State Republican Leader: Throttle Back Rhetoric on Guns

By Bruce Ash

I never owned a gun as a kid but I frequently went shooting with my father, grandfather and sisters. My sisters and I all learned how to shoot in the same NRA safety course. It was great fun. I still enjoy shooting just as much today with my two sons. So do millions of Americans.

Today we live in an over reactive society … Yes, we’ve had some horrible tragedies but the tendency today is to over react to anything related to guns. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard about the lad whose crime was brandishing a toy Lego gun on the bus or the young school yard hero playing Army– throwing a pretend grenade to save his fellow soldiers. Kid stuff. Not violence.
The mood here in Tucson is just as goofy — gun buy backs & restrictive gun ordinances . Even a friend who has been playing tennis at a local high school for years turned away because the school is on “lock down” after Sandy Hook?
American men and women, it’s time we throttle back the rhetoric and politically correct talk. Let kids be kids. Approach American violence with reason–not over reaction. Before we cross over the line removing basic liberties Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries let’s take a real deep breath.
Bruce Ash has been the Republican National Committeeman for Arizona since 2007 and currently serves on the RNC Standing Committee Resolutions and chairs the Standing Committee on Rules.

Administration Asserts Right to Assassinate Enemies

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Folder2 104A 16-page internal Department of Justice memo leaked to the media asserts that any person, American citizen or not, can be legally assassinated if “a high ranking White House official deems it warranted.”

While this asserted authority would appear to contradict the Constitution’s prohibition of capital punishment except where the accused has had the benefit of a fair trial, Attorney General Eric Holder maintains that “the president and those he appoints to serve under him have the residual authority to override this protection if national security requires it. Action taking at the behest of an informed high-level official is to be preferred, as I see it, to a ritualistic reliance on devotion to out-dated legal traditions.”

Press Secretary Jay Carney pronounced that “Attorney General Holder’s reassurance on this matter should convince Americans that these targeted killings are legal, ethical and wise. The voters have freely elected Barack Obama to be their President. Now is the time for them to reap the benefits of his judgment.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed some reservations. “There’s no question that if George Bush had tried this we’d be unloading on him with everything we had,” observed spokesman Bertram Petty. “With President Obama, though, we have to weigh matters more carefully. On principle, allowing the government to murder opponents is generally something we’d oppose. However, we don’t want to take such a strict position that we help narrow President Obama’s latitude to do what he thinks is right and necessary.”

Media pundits are similarly conflicted. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski admitted that “if George Bush had done this it would have been stopped. We knew he couldn’t be trusted. But with President Obama—do we really want to tar him with the same brush? Might making too much of the issue do more harm than good?”

Illinois Governor Proposes New Assault Weapons Rules

Governor Pat Quinn (D) used his annual “State of the State” address to call for new rules on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. As outlined, under his proposal only those seeking permission for same-sex “marriages” would be authorized to own these types of firearm devices.

As Quinn explained it, “those seeking same-sex ‘marriage’ are among the most endangered members of our society. Their ability to propagate their own kind is hampered by unfair biological impediments. On top of this there is a well of anti-homosexual animosity among their fellow citizens that threatens their very survival. Since this gay minority is vastly outnumbered by a hateful straight majority their need for powerful weapons of self-defense should be self-evident.”

Iran Rejects Idea of Direct Talks with U.S.

Though Vice-President Joe Biden has been hinting that President Obama is willing to hold direct one-on-one talks with Iran to try to resolve differences between the two countries, Iran is having none of it.

“The Americans talk as if their agreement to bilateral talks is a great gift to us,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared. “Do they think we cannot tell the difference between a donkey and an ass?”

The problem as  Khamenei sees it is that “the President of the United States is a lying liar who lies. We are not such fools as to perceive such talks as anything other than another opportunity for him to deceive us.”

Biden called Khamenei’s remarks “an encouraging sign. It’s the same kind of stuff we say about Republicans all the time. It shows that we may not be as far apart in our way of thinking as most people assume.”

In related news, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad volunteered to be the first Iranian sent into space. The offer followed the regime’s claim to have successfully launched and retrieved a monkey last week. “In my mind, I’m already there,” Ahmadinejad asserted. “My term as president ends in June, so I’ll be looking for other ways to serve my country.” Ahmadinejad expressed confidence that he would “do at least as good a job of piloting the space ship as the monkey they just sent.”

Obama’s Passiveness over Benghazi Defended

Recent testimony at the Senate Armed Services Committee by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey disclosed that President Obama showed little interest in the September 11, 2012 attack on the US Consulate.

