Fellow Tea Party Patriots, We Must Strategically Change this Culture

Our local Tea Party requested people come to the next meeting with a 2-3 minute article on an issue you are concerned about and backed up with a principle from Article II of the Constitution. I submitted this, FYI, as the Tea Party would do much more to move the ball forward by addressing the cultural problems we face as a nation. Tea Party people know the Constitution. Let’s combat the Left and re-take this culture:

Dear Fellow Patriots,

As you well know, the dominant culture in America today is not actually “progressive” or moving the nation forward. Our culture is in decline.  The culture is the big picture, and that should be the emphasis of our focus as concerned citizens.

Our culture defines us, and the radical Left has long been re-shaping the culture. They’ve succeeded to a large degree, enabling them to change everything else that flows from culture, including government, politics, education, the mass media culture, public policy, and the actions of citizens.

We must recognize all the tools the Left is using to undermine and alter our culture:

1) They have hi-jacked the language in the interests of political correctness and manipulation.  Criticism is now “hatred.” Homosexuality is now “gay.” The First Amendment has been re-written to “separation of church and state” and “freedom of worship.” Media in the tank for the Democrats are “mainstream media.” We must never use their words or unknowingly help them manipulate people. We must counter their Orwellian efforts with the truth: free exercise of religion, left-stream media, demands for special rights, free speech, homosexual.

2) Personnel is policy. The Left has infiltrated every non-elective area imaginable, from schools to media to foundations, from CEO to receptionist. We must get the right people on school boards, city councils, county boards, and state and federal elected positions. We must put the right people on student newspapers, in law schools, in education colleges and help these people assume positions of leadership in their careers.

3) The Left is capturing our children at early ages, baptizing them in the green religion and political correctness, and turning them against their parents. We must stop the bleeding and teach our children the truth about the failures of socialism and the culture of death, and how these things lead to the loss of life and freedom. We must teach our children the hallmarks of a great and prosperous nation that reveres life and liberty. We must prepare them to defend what they believe in, whether in a street corner conversation, a classroom or a television interview.

4) The Left is strategic. They focus on only a few short, pithy messages, and pound on them until they become ingrained – even with people ostensibly on our own side. War on Women. Hope and Change. Forward. We must be very strategic and clever – and truthful — with our messaging. Everything must be done with the purpose of moving the ball forward. While we are thinking about the kind of America we want our children and grandchildren to inherit, the Left is working to determine that for us. Equality Arizona is meeting with city councils and human rights boards all across the state demanding special rights that will destroy your free speech and religious freedom. What are we doing to counter them? We should be monitoring the Left in our state and taking effective measures to counter them.

Essentially, we must put effective public affairs and communication efforts in place, effective and articulate speakers speaking the same messages. We must enter — and win — the war of ideas in strategic ways. We must counter the Left and exceed their intensity and effectiveness. We must expose those hollow ideas emanating from the Left as failed, failing, and doomed. We must attack the left-stream media in our state and beyond. Their ideas are not moving us forward, but backward. We must advocate for the ideas and policies that do move America forward, while exposing theirs as failed.

To change the culture, we must be strategic, unified, and intelligent in our actions — on the community, county and state levels.

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