Maricopa County Residents Scammed by Supervisors

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”   Benjamin Franklin     

The American Post-Gazette reports …

When are the adults going to take over?  Even the judges are figuring out the Supervisors’ little scam, and are refusing to allow more million dollar settlements to Conley Wolfswinkel and Mary Rose Wilcox. After it was clear that the judge was not going to approve convicted felon and Don Stapley business partner Conley Wolfswinkel’s lawsuit against the county over “stress” from Arpaio and Thomas prosecuting him, Wolfswinkel went to the county supervisors and demanded a payout. They awarded him $1.4 million this morning, the largest settlement yet. Next up for a generous settlement offer of YOUR money will be disgraced former Don Stapley, who was so corrupt he didn’t dare run for reelection last year.

Here are other settlements that have already been awarded, a waste of OUR taxpayer money, courtesy of the supervisors, who are always eager to give their pals and themselves handouts in the name of making Arpaio look bad –

* Supervisor Andrew Kunasek; $123,000.

* Retired Judge Barbara Rodriguez Mundell; $500,000

* Susan Schuerman, executive assistant for former Supervisor Don Stapley; $500,000

* Retired Judge Anna Baca; $100,000

* Retired Judge Kenneth Fields; $100,000

* Steve Wetzel, Maricopa Chief Information Officer; $75,000

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