Arizona’s Republicans Vote No on Controversial Bill

All five Arizona Republicans in Congress voted against the controversial bill which passed last night. Fox News described the bill this way:

Congress gave its final approval Tuesday to a bill halting massive tax hikes  and delaying a risky round of spending cuts, sending the package to the  president’s desk and likely averting for now an economy-stalling fiscal crisis.  President Obama said he would sign it.

The 257-167vote in the House came after a day of high drama on  Capitol Hill, during which conservative House lawmakers voiced serious concern  about the Senate bill’s lack of spending cuts. Rank-and-file Republicans  initially predicted they would tinker with the package, raising the possibility  the Senate would abandon it and nothing would get done before the new  congressional class is seated Thursday.

Congressman David Schweikert issued this statement:

“Sadly, a new year brings more of the same.

“Only in Washington would a bill that spends more, taxes more, and creates more debt, without addressing our out-of-control spending be called a ‘balanced approach.’

“Further, this is not a compromise and it certainly does nothing to address our entitlement crisis or the $16 trillion in debt that continues to grow every day.

“Any fix to our economic woes will be nothing more than window dressing until we address our spending problem.

“However bleak this fiscal cliff ‘solution’ may look, I am only more determined to continue to do what Arizonans sent me to Washington to do—fight to reduce the size and cost of government.

“Our fight is just beginning.”

But don’t expect U.S. Senator John McCain to join that fight. He voted for this huge tax hike, helping it pass 89-8 in the Senate. So did Senator Jon Kyl in one of the final key votes before his retirement.

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