A Misplaced Celebration

Two marginal professional athletes – both without a team to call home — dominated the nation’s news cycle today – and for radically different reasons. Both were first-round draft picks in their respective leagues.

Athlete A

A young pro struggling to get his career going was released today. He’d been given one chance to shine in his brief pro career, and he enjoyed spectacular success. But after being traded to another team, he mostly rode the bench last fall, before his release today.

He spent much of his early life sacrificially working with his family to help better the lives of poverty-stricken people in Africa. In a time devoid of heroes, he’s a role model for young men. And he’s destined to become a great husband, father, and mentor. He’s already in demand as a religious and motivational speaker in the Christian community. Yet he’s been scorned and attacked by fascists and the Left-stream media for his faith. The sheep in the Left-stream media’s echo chamber repeatedly say he’s the most polarizing athlete in America.

He lives a clean and healthy lifestyle, but people complain he’s “too Christian.” Recently he’s been working out at a feverish pace in MaricopaCounty to fine-tune his game. He is hoping to sign on with another team and prove he belongs in the National Football League. His coaches marvel at his integrity, his work ethic and how much he has improved his skills and fundamentals in the past three months.

No one of note praised him today.

Athlete B

This aging journeyman center has bounced around the NBA for a dozen years. He has had low visibility from his seat on the bench of six pro teams, and he has not been recognized for anything of note in his communities. Averaging just 3.6 points per game in his career, he has not registered on anyone’s radar. Until today — for something that has nothing to do with his profession.

He has a personality disorder of a type that is often caused by neglect or, at worst, traumatic experiences including abuse. But current and former presidents and the commissioners of the National Basketball Association and the National Football League are tripping over each other to congratulate him. Along with former coaches. They’re hoping many more of their athletes will go through whatever it is he’s been through – and often times it isn’t something you’d wish on anyone – so they can gush how wonderful it is.

“We are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern. A former president, the scandal-ridden Bill Clinton, said the “announcement today is an important moment for professional sports.” One of this journeyman center’s former coaches, who just traded him away, said he is “extremely happy and proud” of this player, whose career is nearing its end. “I am extremely happy and proud” of him, said Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner. ESPN is ready to declare him athlete of the century. The Democrats are probably booking him as keynote speaker for their 2016 national convention. Stanford University would gladly name this alum president. And with his newfound fame, he could easily win an election in practically any left-wing state. Neil Armstrong didn’t get this many accolades for walking on the moon.

You probably know Athlete A is Tim Tebow, released today by the New York Jets of the NFL, and Athlete B is Jason Collins, released by the Washington Wizards at the end of the season, and who announced he is homosexual. Collins could not be more highly exalted if he’d just won the Super Bowl and permanently established world peace. He wrote a lengthy story in Sports Illustrated to announce he prefers having sex with men, which biologically speaking, can’t be very much fun.

But the left-wingers are exhilarated. Some to push the radical homosexual agenda. Others just going with the flow to say the right things and sound enlightened, rather than to stand apart and look at what’s really going on.

Until years ago, the American Psychiatric Association’s official position on homosexual behavior was that it’s a personality disorder. But homosexual fascists caused such a ruckus that they intimidated the APA into discontinuing that. Their decision had nothing to do with science and everything to do with activist threats, pressure and political correctness.

The truth is that homosexuality is most often caused by negative events in a person’s life, including sexual abuse and parental disconnection. Collins said his family life is good, intact. But maybe some day after this clamor dies down, a TV or print reporter will interview him and the truth will come out. This man deserves sympathy for what he’s experienced. But the accolades may only serve to the detriment of younger boys who might think the abuse they’ve suffered is normal and acceptable. Many are being deluded, and what is being celebrated today is not compassion.

Three-fourths of homosexual men studied by the CDC did not even know they have HIV. Male homosexuals live 20-30 years less than heterosexual men, because of AIDs, cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, and more. These men suffer high rates of anal cancer. In one study, 41 percent of homosexual males reported having been forcibly raped as children. Do you still consider yourself compassionate, Coach Doc Rivers, Bill Clinton, Roger Goodell, David Stern, Barack Obama, and all you who glorify damaging and destructive life events? Your praises for Collins may have a devastating impact on countless young people listening to you and who look up to pro athletes. You would have multitudes risk severe health hazards in exchange for political correctness. We have an epidemic in this country and around the world … and you on the Left are celebrating its cause.

The political correctness will have a devastating fall-out, as Rush Limbaugh and a caller noted today:

CALLER: My question, let’s say player A comes out and says he’s gay, and he’s a quarterback, running back, something like that. Player B on the opposing team sacks him a few times over a season or in a game, is that gonna be considered a hate tackle? And will Obama come out and say, “My son’s not gonna play because there’s too much hate in football”?

RUSH: I have to tell you something. I haven’t even pondered this. You have a gay quarterback or a gay running back, and there’s a vicious penalty that requires the referees to throw a flag, will the people on TV in the sports media say, “I wonder if they hit the guy hard because he’s gay, I wonder if there’s payback? I wonder if that was a hate hit?” Given, Dan, that we’re talking about liberals in the media, that wouldn’t surprise me. I hadn’t even considered that. I can totally see that happening. I can see the allegation that a particularly egregious hit could be alleged to be a hate hit. And then, ladies and gentlemen, might we start hearing whispers, whispers, whispers of perhaps a bounty on gay players on certain teams? That kind of thing could be reported even if it wasn’t happening. If some reporter thinks it might happen, all he’s gotta do is raise the possibility. Are there bounties in the NFL against the gay players? I hadn’t even thought of that.

The Left certainly has its priorities out of whack. No wonder our country is so confused and in such moral chaos. What’s up is down; what’s down is up. God forgive us.

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