Romney has Lead in Arizona

Mike Sunnucks, of the Phoenix Business Journal, reports a new poll from Rasmussen Reports and KPHO-TV Channel 5 gives Republican Mitt Romney a 52-44 percent lead over President Barack Obama in that race, and Jeff Flake a 50-44 percent lead over Richard Carmona in their U.S. Senate battle.

Other surveys have shown a tight race between Flake, a Republican congressman from Mesa, and Carmona, a Democrat and former U.S. surgeon general. Democrats are running plenty of Senate ads in the Flake-Carmona race. Obama is not contesting Arizona, traditionally a red state, as he and Romney are neck-and-neck for the White House.

The Rasmussen-KPHO poll surveyed 500 likely voters Oct. 21.

Several days a Rocky Mountain poll showed Obama leading Romney in Arizona, 44-42. But Rocky Mountain’s reliability is obviously questionable.

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