“Some 90 minutes into the seven-hour siege I briefed the president with what I felt we knew at the time,” Panetta said. “He didn’t react. He asked no questions. He gave no instructions.”

How this sworn testimony should be interpreted in light of Obama’s unsworn assertion that he gave clear directives to “secure our personnel” posed a challenge for Press Secretary Jay Carney.

“The president is legendary for his coolness under pressure,” Carney bragged. “It is easy to see how Secretary Panetta might construe this as not reacting to the shocking news. The president’s incomparable brilliance obviously enabled him to grasp everything without having to ask any questions.”

“As for the Secretary’s impression that the president gave no instructions, let me point out that it is the Secretary’s job to anticipate what the president wants without having to be explicitly told,” Carney added. “This gives the president the flexibility to embrace or disavow whatever action may be taken or not taken as seems most advantageous as the situation develops. Seeing that the President won reelection two months later, it should be apparent that those who are now second guessing his artful handling of the crisis are off base.”

Chicago Revises  911 Procedures

Citing limited resources and a surging murder rate, the City of Chicago announced new rules for how 911 calls are to be handled. From this point on, simple property crimes will no longer qualify for immediate, or possibly any, attention.

Chicago Deputy Chief-of-Patrol Steve Georgas explained that “last year over 500 people were murdered in our city. Obviously, with this serious mayhem underway we don’t have time for the small stuff. If somebody shoots somebody else we’ve got to have the resources available to respond. This has to take priority over mere theft.”

The change was directed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “When you get right down to it, what is a burglary but an ad hoc redistribution of property,” the Mayor contended. “Whether these types of redistributions should be routinely condemned as we have been doing is a complex issue. In any case, I don’t think we can justify the expense of sending a 911 response team. Adjudicating these disputes at a less hectic pace seems appropriate.”

Cases rejected for 911 response teams will be diverted to the Department’s Alternate Response Section. Victims will be offered the opportunity to relay information by phone so a case file can be created. Victims who recover any of their stolen property are asked to notify the Alternate Response Section so these files may be closed out.

Economist Admits Deficits Pose Long-Term Problem, Suggests Remedies

While Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has been arguing that now is not the time for us to be worrying about the federal government’s debt, he does admit that a long term solution is necessary.

“In the short run we can always inflate the currency as a means of defaulting on federal obligations,” Krugman said. “But in the long term there are significant demographic problems that require a real solution.”

One of the significant demographic problems cited by Krugman was the aging population. “As people get older they tend to need more medical services,” Krugman recounted. “With our advanced technology these services can be expensive. The question is whether we, as a society, want to invest in life-saving interventions for those too old to be productive contributors to the nation’s wealth. Some means of easing them out of the equation is needed. Inexpensive palliative care or assisted suicide for those in this classification may be our best option.”

Another significant demographic problem is the insufficient number of wealthy who can be taxed. “The big money in our society is held by the huge cohort of the middle class,” Krugman pointed out. “I know that it is politically popular to talk about taxing the rich, but there just isn’t enough money there. We’ll have to hit the middle class with a hefty tax hike to get at the bulk of the wealth held by private parties in this country. Most of these people have far more possessions than they need. Siphoning off a chuck of their money via a national sales tax or value-added tax is probably the easiest way to accomplish this.”

Over 8 Million Leave Labor Force under Obama

In what the Obama Administration is characterizing as a “great surge in human freedom,” it was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there are 8.5 million fewer people in the labor force than when Obama took office in January of 2009.

“The Great Emancipator himself only freed 4 million slaves,” said Press Secretary Jay Carney. “Without the bloodshed of a civil war, President Obama has enabled more than twice as many to escape from the drudgery of having to work for a living.”

Carney boasted that “those in the GOP who try to cast this achievement as a negative development are misconstruing how the average American sees what this president has done for them.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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On the Front Burner Today: Boy Scouts Re-Consider Dangerous Policy Change

Well the Boy Scouts of America have heard you. They are backtracking on their plan to allow children to be exposed to the risk of homosexual Scout masters. The homosexual agenda has been trying for years to capture BSA, and nearly succeeded last month when the board governing the Scouts announced it would remove its ban on homosexual leaders. After an enormous backlash from scouting families and the general public, the Scouts now say:

“After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy.”

Furthermore, the board is forming a task force to examine the issue.

It’s good that the BSA is stopping its immediate plans to put Scouts at risk of more of what happened in the past when thousands were molested by male leaders. It’s regrettable that the BSA is stubbornly digging in its heels and not closing the door completely to a very bad and dangerous idea to expose yet more children to the horrors of sexual abuse.

