Benghazi Scandal: Body language of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reveals great divide

By Nathan Bickell | Moral Matters

September 25, 2012

Obama and Sec. of State Clinton speak on the same stage acknowledging the dead remains of Benghazi’s Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others who perished at the hands of Muslim terrorists

Revealed in the video are the on-stage body language of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and White House occupier, Barack Obama,  illustrating the Obama Administration’s foreign policy debacle and attempted cover-up aftermath of the Benghazi Ambassador Chris Steven’s murder. Hillary appears on the edge, with what has taken place, and the ongoing day by day political spin by corrupted Obama and his kowtowing media buddies.

Start at 1:55 minute mark of the video as Dr. Manning analyzes the snub of Secretary of State, Clinton, avoiding Obama, as they are there to acknowledge and pay their respects for the 4 terrorist slain Americans.

The media may attempt to positively spin this whole Obama foreign policy disaster; but body language reveals otherwise. It is this author’s opinion that this body language reveals the great divide inside the Democrat Obama Administration. They both know that they’ve botched America’s foreign policy. Now, they are attempting their [failed] best to unsuccessfully smooth things over.

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