Obviously Some Don’t Share Sen. Kyl’s Gushing Career Review

A few years ago, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl stopped sending his weekly columns to The Arizona Conservative because we applauded the criticisms of his RINO boss man, U.S. Senator John McCain. We also criticized Sen. Kyl for not being an assertive leader in the Senate. So he chose to “grace” left-wing publications like The Arizona Republic with his weekly wit and wisdom while dissing his conservative base. He also supported pro-abortion RINO candidates like Michele Reagan for state legislative positions over true conservatives. And most notably Sen. Kyl was on the wrong side of the border invasion issue — and he opposed those in his own party who fought against the ongoing violation of our immigration laws and the continuous smuggling of drugs poisoning our culture and our citizens. Sen. Kyl obviously enjoyed playing second fiddle to Sen. McCain. And now Sen. Kyl once again “graces” us with a hubris-laden farewell as he nears retirement. His pious op-ed appears here on The American Spectator. And he takes a thorough basting from those posting responses, including this one:

Senator, as one of your constituents for these last several years, I would like to inform you that you were never mistaken for William Wilberforce. Or William Wallace. Never did you lead the charge for anything of importance. You do have good values, but you never went to the mat defending them. You played it safe. We wanted a strong leader. You have also conspired with Mr. McCain to blunt the conservative movement in your home state, supported some anti-life state candidates, and were never on the right side of the border invasion issue. Your hand-picked successor, Mr. Flake, is even weaker than you were and will be another no show on the Senate floor mat.

Count me, sir, as one constituent who’s dripping no tears over your farewell message above. Have a nice retirement! Keep playing it safe!

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