Some of the BSA board members may be hoping the clamor against this will die down in the next four months. Arizonans and others must keep up the pressure. Stay on the attack. Keep telling them “no!” This is not over, and they can’t change our minds just by stalling the decision until May.

*           *           *

Remember the homosexual activist who shot a guard at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. last summer? World Net Daily reports …

Evidence obtained from the computer of the man who pleaded guilty today to the armed attack on the Family Research Council headquarters shows he identified his target through the website of the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center, according to the District of Columbia prosecutor on the case.

FRC President Tony Perkins said today the evidence and admissions in a District   of Columbia court justify his charge last summer that SPLC “gave license” to Floyd Lee Corkins II to attack the Christian organization’s headquarters Aug. 15.

Corkins, 28, has confessed he was motivated by FRC’s stance against homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” He pleaded guilty today to three charges stemming from the shooting in the nation’s capital, including committing an act of terrorism.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center can no longer say that it is not a source for those bent on committing acts of violence,” Perkins said.

*           *           *

Robert Graham, newly elected chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, is forming a committee of to plan for Arizona’s next redistricting process in 2020. “Arizona’s political landscape today reflects a flawed process where election districts were drawn up based on a one-sided political agenda and too much secrecy, and I’m taking action now to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” said Graham. “We are looking for an honest and open process that doesn’t favor one group of voters over another — one that is truly bipartisan and treats voters equally while putting an end to the discrimination against Republicans.” Good luck, Robert. The Department of Justice has saddled the re-districting process with ridiculous requirements like “communities of interest” and racial profiling.

*           *           *

Phoenix Channel 5 News reports: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s exercise Saturday at a closed school site in suburban Fountain Hills will simulate scenarios for posse members who volunteered for patrols that the sheriff launched last month just outside schools to guard against shootings. Action-film star and posse member Steven Seagal will serve as an instructor at the event. The sheriff hopes to have as many as 400 posse members and another 100 volunteers known as reserve deputies participate in the patrols.

*           *           *

We’ve been saying for years that Fox News isn’t as conservative as radical left-wingers think they are. Megyn Kelly and Shepherd Smith are all for the destruction of the family and for same-sex “marriage.” Geraldo lives on Fox. Bill O’Reilly is all over the map on issues. Kirsten Powers? Lefty.

And now here’s more proof. Dick Morris and Sarah Palin are out as Fox News analysts. Karl Rove is being retained after years of embarrassing election miscalculations.

And coming on board? Former Ohio congressman, Dennis Kucinich … a communist. Surely he’ll get Fox News’ Kremlin beat.

Arizona’s Leading Socialist Failing to Keep ‘Money out of Politics’

In his “2012 Year in Review Report,” Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva claims he is leading the fight “to get money out of politics.” But that didn’t stop Arizona’s ranking Socialist leader from raising $908,544 for his 2012 re-election campaign. And true to his Socialist Democrat pedigree, the congressman spent more than he took in — $930,950. Why not let other people bear the cost of that? It’s the true Democrat way.

Records show that Grijalva kept “money out of politics” by accepting donations from 21 labor unions last year.

He also accepted $29,000 from lobbyists – the people Democrats claim to detest.

More than a third of his donations came from political action committees — $325,478.

Grijalva co-chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest Socialist club in Congress. Apparently money in Socialist politics is acceptable.

Fellow Tea Party Patriots, We Must Strategically Change this Culture

Our local Tea Party requested people come to the next meeting with a 2-3 minute article on an issue you are concerned about and backed up with a principle from Article II of the Constitution. I submitted this, FYI, as the Tea Party would do much more to move the ball forward by addressing the cultural problems we face as a nation. Tea Party people know the Constitution. Let’s combat the Left and re-take this culture:

Dear Fellow Patriots,

As you well know, the dominant culture in America today is not actually “progressive” or moving the nation forward. Our culture is in decline.  The culture is the big picture, and that should be the emphasis of our focus as concerned citizens.

Our culture defines us, and the radical Left has long been re-shaping the culture. They’ve succeeded to a large degree, enabling them to change everything else that flows from culture, including government, politics, education, the mass media culture, public policy, and the actions of citizens.

We must recognize all the tools the Left is using to undermine and alter our culture:

1) They have hi-jacked the language in the interests of political correctness and manipulation.  Criticism is now “hatred.” Homosexuality is now “gay.” The First Amendment has been re-written to “separation of church and state” and “freedom of worship.” Media in the tank for the Democrats are “mainstream media.” We must never use their words or unknowingly help them manipulate people. We must counter their Orwellian efforts with the truth: free exercise of religion, left-stream media, demands for special rights, free speech, homosexual.

