Be Careful what You Wish for, Homosexual Activists

That crowing you hear is from the homosexual pressure groups, jubilant from their semi-capture of the Boy Scouts of America. BSA announced today that boys struggling from same-sex attraction can join scouting troops, but self-identifying homosexual adults cannot lead Boy Scout troops.

The homosexual activists have been out to conquer the Boy Scouts for decades. They’re halfway there now. But God has a way of taking of what some intend for evil and turning it around for good.

Here’s what I mean. In whose company would boys with sexual confusion most benefit?

From the Gay-Straight Alliance in their public schools? It’s a politically pressure group working from within to whip public schools into compliance with homosexual activist demands.

Or in the presence of Christian scout leaders teaching moral codes?

Same-sex attraction is extremely rare in the U.S. Only about 2 percent of the population struggles with same-sex attraction. Most Boy Scout troops probably won’t have anyone with same-sex attraction involved. There are thousands of small towns in America where boys are well-bonded with their own gender and don’t have these unfortunate struggles. So for many troops, this will be a non-issue.

Perhaps in girly-man towns like San Francisco, some troops will be entirely made up of boys with same-sex attraction. But that will be the exception to the norm.

Men and boys with healthy male identities can provide healthy role modeling for boys who are confused. And in today’s climate of moral relativism, a weekly dose of Judeo-Christian morality will be extremely valuable to boys who are struggling. And in fact, therapists who work with males going through these struggles encourage them to engage in activities with males in order to develop healthy male bonding.

Now this isn’t to say that there won’t be some problems, and that condemnation of the BSA’s foolish decision today isn’t justified. The Left is falling back on its tired and worn-out clichés again today.

Chris Wallace, of Fox News, was on the Mike Gallagher Show today, making trite, senseless, typical leftist points (remember, he is the son of Mike Wallace):

  • “Times have changed.” So what. Morality has not changed, Chris.
  • “Laws used to prevent inter-racial marriage.” That was about race, not gender, Chris. This argument has never worked for the Left.
  • “They aren’t going to jump ‘em in the tent!”

Oh, no, Chris? There are going to be 17-year-old boys with same-sex attraction taking advantage of younger boys on camping trips. And that’s where the threat lies. These boys should not be allowed to have a free run at younger, vulnerable boys. The supervision now must be on red alert. Remember, many homosexuals were tragically molested/raped as youngsters, and they learned unhealthy sexuality as a result. What better opportunity for an older homosexual boy to take advantage of younger boys on a night in the woods? It’s the same tempation faced by many pedophiles working at Disney Land, and by many priests with access to young boys.

But the new rules being what they are … all you boys with unwanted same-sex attraction desiring a scouting life … be sure to bring your Bible to next week’s meeting. You’ll learn a lot about how to be morally straight and about God’s plan for male-female marriage. Take notes; it will do you good. And be sure to drop your membership in the GSA at your local school; it does NOT have your best interests in mind. God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Be Careful what You Wish for, Homosexual Activists

  1. arizona today

    The First Word in BSA Now Stands for Betrayal
    Rick Scarborough and Robert Knight
    American Thinker|May 24, 2013

    Yesterday was a dark day for America. Delegates to a national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) meeting in Texas apparently voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to validate homosexuality among boys. We are outraged.

    This is a betrayal of the highest magnitude. It’s a betrayal of the boys in the Scouts’ care. It’s a betrayal of trusting parents. It’s a betrayal of a 103-year-old institution that has molded millions of boys into men. It’s a betrayal of truth and honor.

    Finally, it’s a betrayal of God, in whose name the organization furthered the priceless worth of being morally straight.

    The immoral campaign within the BSA to sell out America’s youths on the altar of political correctness appears to have been motivated by greed for corporate dollars and fear of being “on the wrong side” of an increasingly coarse culture that not only rejects biblical truth but openly attacks it.

    The fallout of this evil act will be devastating, especially in areas where fathers are rare and boys desperately need male role models, such as in the inner cities. Apparently, these boys are expendable.

    The decision also furthers the false notion that people are “born gay” and have no hope of overcoming that particular temptation. The idea of “gay kids” is a tragic myth embraced by those who willfully ignore the profound moral, social and spiritual consequences of homosexuality. Also ignored are the many people who once believed they were born that way but like other sinners were healed by faith and went on to lead fuller lives.

    Absent in the debate are the well-documented health risks associated with homosexual behavior, especially among males. Over the past two decades, the media have provided only a false, positive picture, editing out any disturbing consequences such as the exponentially higher incidences of HIV infections, hepatitis and many other sexually transmitted diseases among males who have sex with males.

    Unless a mighty outpouring across America forces the Scouts to rescind this action, it’s the end for the Boy Scouts. This will achieve a long-sought goal of leftists who hate America and have wanted to eliminate one of the last groups devoted to traditional values. The Boy Scouts of America will dwindle and fold as they have in Canada, where a similar surrender 10 years ago has largely destroyed a formerly robust program. Why any parents would want their 10-year-old boy tenting with another boy who has openly expressed sexual desire for males is beyond comprehension.

    Major Scout religious sponsors such as the Mormon Church, United Methodists and certain Catholic dioceses that have indicated that it will be business as usual despite the betrayal have themselves betrayed the boys in their charge and will have to answer to God someday.
    Jesus made it quite clear in Luke 17:2 that anyone who despoils innocence is in for a terrible fate:

    “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.”

    As for Scouting officials who brought this about, they had better enjoy their 30 pieces of silver while they can.

    Rick Scarborough is president of VisionAmerica. Robert Knight is an Eagle Scout, author and commentator.

  2. Mark

    They might as well change the name from Boy Scouts of American to Bisexual Scouts of America. When are the transgender boys going to be openly admitted now. Will exceptions be made for transgender women? Then there are bisexuals that will want to make their case public. This is nothing less than a Gay Pride Parade in your local BSA. Having been a cub scout and boy scout later on, I witnessed sexual abuse from older scouts egging on a much younger scout to perform fellatio on the older boys. The older boys were friends of mine and their mother was best friend with my step mother. That was in the early mid 70s. I was in shock, stunned beyond repair. After we returned from camp I quickly dropped out of scouting altogether. What a despicable agenda we are forced to endure. Once I had to endure an E-7 sergeant first class (3 stripes and 2 rockers) sexually harass a private E-1 (no stripes at all). I confronted the NCO as an NCO (only 3 stripes) and was chewed out like a superior officer (commissioned or non) chews out a subordinate soldier/marine for doing the wrong thing. That’s when I voluntarily admitted myself to a hospital due to the fact I wanted to kill him with seemingly uncontrollable rage. I had PTSD and needed help. The NCO is a “retention NCO now. He should have been kicked out of the military after I told our officer in charge about it. But morality and ethics have fallen to the way side in our feel good, money hungry sex crazed, anti-God society. Forget about the facts that religious belief is what took us to this new height of luxuries. It spawned the Renaissance. I guess they believe Universities were invented by hedonists.

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