Sun City West Republican Club: Sen. Flake Pushing Amnesty again

Ray Spitzer, president of the Sun City West Republican Club, criticized U.S. Senator Jeff Flake’s “immigration plan” as more amnesty:

“This is just a redux of the 2007/2008 amnesty plan.  The American people stopped it then, and we’ll stop it th is time.

“Until a REAL fence is constructed across our Southern border, which was approved and funded some years ago, don’t try and tell me that the federal government will get to it, soon. Until that fence, along with ground sensors, and drone patrols is completed, there is no reason to adopt any other legislation concerning illegal aliens.
“If the federal and state governments would quit attracting illegals with welfare, food stamps, free housing, free medical care, free education, they wouldn’t come here illegally.
“There are two reasons that the illegal alien invasion has slowed – 1) Napolitano plays with the numbers to make it look that way, and 2) our economy sucks so there aren’t as many jobs for them.You should watch a few episodes of Drugs, Inc, Border Wars, and the rest, and you’ll see that the invasion continues.
“You better listen, Jeff, or you’ll be a one-term Senator.  Quit listening to McCain; he doesn’t have a clue.  He’s an elitist who thinks he’s smart, but seldom has a clue.”

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