Arizona’s Growing Marijuana Problem Worsens Since Legalization

Doubts and fears of the opponents of so-called “medical marijuana” have just been confirmed. A new study finds that not only are 29 percent of Arizona preps smoking marijuana, but many of them are getting it from what is supposed to be a source only for “medical marijuana.” Far left “reporter” Howard Fischer reports on this crisis here.

A biennial study by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission is reporting 29 percent of students in grades 10 through 12 admitted to having smoked marijuana — more than 14 percent in the last 30 days. They got their marijuana from friends and family members.

But here’s a real stunner: 11.6 percent got the marijuana from one of the more than 33,000 individuals who — thanks to the voters legalizing so-called “medical marijuana” — are legally growing or purchasing marijuana for their own medical conditions.

Thus the warnings of people who said “medical marijuana” would be abused are fully confirmed.

Deputy Pima County Attorney Rick Unklesbay told Fischer: “I don’t think people should be surprised by the fact that easier access to marijuana by medical card holders will lead to easier abuse by minors.” No kidding!

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Mongtomery, an ardent opponent of “medical marijuana,” also said we told you so:

“When you wind up with a purported medical marijuana system that in reality is a recreational use system, I would say that this is a foreseeable consequence.”

Montgomery expects Arizona to realize an increase in unauthorized teen use reported by other states who’ve fallen for the medical marijuana scam (our word, not his).

Cory Nelson, a deputy assistant director of the Arizona Department of Health Services which administers the medical marijuana program, now has egg on his face. He said, “If people are giving away their marijuana, they certainly are committing a crime … in providing that substance to somebody that’s not authorized to have it.”

Voters, look what you have wrought. You’re contributing to the delinquency of minors. The best thing you can do is repeal this sham.

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