Arizona Senate a Good Part-Time Job, if You can get it, Rich Crandall

Arguments can be made that the best days are when Congress or the Arizona Legislature are not in session. We have no shortage of laws in this state and this nation.

But there are other circumstances that show a lawmaker’s commitment to his constitutents, his focus on the job he was elected to serve, and  his willingness to fully apply himself to the needs of the state. Some people just can’t be bothered to show up on a regular basis and fulfill their elective duties.

I’m talking about Rich Crandall, member of the Arizona Senate, at least on a part-time basis.

Crandall has no shortage of interests and activities dividing his time. Too bad one of them is serving only as a part-time Arizona senator. So far this legislative session, Crandall has introduced three bills. None of them really bear any significance on you the taxpayer.

None of the 30 members of the Senate has introduced fewer bills. And perhaps none is more distracted by all his extracurricular activities.

Crandall actually lives in Utah and is unofficially serving as that state’s “ambassador” to the Arizona Senate.

Last legislative session, Sen. Crandall voted on a mere one-third of the bills put before the Arizona Senate.

He couldn’t be bothered to show up to the Senate regularly because he had another job.

Crandall defeated conservative John Fillmore in a close primary election last summer. The difference may well have been Crandall’s endless mud-slinging, his steady stream of negative attacks on Fillmore.

That the voters of this east Mesa legislative district would reward a part-time lawmaker with another term defies reason. But his supporters deserve the limited input he is giving them. Those who didn’t support him deserve better.

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