2) Personnel is policy. The Left has infiltrated every non-elective area imaginable, from schools to media to foundations, from CEO to receptionist. We must get the right people on school boards, city councils, county boards, and state and federal elected positions. We must put the right people on student newspapers, in law schools, in education colleges and help these people assume positions of leadership in their careers.

3) The Left is capturing our children at early ages, baptizing them in the green religion and political correctness, and turning them against their parents. We must stop the bleeding and teach our children the truth about the failures of socialism and the culture of death, and how these things lead to the loss of life and freedom. We must teach our children the hallmarks of a great and prosperous nation that reveres life and liberty. We must prepare them to defend what they believe in, whether in a street corner conversation, a classroom or a television interview.

4) The Left is strategic. They focus on only a few short, pithy messages, and pound on them until they become ingrained – even with people ostensibly on our own side. War on Women. Hope and Change. Forward. We must be very strategic and clever – and truthful — with our messaging. Everything must be done with the purpose of moving the ball forward. While we are thinking about the kind of America we want our children and grandchildren to inherit, the Left is working to determine that for us. Equality Arizona is meeting with city councils and human rights boards all across the state demanding special rights that will destroy your free speech and religious freedom. What are we doing to counter them? We should be monitoring the Left in our state and taking effective measures to counter them.

Essentially, we must put effective public affairs and communication efforts in place, effective and articulate speakers speaking the same messages. We must enter — and win — the war of ideas in strategic ways. We must counter the Left and exceed their intensity and effectiveness. We must expose those hollow ideas emanating from the Left as failed, failing, and doomed. We must attack the left-stream media in our state and beyond. Their ideas are not moving us forward, but backward. We must advocate for the ideas and policies that do move America forward, while exposing theirs as failed.

To change the culture, we must be strategic, unified, and intelligent in our actions — on the community, county and state levels.

Democrats Debate Nuances of Gun Control

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Folder2 104Vice-President Joe Biden, the man tapped by President Obama to lead his Administration’s efforts to push gun control legislation, acknowledged that “Nothing we are going to do is fundamentally going to alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down.”

Biden insisted that critics’ contention gun control laws are, therefore, useless or counterproductive “represents a short-sighted view. While the projected impact on criminals is likely to be minor, the number of firearm fatalities at the hands of the law-abiding will go down. To the extent that the laws deter or delay access to weapons by those willing to conform to the rules, fewer people will be shot by these persons.”

“Look, everybody with any sense knows that your hardcore criminal isn’t going to be swayed by any rules we can enact,” Biden added. “Case in point, Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. In fact, many of the measures we’re looking at for a nationwide program are modeled on what Chicago has already done. Yet Chicago has one of the worse murder rates in the country precisely because criminals there don’t obey the City’s laws. But just because we can’t keep guns out of the hands of these outlaws doesn’t mean we have to give up on the idea of disarming as many others as we can.”

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) took issue with Biden’s perspective saying that “the Vice-President’s distinction between criminals and the so-called law-abiding is flawed. If we do it right, mere possession of a gun will be a criminal offense. So by definition the number of criminals we will be able to crackdown on will be expanded. If police are the only ones allowed to legally have weapons the whole job of enforcing gun control would be simplified—anyone else brandishing a gun would automatically be classified as an armed and dangerous felon and could be legitimately shot on sight.”

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Calif) asserted that “while Senator Durbin is, I think, on the right track. I believe that there may be a need for persons other than the police to be authorized to carry weapons. Those of us in government who may be targeted by extremists should be permitted to defend ourselves. Tragic as it may be for a private citizen to be victimized by a gun-toting assailant, it cannot compare with the threat to our whole social and political system that an assault on a member of our government poses. There is a paramount need for us to prevent such a possibility in any way that we can.”

In related news, the Department of Homeland Security’s stockpile of bullets reached the two billion round mark this past week. Quizzed as to why her Department would need six times as many rounds as the entire population, Secretary Napolitano pointed out that “while it would take only a single bullet to the head to dispatch a person, we cannot rely upon those who pose a threat to the government to be so accommodating as to just line up to be shot. We need the firepower to overcome any resistance or, better still, to project an image so daunting that none would dare rise up against us.”

Outgoing Energy Secretary Defends Administration’s “Green Investments”

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced his resignation from the Obama Administration this week. Chu had clashed frequently with critics of Obama’s so-called green investment approach. He took the occasion of his pending departure to fire off a final volley at these critics.

“Much as these people would like to portray the bankruptcies of a large number of recipients of government aid as a failure of the Administration’s green investment policy, they are wrong,” Chu maintained. “Take the Solyndra Company as a example. The contention is that the $500 million we invested in this now bankrupt company was a waste takes a too narrow view of the program.”

