Hard-Liners? We’ll Show You Hard-Liners

So I’m driving to work on Wednesday and happened across KOY Radio 1230 news. The news director explains that State Senator Andy Biggs defeated State Senator Steve Pierce in the Republican caucus vote for state senate president. The news director referred to Biggs as “more of a hard-liner.”

Interpreted: conservative.

To help KOY’s news director understand what a “hard-liner” is, I am making a list below. The real “hard-liners” in the Arizona Legislature are members who demand a bigger state government, a smaller citizen with less freedom, higher taxes, more government control over your life, and they refuse to protect pre-born children. They insist on the politics of identity and seek to use your money to elevate the agendas of radical special interest groups over your best interests. They believe you exist to feed the government’s voracious appetite and that they can intrude into your life to assure that. They are socialists who take a hard line against achievement, personal risk, and success. Here’s that list of hard-liners.

Linda Lopez

Andrea Dalessandro

Rosanna Gabaldon

Olivia Bedford

Sally Ann Gonzales

Macario Saldate

Lynn Pancrazi

Lisa Otondo

Juan Escamilla

Jack Jackson

Albert Hale

Jamescita Peshlakai

Barbara McGuire

Steve Farley

Victoria Steele

David Bradley

Bruce Wheeler

Stefanie Mach

Anna Tovar

Mark Cardenas

Lupe Contreras

Katie Hobbs

Lela Alston

Chad Campbell

Ed Ableser

Juan Mendez

Andrew Sherwood

Leah Landrum

Ruben Gallego

Catherine Miranda

Eric Meyer

Steve Gallardo

Lydia Hernandez

Martin Quezada

Robert Meza

Jonathan Larkin

Debbie McCune-Davis


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