Center for Arizona Policy Calls McCain’s Statement Offensive, Betrayal

By Cathi Herrod, President, Center for Arizona Policy

I believe there are two fundamental truths that form the foundation and the inspiration for the ever-growing prolife movement’s stance on abortion:

  • Abortion ends the life of a preborn child.
  • Abortion threatens the life and well-being of women and can cause a lifetime of immense physical and psychological pain.

These facts explain why so many Americans are dedicated to seeing an end to the dangerous procedure and why the idea of calling a “truce” on the life issue is impossible, irresponsible, and just plain wrong.

So when a national figure, who represents Arizona, suggests that we should “leave the issue alone,” it tells me one thing: John McCain still doesn’t get it. Sadly, I, like many Arizonans, were not surprised by our Senator’s comments.

In a recent interview with Fox News Sunday, Senator McCain said

“As far as young women are concerned, absolutely, I don’t think anybody like me – I can state my position on abortion but, other than that, leave the issue alone, when we are in the kind of economic situation and, frankly, national-security situation that we’re in.”

For the millions of Americans and Arizonans who have supported John McCain for public office because he has claimed to be prolife, this statement is offensive and a betrayal.

We’ve heard this kind of prognostication from Washington insiders in the past who believe that the life issue is a liability in elections or want to avoid it because it’s not popular with some in the media.

But even this ignores reality. America is becoming a prolife nation. The polls continue to trend in our direction, and the wind is at our back – according to the latest Gallup Poll 50% of Americans now call themselves pro-life, while 41% say they are prochoice.

President Ronald Reagan would talk about the three-legged stool of conservatism – strong national security, fiscal responsibility, and a commitment to the social issues. The future of our nation depends on all three – we cannot forsake one for another.

This is the model we must follow going forward and a message Senator McCain needs to hear.

Please join me in contacting Senator McCain to express your disappointment in his statement on national television. Ask him to make it clear that we cannot leave the abortion issue alone as long as thousands of preborn children lose their lives daily and women are being scarred by the abortion industry.

Contact his office at 202.224.2235 or 602.952.2410.

With the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade only weeks away on January 22, I am daily reminded of the nearly 55 million preborn children who have lost their lives and countless women who have been harmed by abortion. This great tragedy of our lifetime will only continue if we are too afraid to stand for what is right and true.


4 thoughts on “Center for Arizona Policy Calls McCain’s Statement Offensive, Betrayal

  1. Virginia Slim

    Are not the lives stolen by war, equally sacred? Are not the lives stolen by innocent poor people being executed by a corrupt judicial system, equally sacred? Are not the lives stolen by a health system of, by, and for the wealthy, equally sacred? Self-proclaimed “Christians” claim that the only issue that matters is abortion. The young mother who was allowed to die in Ireland was an example of what happens when the pseudo-religious write government laws. Where are the self-proclaimed “Christians” when Priests, ministers, reverends, Boy Scout leaders, and others in positions of authority and religious leadership sexually abuse, rape, and torture young boys? Why is the so-called “pro-life” movement only, strictly limited to anti-abortion? Criminalizing abortion was a promise made when the Taliban took power, it was also a promise made when the church wrote the law in the Republic of Ireland. Fox News tells us what happened to a young mother in Ireland thanks to the religious fervor of those who value the fetus and view the mother as a discardable vessel.

    Savita Halappanavar died Oct. 28 in a hospital in Galway, western Ireland, one week after being admitted for severe pain amid a miscarriage. Read more:

  2. arizona today

    Dear Virginia Slim,

    Your assumptions …

    Lives stolen by war

    Lives stolen by innocent poor people being executed

    Self-proclaimed “Christians” abuse, rape and torture young boys

    And the purpose of the pro-life movement

    … are incorrect.

    First, we have a volunteer military. No one is drafted or forced into serving. Volunteers know the risks, and they know that freedom has never been free, freedom requires risk.

    Second, you cannot assume that all people convicted of murder by a jury of their peers are “innocent.”

    Third, homosexuals in the church and the Boy Scouts are guilty of raping and molesting children. The Boy Scouts of America has compiled a report of thousands of homosexuals abusing young boys, thus justifying the reason for disallowing homosexuals to serve as Scout leaders. Seminaries and churches are filled with homosexuals looking for opportunities to exploit boys.

    The pro-life movement began in response to the dishonest attempts of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize abortion on demand. That is the fight we’re in. If our culture develops a respect for human life, a reverence for life will follow. The movement has made tremendous progress; the U.S. is now a majority pro-life nation. No one in the pro-life movement regards life as “discardable.” You should know that when people die, when live-in girlfriends are killed by boyfriends, when people die in war zones, when women die in abortion factories … the Body of Christ weeps. Christ weeps. When children impacted by violent video games kill their classmates and teachers, we are weeping.

    As far as the Irish woman who died is concerned: many women are dying in “legal,” “front alley” abortion factories. Many are being maimed by butchers and by the notorious drug RU-486 which was fast-tracked through federal approval processes by President Bill Clinton. The current president believes it is okay to kill children who survived abortion attempts; that is a horrible message for children. Abortion is legal in America, but it is not moral. And women are dying and suffering major injuries from abortion — including heightened risk of cancer.

    According to the story you cited, a lack of clarity on Irish law is mentioned in connection with this woman’s death. It had nothing to do with Christians or religious fervor. It appears that in your hostility toward Christianity you piled on to make them the scapegoats in your mind.

    Our message is this: all life is a gift from God, it is sacred, it should not be taken.

  3. arizona today

    From Katherine Connell, writing on National Review Online:

    So, what does Savita Halappanavar’s tragic death mean for the United States? Not very much. Ireland has an 1861 criminal law prohibiting abortion, a right to life enshrined in a constitutional amendment, some additional amendments to that amendment, and a handful of court cases interpreting all these. This is very different from the legal landscape in the U.S.: We have Roe v. Wade. If it were overturned and the right to legislate on abortion returned to the legislatures (and state courts), it is unlikely that Congress or most states would pass laws prohibiting abortion in all circumstances save a threat to the life of the mother. Those legislatures that did would have an opportunity to craft laws that could be clearly implemented.

    Savita’s death may have been medical malpractice, and the doctors treating her may have acted contrary to Irish law. That isn’t clear yet. What does seem clear is that her sad case provides little evidence that the United States’ adopting protections for unborn life would result in similar tragedies.

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