“First of all, the $500 million we put into Solyndra is $500 million that was not available for a more environmentally damaging form of energy production,” Chu argued. “Money that might have been used to expand output of oil or coal was diverted away from these polluting technologies.”

“Second, the fact that Solyndra failed is another overlooked plus for the environment,” Chu continued. “As long as the company remained open it meant employees commuting to work and spewing emissions into the air. It meant lighting, heating, and cooling the facilities in which these employees worked. Since green energy sources couldn’t have met these needs, an idled plant helps reduce the consumption polluting energy sources.”

Chu suggested that “we ought to emulate China. They are making more headway on green energy than we can here. They don’t have naysayers nitpicking every idea insisting that it must meet some kind of ‘reasonable return on investment concept.’ The Government sees what it wants done as just orders everyone to fall in line.”

Ironically, half of the world’s annual coal consumption occurs in China. China’s urban areas also have dangerous levels of air pollution with coal soot particles more than 20 times higher than is considered safe.

IRS Estimates Cheapest Insurance Available under Obamacare

This week the IRS issued its estimate for the projected annual cost of a “bronze” package of benefits when the system is fully implemented in 2016. The bronze package is the lowest level of benefits that will be allowed by law. It is expected to cost $20,000 per year.

With the median family income around $50,000 per year, this health insurance bill may be out of reach for many. Not to worry says IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller, “families that can’t afford to pay the $20,000 premium will have the option of going without insurance and paying an annual fine of $2400 instead.”

Miller denied that the high cost of insurance would pose a health threat. “In most cases, people don’t really need professional health services,” Miller asserted. “We’ve seen a few studies that show fatality rates actually decline when doctors and nurses have gone on strike. So, contrary to the alarmists who’ve been forecasting doom under the Affordable Health Insurance law, it looks like the potential for deterring overuse of professional medical services may be an under-appreciated benefit of the new system.”

“And let’s not forget the added revenue stream for the government that will come from the collection of the non-participation fines,” Miller said. “If only half the households falling below the median income opt to pay the fine we’ll net another $60 billion per year for the federal treasury.”

NJ Senator Mounts His Own Defense

Under a new wave of criticism related to his overseas sexcapades, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) rose to his own defense insisting that “everything I”m alleged to have done has been within my rights under the law.”

The claim that he has illegally and immorally consorted with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic is “without merit,” Menendez said. “There is a saying—when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, in the Dominican Republic, prostitution is not illegal. I was within my rights to engage in a transaction that is perfectly legal under that country’s law. That I should be hounded here in America shows disrespect for both me and the sovereign nation of the Dominican Republic.”

“Likewise, the implication that the young age of the ladies involved somehow constitutes a sort of ‘statutory rape’ offense is absurd,” the Senator complained. “Girls in other countries don’t lead the kind of sheltered lives they do in America. They mature a lot faster. They have to if they are to make a living. That I may have employed a few of them helped contribute to their efforts to support themselves. I deserve credit, not censure.”

Menendez also asserted that as a member of Congress he has immunity from charges of this sort. “Even if New Jersey law were applicable, which it is not, prostitution is only a misdemeanor,” he pointed out. “Under the Constitution, members of Congress are ‘privileged from arrest’ except for ‘treason, felony and breach of the peace.’ My breach of a piece in a foreign country clearly fits within this privilege.”

A poll of New Jersey voters indicates that the Senator is in no trouble as far as the majority of them are concerned. “What he does in the privacy of some whorehouse is none of my business,” said one respondent. “His job is to bring federal money back to New Jersey. As long as he does that he’s got my vote.”

White House Blames GOP for Shrinking Economy

“The decline in the country’s fourth quarter GDP isn’t President Obama’s fault,” says Press Secretary Jay Carney. “If you want to blame someone, blame the Republicans.”

It is Carney’s contention that “opposition to the President’s agenda is what is causing uncertainty in the markets. As anyone in business can tell you, uncertainty discourages investment and hiring.”

“What the country needs is unity,” Carney advised. “The sooner everyone gets in step and marches to the same beat the sooner we will be able to pull the nation out of the recession we inherited from George Bush.”

“The Republicans in Congress need to stop trying to impede the President’s program,” Carney demanded. “He won the election. He has a mandate. The argument that we can’t afford his program is bogus. As Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has reminded us, the Government can print as much money as necessary. It should be clear that the GOP’s resistance is spiteful obstruction, at best. At this point, one must really question their loyalty to the country and the will of the people.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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