claim such a radical stance ever existed is to exaggerate in the wildest terms.

And Worsley is out of touch with mainstream opinion in Arizona and the United States. Arizonans and Americans support Senate Bill 1070, which is a mirror image of federal law.

We warn the Republican Party not to accept Worsley’s capitulation to people who commit felonies to sneak into the United States. A better message, Bob, would be to encourage all considering illegal entry in the U.S. to fill out an immigration application, then wait in line for their turn to come here legally.

And, Mr. Worsley, if you want to see a real police state, look to China and North Korea.

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