Cultural Red Alert!

Encouraged by the defeat of marriage in four liberal states this month, a politicial action committee has formed in Arizona to repeal Arizona’s constitutional marriage amendment. Arizona law and the state Constitution define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. National polling and voters in 33 states have defined marriage that way.

But now a radical leftist, Tanner Pritts, has formed the PAC “Arizona Advocates for Marriage Equality” to redefine marriage. He is already raising money for a 2014 ballot initiative to redefine marriage here.

We must fight this. Where same-sex “marriage” is legal, very few homosexuals have actually gotten married. Many of those people are already divorced. The real agenda is to destroy the traditional concept of family and radically overturn the social order.

Children raised in homosexual homes fare much worse than in homes with their biological parents. And with divorce and fatherlessness already damaging the social development of children, the last thing we need is same-sex “marriage.”

Combined with “hate” crime laws and attacks on free speech and religious liberty, same-sex “marriage” will result in the criminalization of people who believe homosexuality is sinful. Religious freedom and the demands of the Left for “sexual liberty” cannot co-exist; religious freedom will be destroyed. The result will be tyranny. In fact, radical homosexual activists are already engaging in fascim — death threats, vandalism, and extreme political and social pressure to silence and demonize their opponents.

Stay tuned here because we will have much more to say about this in the future. We cannot let these radicals undermine the Arizona family and damage society with this extremist effort.

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