Obama, Democrats would have Left Watertown Residents Unarmed, at Killer’s Mercy

Okay, so put yourself in the place of those Watertown, Mass., residents in the search area for Tsarnaev.

You’ve been told to stay indoors for your own safety. Don’t go to work. Don’t go shopping. It’s not safe out there.

The police, FBI and SWAT teams are canvassing your entire neighborhood.

You’re tense. Everyone’s tense. You just wish this would be over, justice would be served, they’d catch this cold-blooded, murdering creep.

For your own protection … you make sure you have your gun at the ready.

Oh … but wait.

President Obama and the Democrats don’t want you to be able to protect yourself.

Too bad for you. If Tsarnaev breaks into your home … you’re a sitting duck. Your gun has been confiscated. All you’ve got left is hope that the police can find your home in time to protect you. By the time they get to your house, you and your loved ones could be dead.

This is exactly the life-threatening bind Obama and the Democrats want to put you in.

They want to put good, honest, law-abiding citizens like you at risk. At the mercy of home invaders, criminals … who would face no resistance from you. They’d have the confidence to do anything they want against an unarmed populace.

Think about it. This is what they want.

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